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  1. It started raining last night and hasn't quit. A tornado touched down about 25 miles from us. I slept so hard, I didn't hear a thing. I know we had high winds. Trying to challenge myself to go to the gym at least 4 times a week. I've made it 3 so far. I may have to turn on the heat. It was 80 yesterday and in the 40's today. Crazy weather!
  2. Lovely flower beds, TL.
  3. The enchiladas went over with a bang!! Plus I made enough for leftovers. So no cooking tomorrow night. The refried beans really made them better. I was afraid they would screw them up.
  4. That's a good idea, Noponies.
  5. Sunny and in the 80's today. Rain and cooler weather starting tonight. Went to yoga early. My sinuses are bothering me. It was hard to keep my head down! Got all the mowing finished. Now working on a mountain of laundry. I feel sorry for the ones that are still getting snow. I can't imagine. Need to check the dryer. Everyone have a great day!
  6. I'm making enchiladas with green sauce. I may add some refried beans in the filling. I buy refried beans and never know what to do with them except make a layer dip.
  7. RR, chicken and dumplings is one of my favorite meals! I had a veggie burger. Not too exciting! I fixed a steak and baked potato for my man. I don't eat beef so nights like this I eat something simple.
  8. It was a beautiful day here. Went to the gym early to get it over with. The grass finally got mowed today. I need to trim tomorrow. There was a home invasion 2 miles from me yesterday evening. Two men kicked in this woman's door. She hid and called 911. The men ran when they heard the sirens. This area has never had any problems like this. Left me feeling unsettled. Need to clean the kitchen. Everyone have a great evening. Happy anniversary, Heidi!
  9. Gloomy day! Had to turn the heat back on. So far, it hasn't gotten out of the 40's. We got 3 1/2 inches of rain yesterday. It is too cold and wet outside to work. I haven't accomplished much today. Watched a movie! Need to get groceries but I'll go early in the morning. I don't shop very often so I will load up tomorrow. Grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do. Everyone have a great weekend!
  10. Pretty!!
  11. Raining cats and dogs here. Thunder is shaking the house! Hope we get enough to help our low ponds. I got dressed for the gym but it was raining sideways so I changed my mind. Have some things to do around here so it worked out. Off to get busy!
  12. Looks like we're all getting wet! Rained hard this morning. More on the way. They are predicting up to 5 inches tomorrow. Want to put some more flowers out this weekend. I have an old wheelbarrow I plant every year plus I need one more hanging baskets. Garden is really growing. Thinned the radishes this week. Guess I need to get busy. Everyone stay dry!
  13. I must think differently than others. One of my neighbors little goats was killed today. I don't know what happened but could not get in touch with them so I had contacted his sister. She said she would tell them. The little goat's body is still in the pasture. They live right there. Why not take care of it. The sister walked over to it but didn't move it out of the sun. I just feel so sad.
  14. Sun is shining. Rain the past two days. We really needed it. Went to yoga this morning and now laundry and cleaning. It is too wet to do much outside. Pink, I just heard the Cleveland shooter is dead. Shot himself. Glad he won't harm anyone else. I'd better get busy.
  15. We had a nice lunch in a small town about 20 miles from us. Everything is homemade, even chicken and dumplings. I need to go do something but I feel like nap! I stopped on the way home at a flower stand. I got 2 Boston fern hanging baskets for my porch. They had great prices. I need to check out the smaller towns more often. I really miss Easter candy!! I didn't even eat a jelly bean. I'm trying to stay away from sugar. Which is hard for me! Everyone have a great afternoon!