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  1. If she hasn't yet. Have her screen shot everything and email it all to her Atty. Ya never know when you phone is gonna take a crap and you'll loose everything.
  2. To clean I would use ky jelly. But overall I agree with spanish 100%. My mares eye didn't seem to bother her till the lumps got big enough that her eyelashes started to turn in towards her eye. Then it got all goopy all the time. I had to flush it daily. It was then that I made the decision to euth her. The eye flushing was he!! for both of us.
  3. It is probably treatable but with the horses age THAT might be the issue. I had a made that always had 3 little lumps below her eye. all the sudden they kind of blew up and spread. Two different vets agreed. Take her home keep it clean and love her till it was time. Both vets agreed that the surgery and follow up care would be harder on her then just letting it go.
  4. Oh if it can live through my gelding it'll live through anything. lol
  5. I've thought about that too. I'm fine with it like this for now. a 40-45# square bale lasts the two of them 20-22 hours with maybe a handful of waste. I am gonna look for smaller holed netting. I know it's out there. On a side note. I had to upload my pics to photobucket to post them. AND my phone normally corrects spelling, adds puncuation and capital letters. Now with HC's update, it doesn't.
  6. It doesn't slow mine down much anymore bit it does keep the waste to nearly zero. I need to find netting with smaller holes to slow them down.
  7. This is what i did over the weekend. Hope the pictures work. And what we've spent the last three months working on
  8. I haven't bought a single thing yet. I don't shop for many tho.
  9. So how do you resize a photo to make it fit?
  10. Will we still be able to log in with Facebook? It's been so long since I logged in with my username/password I don't remember my password.
  11. If you have more then one charger hooked to the same fence, don't. They will "counter act" each other not make the fence hotter. I'm not sure about the ground rod. Other then I put a 12' copper rod in the ground and never had hot issues. Is your charger wired right? I k es a gal once that her DH wired their solar charger backwards and it never worked right again. I prefer plug in chargers. How is your fencing set up? Is eaxh side of the fence separate with a jumper wire between them. Or is one strand run all the way around?
  12. Do you have a good ground rod? Is it a solar charger or a plug in one?
  13. Heidi that is hilarious!!!! At least you realized it before you screamed!!!
  14. Can't be to much of w challenge you do it everyday.... lmao!!!!