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  1. I've been trimming in short bursts, about 30 minutes at a time. It takes about five hours to do it all, so it's rarely all trimmed at the same time. It just keeps coming back!
  2. Oh goodie, a girl!! Was there a gender reveal party? Danyel, I know I should finish the chair. My grand-nephews will be too big for it soon!
  3. PD, I always do the horse stuff first. So, I'd get the hay and then see how much energy is left.
  4. The forecast is 90 something today and 99 tomorrow. Fortunately, it doesn't get as hot here as in the city, but still too hot. I watered the flowers yesterday--first time in years. My sister called yesterday to remind me to drink water and stay inside. So I went out and trimmed grass for an hour and a half and worked on the horse's feet. I think there's something wrong with me, LOL.
  5. Heidi, how are you doing?
  6. I am currently upholstering a child's chair (very slowly.) All the supplies for that plus my sewing machine are currently on my kitchen table. Meanwhile, there are two bedrooms sitting unoccupied in my upstairs. I could have a sewing room up there but I bet all the stuff would end up on the kitchen table again. I guess I'm just a one-story person.
  7. Thanks, Danyel, but I don't have either of those things. I'm going to cook the chicken in olive oil and then put in the vegetables and look for spices to throw in. My cabinet is pretty bare of things to make a sauce.
  8. I have a package of stir fry vegetables that have been steamed. What can I stir fry them in to make them more interesting? I have some chicken thighs.
  9. Doesn't Shortman like to go with you to shop for school supplies? I always did. I still miss it.
  10. That looks very peaceful, QH. But I think it would put me right to sleep!
  11. ^^^Uh oh! That's not good.
  12. Oh yeah, I can see the little okras. I like them breaded and fried in olive oil.
  13. Not if somebody else does it! I just got the second load today. He brought his wife to help and she was lifting those heavy bales. I'm not sure I could have lifted them before I got old. They're headed to FL this week with a load of hay. They get $14 for grass hay there. QH, you win the easy hay access prize.
  14. He'd probably like that.
  15. I've been getting about 40-45 pound bales but these are a lot bigger and heavier. I couldn't lift them. I had to drag them. I probably got too many, but better safe than sorry. And Jubal doesn't stop eating until it's gone.