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  1. So sorry, Heidi.
  2. Jubal, I will have plenty to share!
  3. Went out to check the garden this morning. Everything seems to be growing well. I over crowded the garden box but the only thing that didn't grow well we're the radishes. I'll know better next year. Here are pictures I took today.
  4. Sage is beautiful!
  5. Good morning everyone! Hope your headache stays gone, Equicrzy. I'm cleaning out and throwing away today. New living room furniture is coming Tuesday. I got rid of the old yesterday. It went to the local auction. I've been sitting on the floor so much, .my butt is numb. Last night we were under tornado watch all evening. All we got was heavy rain thank goodness! Guess I'd better get back to cleaning. Everyone have a great day!
  6. Sun is shining! It's going to warm up and be 90 tomorrow. I love hot weather. Went to yoga this morning and was driving by the local furniture store and saw a sale sign. Well, a few minutes later I purchased a new sofa and recliner. Guess I'll have some explaining to do later. Ha! He knows how roll! Nice car Pink. Years ago we raced stock cars. We had 2 racing at different tracks. I know how hard you are working. We would spend all week fixing what broke or dented from the weekend before. Well, I better get busy. Have to figure out what to do with this old furniture.
  7. That's great, TL. I'm sure she is happy to be home.
  8. Hope you find your kitty, TL. My house cat has bolted out the door several times. She usually hides under a bush. I got most of the mowing and trimming done. The very back has standing water in it so I couldn't mow there. We have more rain coming this evening. Everyone have a great day. Need to get laundry done!
  9. Sun is finally shining! We had storms and heavy rain Thursday and Friday. The water was up to the highway yesterday. I'm going out to level my mower deck. I hit a cinder block and bent a blade plus messed the deck up. I had the blades replaced but haven't had the deck taken care of. Everyone have a great day!
  10. Looks like you are having a great time. I took the same trip when my boys were young. My oldest was 7 at the time. He remembers New York and Long Island but my youngest son was only 2 so he doesn't remember the trip.
  11. No Triple Crown is OK with me. American Pharaoh needs a few years to claim the title.
  12. Love racing. Watching the pre-show now.
  13. I picked lettuce, onions and radishes from the garden yesterday. We had a nice salad. This is the earliest I have eaten from the garden.
  14. Thanks, Heidi. I'll keep trying. I wish I could treat it for fleas and ticks and get it to the vet for what ever it needs. But that is not happening soon.
  15. Stayed home today and cleaned carpets. Glad that is over. In the 80's and up to 50 mph gusts of wind! Too windy for me to get much done outside. I pick lettuce, onions and radishes for a salad tonight. The garden is growing fast. I've tied the tomatoes up 3 times. I've been feeding a feral cat for over 2 months now and it gets within 2 feet of me but hisses. I don't think I will ever be able to touch it. Everyone have a great evening. I need to finish dinner.