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  1. can somebody photoshop the spider web out of the pic? thanks :]
  2. my hair is thin, naturally blonde & straight, and...flat looking. My skin is pale, and my eyes are blue/green. I really want to change up my hair some. any ideas??? more bangs? more layers??? Also, ive considered many times going a rich/dark brunette. opionions? two of basically the only decent photos of me lol . thanks guys!
  3. awww i love his spots! very cute!
  4. I really like #12! He is such a pretty horse!
  5. Life is a highway...Rascal Flatts [bat Eyelashes]
  6. very nice looking horses! I love the rainbow rope halter, did you make it?
  7. graduate high school in 2011 I really want to go to Vanderbuilt University. Med school :]. I want to be a dermatologist.
  8. haha, nope, I'm just 5'1", so I make it look like he is taller in pics
  9. haha, nope, I'm just 5'1", so I make it look like he is taller in pics
  10. I agree, shorter stirrups will make a ton of difference . Gorgeous horse!
  11. correct, your turn!
  12. The picture in my siggy!!!
  13. ANBERLIN!!! They are just the right mix of both heavy metal & soft rock. I love them! jack mannequin, all american rejects, the cure, nickleback, daughtry, nevershoutnever, needtobreathe, eleventyseven, pink, jason mraz, and of course owl city!
  14. That's awesome! Congrats! It sounds like your hard work is really paying off! & Yes i do want to see pictures please!
  15. good luck!