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  1. I wouldn't list all the projects around here that either need to be done or finished!
  2. Welcome, Hillside! Spent the morning pruning sapling growing in the fence line. After six loads to the burn pile, I quit. The dogs got into stickers so brushing and bath time was needed. Need to check on the meatloaf in the oven and figure out what to make with it. Everyone have a great evening.
  3. I had a quick breakfast of eggs and toast. I've been putting up tomatoes. I have 10 qts. done so far. I made sauce and froze it.
  4. Grimmie, I made all their Halloween costumes, blankets, ruffled pillow cases, sock monkey with an apron to match a skirt for them. When they were babies, I made night gowns but sewing little baby clothes is not easy. Sundresses are easy.
  5. Grimmie, congratulations on the baby girl. Just think of all the baby things you can sew. I used to sew for my granddaughters. They loved anything Granny made, no matter the mistakes!
  6. High 90's today. Got most of the yard work done yesterday. It was hot but I just take my time and drink a lot of water. Went to early yoga this morning. We had a good class but my legs are tired! Having company for dinner. I'm going to make seafood Alfredo and bake a pecan pie. I have the crust mixed up so I'd better go finish it. Everyone stay cool!
  7. Jubal, that will work!
  8. Jubal, fried rice and an Oriental sauce. You will get protein from the egg in the fried rice.
  9. We had a huge dead oak tree cut down today. I was so happy to see it go. The guys that cut it left all the mess but I'm just so relieved to have it down. We will push it into a pile and have a big bonfire this Winter. I'm making a Mexican casserole for dinner. It smells good baking. Everyone have a great evening. Off to read a while.
  10. I love Summer. I noticed all the school supplies in the stores already. Seems like it's too early but school does start next month. I need to get cleaned up and go to the eye doctor. I'm having blurry vision in one eye. Hope it can be fixed without another eye surgery. Everyone have a great day!
  11. Very nice, Grimmie. I would love to have my own sewing room.
  12. Had to finish mowing early because of rain coming in. Had a small bowl of raisin Bran when I came in. We had a 4.2 earthquake this morning. I must have been mowing and didn't feel it. The epicenter was 60 miles from me but I should have felt it.
  13. Turtles are eating my tomatoes! They are munching on the lower ones! Box turtles plus I found a young Alligator Snapping turtle! I don't mind sharing but they are eating the nice large ones. Next year I'm laying landscape timbers around the garden. That should keep them out.
  14. Jubal, a new design of carport! lol Looks like something I would see in Oklahoma! I just showed my old man this. He said, I don't see anything wrong with that! That car is a Classic! Men!!!!!!!!
  15. I love bacon. That counts, doesn't it. Sausage is mystery food, like spam or baloney!