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  1. Great progress!
  2. Had decent weather this weekend so I got to get out and ride! Did a little round pen to remind him of his manners then a lot grooming and a ride in the ring and yesterday we had a nice drill team practice - all at a walk - so good break-in time for both of us to start getting in riding shape. Felt so good to be back riding again after the winter!
  3. Thanks NN - I love seeing photos of you two. In the next to the last still photo, he looks like a My Little Pony toy! Hope you have a wonderful spring full of riding!
  4. Sunny here, but the rain is arriving full force tomorrow.
  5. Queen BAW - so sorry to hear about the tragedy and your horse. Sending you positive thoughts on a tough day.
  6. Sending positive thoughts and wishes your way, PD.
  7. Jubal - He's actually a big, stocky quarter horse with a smaller head that is a bit Arabian-like. He is always such a good sport with his birthday photos - the first ones were so funny because he was soooo unhappy about his hat - but he got over it! PD - thanks - I think he's a pretty cute Irishman too!
  8. Here's my Irishman - my horse's birthday is today - Happy 19th to Zip's Rowdy Irishman!
  9. Prayers and healing thoughts for you and Mozelle, PD.
  10. We got about 9" of snow plus lots of sleet yesterday - first time I have had to go out the front door and around to shovel the back door of my house to let the dogs out - that sleet plus snow was too heavy to push the door open!
  11. Thanks noponies, yes, it was EquiAid - I checked the website and that's what we used - it worked beautifully and I highly recommend it.
  12. I agree RRW, I was just thinking of why things have died off so much. Wishing for more activity here, that's all!
  13. And we are having a bit of winter in CT - snowy and cold today! But not sticking to the pre-treated roads, so that makes the snow just pretty. I was thinking about how the boards are so quiet and had 2 thoughts - one, years ago when I joined, I had lots of questions about my horses and things I didn't know, but I have learned so much in the past 15 years, that I don't have so many questions anymore - maybe it's the same for others. Also, I was always a bit afraid to post some things as you would sometimes get attacked over something that was pretty innocent. Anyway, I wish the General Horse Talk board was busier as that's where I used to spend a lot of time and get so much good info!
  14. We used something from the vet - can't remember the exact name, it was equi...something. It came in a small plastic can, was a thick grey paste, and worked magic. Does anybody else know what this stuff was called? It was a little expensive, but you didn't need to use much and it was great.
  15. Same weather here as Pink - raining and may hit 70. The 40's tomorrow and a little snow on Friday. But, my husband and I are going to Florida this weekend for a small family reunion with my brother and cousin! So looking forward to a nice adult weekend, warm weather and family! Our bags are packed, the petsitter is coming tomorrow and we don't have to leave at the crack of dawn for a change!