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  1. This is what I spent my Good Friday doing. When they show the shot of all the guys on the roof I'm in the back in the bright blue t shirt. PS.. I'm not on the fire department. Just dating one of them. We knew the local newspaper was doing a story on it. But were all shocked when the local tv station showed up. It is an awesome thing to be a part of.
  2. All sounds good!! Hoping she keeps improving and gets home soon. Hugs and prayers for you both!!!
  3. Drama on FB is easy to deal with. Just delete those people.
  4. I'd get into a chiro first thing Monday if I were you. An adjustment would be good for you.
  5. Lol yes you win Jubal!! Same weather here as most. Almost 70 yesterday. Nasty storms overnight. Couple small tornados close by but no major damage. It was thundering so loud I could here it in my factory over the machines AND my music earbuds. Which I had cranked up the volume on to drown out the storms. I am a big ole fraidy cat when it comes to storms. It has rained most of the day and the temps have dropped. Went from 55* when I got out of work at 6am to currently 38*. I broke out blankets for my horses the first time all winter. Supposed to stay right around 32* for highs Thursday and Friday then start warming back up. As I said on Facebook. This weather is amazingly craptastic!!! I'd rather have snow.
  6. Hugs/prayers
  7. *prayers/hugs* PD
  8. I've been up since 4pm yesterday. Currently at my sons wrestling meet. Hope to make it a few more hours before I have to head home to crash.
  9. Its been warm here too. I have been wearing a light jacket for my walk to/from work. Last night i broke out a pair of capri's for work. Today supposed to hit 70* with bad thunder storms. Tomorrow... high of 34 and a rain/show combo. Hope the vets have extra stock of banamine. Gonna be horses colicing all over.
  10. Q-baw, rule of thumb is two inches smaller then an English. BUT... a 16" western will fit different then a 16" trail saddle. I ride in a 16" barrel saddle that is tight. But my sons 15" trail fits me fine. So it all depends on the seat style you get.
  11. I like hulu over Netflix as you can get current season tv shows the next day. where as with Netflix you have to wait till they release the whole season
  12. All moved and still not feeling great. I probably shouldn't have but I called off work tonight. I'm just flat *** exhausted and still about half pukey. But. I'm all moved. Got everything into the new older. Even got some stuff put away today. THAT'S gonna take a few days to get done.. holy moly. I also built a kick butt tack box. I'll get pics tomorrow when I go to the barn. It's big enough to hold 3 saddles lots on bridles, my pads, brushes and other miscellaneous horse stuff. Even better. The only thing I had to buy was the hardware to put it together. The rest was all free.
  13. I took vacation days Thursday and Friday to get moved so when I got my son Friday evening we could stay in the new place. Ended up down with a flu bug. He stayed at my parents last night and I stayed at the old place with the cranky ex. The ex is honked off I'm not out yet. I would have more moved between all the puking but my apartment us on the second floor. One car load is about a dozen trips up/down the stairs. After a couple trips I'm wore out. Hoping to get it done today. I'll have some help. Have a good weekend all.
  14. Maybe I should get a house bunny when I get moved. They sound fun. I made great progress on my tack box yesterday. I have to go get a sheet of plywood to finish it and some hardware. So my $300 tack box dropped to $50 to build!! I'll post pics when its done of course.
  15. PD, I hope your wife gets back to good health quickly. I sign papers on Wednesday for my new place. I'm just renting an apartment for now but it's at least a place to go. I've been packing this last week. Got most everything I don't use daily packed. In the mean time I drew up plans to make a big tack box to keep in my trailer (open stock). Where my horses are is just a three sided shed with a little place for hay storage. No tack storage. It's currently in the (soon to be) X-SO's garage. This last week at work a piece of equipment came in a wood crate darn near the size I am gonna make my tack box. So I brought thar sucker home. Gonna bring home some other crates home tonight and rip them apart and use them to mostly finish my tack box tomorrow.