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  1. Heidi, Redbuds do well as an understory tree. They usually grow along the edge of the woods. And they have to have an acid soil. I've been trying to grow them here in the sun in high ph land and it's a losing battle so far.. My other place was shady and acid and they really grew well there,. They nearly took over the pasture. They are my favorite spring flowering tree.
  2. They like to run and they don't like to stay home. A friend had one and he kept getting calls from people who lived twenty or more miles away who had found his dog. Apparently, he could also climb the wire fence in his yard.
  3. I guess they learned it from Mitch McConnell.
  4. No to figs. I finally "made" Green Giant frozen vegetables, lightly sauced, Lean Cuisine Chicken Pecan and Motts cinnamon applesauce. Pretty good, actually. Those lean Cuisine frozen things have improved. But I probably ate enough preservatives to keep forever.
  5. Well, to be fair, it's too cold for cleavage in Alaska.
  6. Lucky you! And a nice flowering tree to look at. You'll probably have flowers most of the summer. When I moved, I traded a kitchen table to the new owner for some plants. So I have some things that are forty -some years old and some things that came from my parents' and grandparents' homes. The previous owner here had very few flowers.
  7. PD, your wife is supposed to take it easy, so you must have made lunch, right?
  8. Why did I open this thread! I'm too tired to cook but I'm starving.
  9. Happy (belated) anniversary, Heidi.
  10. Thinking good thoughts for your friend, QH. I hope you're right about Joanna Gaines. I really would miss her show.
  11. I think the artisan job is the way to go for your grandson, QH. Since Joanna Gaines is leaving HGTV, he could be the next rising star.
  12. Now look what you did Nick! Make America Smart Again
  13. The yellow ones are fritillaria. http://www.hollandbulbfarms.com/itemdesc.asp?item=Lutea-Yellow-Fritillaria&cat=FRITILLARIA&ic=87104 I've never seen those in real life. After enlarging your photos, I don't think the second picture is laurel. Laurel has smoother, shinier leaves. And the small blue ones in the third picture are grape hyacinth, I think. http://www.americanmeadows.com/flower-bulbs/grape-hyacinth-flower-bulbs Did you just move into this place? If you did, someone left you some nice plants.
  14. In the first picture, the chartreuse one is Creeping Jenny, I think. It will spread and it's called a weed, but I like it for a ground cover in the flower garden. Second picture looks like maybe English Laurel. Third picture, the leaves of the larger purple flower look like Columbine, so maybe a variety of that. Fifth picture is some kind of lily I haven't seen before with a variety of Sedum behind it. Sixth picture, looks like Purple Coneflower.
  15. ^^^ I don't think you can get banned from most of them.