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  1. Welcome back and congratulations on those adorable grandchildren! I certainly remember you, but I was more of a lurker back in those days. It would be nice to have you and some others back here again!
  2. He is a cutie!
  3. QH - so sorry to hear about your barn. Glad everyone was safe and hope you are able to manage getting hay for the winter.
  4. PT - sorry to hear about all this - you have had more than your share of bad things happening at your place. Hope this is the end of it for you!
  5. Congratulations! Livia is a beauty!
  6. Everything and everyone is looking great! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
  7. Serah - I love your barn!
  8. That's great Heidi! Also sending wishes for Mrs. PD to feel better soon!
  9. Loved the dog photos - so funny! And love seeing Force chiming in! I had a great weekend - lucky to have had beautiful weather- 60's and sunny and to ride both days. I have had my horse Zippy for 2 years now, and he is just what this lady needed - he's calm, slow and comfortable. We trailered out yesterday and had such a lovely ride - I am so lucky to have him. I need to work on posting photos so you can all see him. And on Saturday, our old friend who used to ride my husband's horse came to ride, and she just clicks with his horse after all these years and she had her so nicely collected in a slow canter, it was lovely to see. Yup - great weekend, now at work and will be away for at conferences for the next week, so hope everyone has a good week and I will catch up with you all when I return.
  10. Hi Force! So nice to have someone 'new' to contribute!
  11. Lucky to be having a beautiful day here and the weekend forecast looks good too - going to ride both days, on Saturday with an old friend who used to ride one of our horses for years and on Sunday with the 'new' trailer to a pretty nature preserve for a trail ride. Feeling blessed! Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  12. QH - love the tile design - it looks great!
  13. I heard the new Bridget Jones movie is really good - hope you enjoy it!
  14. I got a new pillow on Saturday and have slept so soundly for the past 4 nights - must be the pillow is just right - it's memory foam, a soft one and I am loving it. Never thought a pillow could make such a difference. I would like to try yoga, but I also feel funny doing it in front of others, at least to start. I did start working out with a personal trainer (got a great deal) once a week, yesterday was my 4th session and I was so proud that I was able to do 3 sets of 10 pushups and they were pretty easy - 4 weeks ago, I could barely do 10, it made me feel so good! I need someone to tell me what to do and I will work hard to do it well, but on my own = no motivation. So I am going to keep this going with the hope that I will become stronger and more fit.
  15. PD - have a wonderful trip! Always good to get away and change the scenery once in a while!