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  1. Ok so I have gained weight I had lost trying to finish out my year in nursing school. I am done now and have been studying for my state exam for my license. So I have been trying to lose the weight but it's been rather hard for some reason. I have a healthier diet and been getting out to exercise and no weight loss. So Where I was 173 at my friend?s wedding last September I am now 190! I have a doctor?s appointment later this month since she has been testing me yearly for a thyroid problem she knows I'm going to have since my Thyroid is abnormally large and I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, I'm teetering on the edge in the tests. She says she can't really help me until the tests show proof. Anyway I have wanted to ride but I feel terrible for my horses. I have a 25lb barrel saddle and my mare that I'd like to ride is 1050lbs but she's over weight herself and going by the 20% weight of horse and the cannon bone equations I am too heavy for her. Anyone have suggestions? I know that riding may help me lose weight but I'd hate to over load her...
  2. Hay

    The middle section of WI has had little to no rain and the guy I was going to buy hay from only held 1000 back for me. I am crazy gratful that he did but I need 2000 to get through the winter and well into the time when hay should be getting cut and bailed the first time. Hay is scarice and starting to get up to 4.00-5.00 a bale now. My pastures have went to weed and dust so there is nothing I can do right now about that. So I have been looking for hay alternatives. I found this link on my FB page Hay alternatives I have looked over the internet and found that most of the people who were listed are out of hay by now. One of the places I have had my horses trained and she is having a hard time finding hay right now. She has only enough hay to get through January. She said we all may have to go to Michigan to get some hay.
  3. They look similar to the first picture. They don't look like the bottom two though.
  4. Ok, Thanks for the input. When I say cracks they are not chipping and falling off. There is no missing hoof, its just really tiny probably couldn't get a fingernail inside of them, small vertical cracks about middle of the hoof they very in length but none of them go to the bottom of the hoof. The toes aren't chipping off or anything. I'll get pics today to show you what I mean. I feed my horses Purina Healthy Edge, they have free minerals, free choice alfalfa, timothy and clover hay. I hate to over dose them on supplements but if they are missing something then what would you suggest is a good supplement? There are tons of them out there. Do you think buying one of the Keratex would be a good idea?
  5. So I have been doing research on what I should do for her hooves. I'll take pictures soon so you can see what they look like. They have small cracks, it has been so dry here that her hooves have small cracks. I have been applying a supposed moisturizer called Hoof Dressing. So far it hasn't done anything really. Her hooves crack rather easily and wear down easily as well. She has lost shoes as well when she had them. But when I read about Keratex it's mostly about strengthening hooves and how it helps against too much wet but we haven't had any real rain in almost 3 months. I was hoping someone would have some answers on how to keep her hooves healthy in this terrible drought. My other horses are starting to show small cracks too. They have better hooves then she does in general but even their hooves are showing stress.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Your horses look great! Nice pics
  8. Ok, thanks! I just wanted to make sure that is how I understood it.
  9. So I have hear about double dosing. I wanted to know how do you do that? My filly is 600lbs so I would dose her with Equimax how?
  10. She does itch them not like crazy tho and she is never itched till she bled. She has the hairless spots right now along her topline of neck, in her mane and forelock and on her forehead. She doesn't have any bumps anywhere and she does have a moderate to high parasite load... well before I treated her with Equimax per Vets order 3 ays ago. The vet looked her over and said it wasn't anything she had seen that gave any real indication of exactly what we were dealing with. She said it doesn't present like rain rot, round worms or a fungus she was used to. I have de-wormed her, treated her with medicated shampoo and SSDM. She doesn't seem to be itching more than usual and she seems in good spirits otherwise. I haven't seen any hair grow back from the bald spots though. She presented with these spots about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Thought I'd post a couple pics and you can tell me what you think.
  11. Well I cut it nice and short. I have been doing the treatments on her and de-wormed her again. She's been really good about everything which I hope continues. Here are some pics. Abby with Sweets before bath. Abby is very light colored now. I wonder if she inherited her mothers roan gene. Although in the places she's been bit her hair grows back black. This is after bath an drying off before I put on the SSDM This is the pictures of the spots
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