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  1. LOL. I love Facebook, but I understand why others don't.
  2. Very, very cool!
  3. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this.
  4. Last I read oz was having trouble getting on HC. I think Jonathon had checked on her.
  5. Not necessarily. I'd say about a quarter of the pit mixes I've met are couch potatoes. Another quarter or so are terriers to a "T" with big energy and drive. And of course there's a lot of variety in the rest.I don't know actual pit bulls. I only have experience with pit mixes, which are by far the most common breed(mix) in my area.
  6. Not. Messing. Around.
  7. Sending all my best thoughts, oz.
  8. Me too, sister.
  9. I so want to believe this is all an act. It's pretty scary otherwise.
  10. That's one of the few "sweet" foods (as opposed to desserts) I like. I could put away a ton of it.
  11. Same here. I went through a ton of eye drops and still looked like I was high as a kite. Thank goodness for LASIK.
  12. Ha! And happy birthday!
  13. Apparently they ARE little dinosaurs!