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  1. I use revolution on my cats.
  2. Nick we have more than Cal now. Seems like last year we had many in a week. This year we have slowed down some but they have gotten higher on the Richter scale.
  3. Earthquake central here. Tonight we had a good 5. not far from me. Cushing OK. Who all felt it too?
  4. Well we had a quakinado the other day. Earth Quake and twister all in the same day
  5. LOL I have also gotten the warning. I laughed
  6. Haya
  7. I remember that and much much more
  8. okie dokie
  9. I am south of Wichita
  10. You know me I have to stick my head in.
  11. Horsey girl please continue
  12. nick, this is the role playing forum. They are asking for descriptions off the characters. This is the way a story is started. Nothing asking for personal info here.
  13. She needs the prayers bad my friends. Light a candle with a prayer.