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  1. Two year olds aren't afraid of heights, but I am. Does that mean I should let a 2 year old push on a 5th floor screen? NOOOO, because their brain is not developed enough to weigh the risks. Toddlers and big unpredictable animals need careful management - that isn't helicopter parenting, it is PROPER parenting! Wow - some people just leave me shaking my head.....
  2. I voted yes - but there are many factors, I have insurance on my horse so cost isn't a concern, but expected outcome would be.
  3. Congrats on your Willy Be Invited! they are the GREATEST HORSES!!! a little distractable and looky but wonderful temperaments and real lookers, the mare in my sig is a "Willy" too.
  4. I wonder how much of that is the WP world of moving on to the next, greatest horse and throwing the senior horses away for breeding. I think many of those futurity horse end up with ammies and youths that show them for the rest of their career. I do blame the focus on futurites and the "western pleasure is king" culture - a good pattern horse is just getting their groove on at about 9 years old.
  5. I am very glad to hear it, you have no idea how many severely lame horses are still jumping at the eventing barns around here. I had never heard the term" serviceably sound" until I met eventers in my area.
  6. I don't think anyone should jump horses - it cripples them.
  7. I have seen interviews with the REPUBLICAN handlers portrayed in that movie - THEY claim it is entirely accurate. FWIW
  8. This^^^ be supportive, there are MANY different pathways through life!
  9. I think the story was 'to get her to move her hip over' nice huh?
  10. DOESN'T, its 'doesn't' you aren't helping yourself.
  11. I like you!
  12. My horse was burned with cigarettes when she was 'trained' as a long yearling (NOT by MY trainer - this was before I owned her). She still has moments, 7 years later when she is TERRIFIED when certain people walk by with cigarettes and not bothered at all by others who smoke. Something triggers that response for sure.
  13. Lets say it is - does it serve ANYONE to ignore it? why not accomodate it instead of surpress, and punish people for something over which they have no control. They used to institutionalize people with Downs Syndrome and leave them naked and tied as recently as the 1970s. Since then we learned, as a culture, to do the humane, Christ-like thing (if you will) and treat people with brain abnormalities with dignity, they are humans after all.
  14. Ok, really? its a beauty pagent - half of those women don't have thier original parts anyway - this is a big WHO CARES!?! And for the horrible bigots who think they know god's plan - grow up you aren't that important,
  15. swear by figure 8 knots and vet wrap - very little breakage, and doesn't get soaked with mud/water and pull on the hair.