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  1. I'm just saying I haven't been on in here it at least a year...can't believe this thread is still going lol
  2. glad you're ok
  3. just bumping this up
  4. I'm coming out from under my rock and I lovvvveee iiiiiiit
  5. super cute but ditto to shiloh
  6. I wouldn't worry about it. On top of alfalfa hay, grain is a little overmuch (IMO) for a horse that's in light work.
  7. No, I wouldn't. If the 10 year isn't a good match for him, that increases the liklihood of him getting alot. And if they end up not liking him at all for all you know they'll sell him to just anybody. Since you're not in a hurry, I'd wait and see if the girl who leases him will be interested. It sounds like she'd have him for at least a few years, and since she seems to be attached to him, she's going to care where he goes when she does outgrow him. I just the the chances of him going to a good home is going to be alot better with his current rider.
  8. maaan, look at some of those turns!!! what an athletic horse.
  9. oh my lord, logical is going to be huge!!!! He's georgous though..actually they all are. =)
  10. awww he's cute!! you guys look good together =)
  11. It's normal for at least POAs to show some scelera, and I would assume apps as well
  12. can you just throw them in your stalls for the day? And then ask for reimbursement for the damaged hay
  13. or three?? [Crazy] Find barns, put in apps. lol then once you've got one and if you work hard enough and are knowlegeable enough, getting another barn job is a piece of cake. I've gotten random job offers at shows from people who have just seen me around and working too lol i'm just sayiiin
  14. I work at a saddleseat barn, a polo barn, and for my trainer (hunter/jumper)
  15. Couldn't stand watching the second video because of the shaking, but watched the first one and you guys look good! I've always liked Journey.