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  1. Demonsmom lives very close to Nashville give her a shout out she most certainly could help you.
  2. Well if I go it's for one thing only "GOLFING" oh and Pinky
  3. I thought that on ramp looked familiar...it leads to a very narrow dirt road with a steep slope down the side I think it's the on ramp to certain death Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Sorry I missed it, but glad I was home as the barn I am at flooded again, and I was moving horses out all weekend
  4. Ok I will bring bobo, Pixie, Harley and Cocoa Bear
  5. Make room for me Pinky too...I needs to go to your Waffle House
  6. I would love to go to one of his Clinics...lucky you. Can't wait to see his movie.
  7. Sorry I'm gonna miss out ...You all have fun, and I will be thinking of you all and how much fun you will have on the trails. Miss you already
  8. I better start posting like a crazy fool
  9. So sorry for the pony and your friend. I didn't even know Wal-Mart sold decorative hay so thanks for the heads up. I wonder if they sell that in FL
  10. Baby Tag Mixie and Spotty Pups Oldest horse I could find I see the bottom of a hoof does that count So Let's see if you can find this Horse in a Costume Riding a horse you no longer own A horse where you would least expect to see one Funny Face Horse Best Trail Ride Pic
  11. Oh that wasn't what I was thinking at all...welp still good luck on your search...
  12. You know what would be really cool If you could find someone to shoot DH out of a cannon weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ok jk, but what does DH even stand for?? or do I want to even know good luck on your search.
  13. That is shocking to me that a company could deliver such a shotty product, and then be unwilling to rectify it. To think that it was manufactured to haul a horse in, and has been deemed unsafe to haul your horse in is beyond obscene. I know for me, and you know I have been on a trailer search for awhile now this is not good news for a company to put out such poor quality. Actually I have spoken to several owners of different types of trailers Featherlite, Sundowner, Exiss, Logan, KB and none have had anywhere near the problems if any at all that this brand has, and to be brand new never used that is pathetic. I would be on a all out Legal war if need be. You know in this economy it's hard enough ,but to take money you have and invest it into something, and have that something be worthless is a slap in the consumers face especially if it was made in the USA.
  14. I'm so going to GW now...can hardly wait to see what treasures I can find for you
  15. It's been pretty hot for a sock hat I must say, but I will wear it in cold weather for sure Now the search is on to find my next GW gift for you. I did so good last time. I am so glad you get good use out of that Mug...and snuggle weather in TN is coming