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  1. Hi All~ Its been a while since I've been here but the first place I turned to when I need help. My cousin lives in the Richmond VA area and is looking for someone to give her 12 year old daughter lessons. As of now she doesn't have a preference for English or Western. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know. Thank-you in advance and have a great day!! C
  2. :angel3: I asked her when she gets her bearings to let us know what she needs to help rebuild her life. I'm devastated for her... Prayers she finds Junebug safe and sound :angel3:
  3. Unfortunately, due to Hurrincane Sandy I wasn't able to go this year. I heard that it was really good though. I'm going to try and go to Ohio in April.
  4. I will look for you... :)
  5. I'll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Going to Fantasia Friday night.
  6. Sending Hugs and Prayers for a speedy recovery...
  7. That name doesn't come up in the pedigree search, I also tried Mister Noble Chance. Sorry...
  8. I would probably do it, even on a 14 year old horse. My friends horse had it about 5-6 years ago and is fine today. I am fortunate to live within an hour of a highly regarded horse surgeon. I'm also within an hour of the new veterinary center at Belmont Race track which does everything except the colic surgery...
  9. Very well put... I second it
  10. I see your dirty paints and raise you mine... This is Squirt after giving himself a nice mud bath in the very same puddle that he can't even touch his toe into if I'm on his back
  11. Done
  12. Thank you and I'm sorry others are also having a hard time too. So sorry for the loss of your horse(s) and the potential loss of income.
  13. A smile to my face and a tear to my eye. My Grandma would be so happy knowing her material isn't going to waste
  14. Ohhh mannn, Forgot all about that card!!! You are most welcome and I'm so glad the ponies have a wonderful home Can't wait to see what you make with the material and let me know if you want more.
  15. Just heartbreaking... Life is most definitely not fair...