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  1. I don't think my horse was abused, but he was head shy when I got him. It took me a year to be able to handle his ears. It took much longer for him to accept brushing his head with grace. And he was very spooky about noises and movement when ridden. I finally started disciplining him when he would spin out at "bears" in the adjoining tree line. He finally learned to spook in place. I think his problem was a whole lot not having other horses around. He was just very socialized with other horses and I took him away from that. But I agree with not letting him get away with misbehavior. Maybe you'll start having more good days that will encourage you. Personally, I'd rather have a horse I have to teach. A "been there done that" horse is boring to me.
  2. Haha! I went to bartending school. Basically, they taught you how to pour a drink, shake a drink and be polite. And you had to memorize the ingredients for over 100 drinks. Then I got a job at a really popular rock bar in town and they said I didn't need bartending school because they trained all their new bartenders. So what I got from the experience was a brain full of drink recipes and a lighter purse. Bartending was fun for the first few years but then it got old. It did pay well, though.
  3. Have you had his eyes checked?
  4. Get some ponies.
  5. My advice is to find someone reputable who rescues horses. That would be a person most likely to have experience in working with abused horses. But get references first.
  6. Missy, he's still lame, but mostly in one foot. At times, they're both warm, but not for long. Sometimes, I can feel a digital pulse, but mostly not. He's been in the stall for a month now, with both feet wrapped. Today, I took a chance and put him out with his grazing muzzle which he wears year round. Just as I thought, he reared and bucked but didn't run much. I hope it didn't make things worse.Sometimes, he puts the one worse foot down and it seems to give way, sometimes not. Every few days, he's ravenously hungry and drinks 15 to 20 gallons of water. Other days his intake is normal and he eats his hay slowly. My next step is getting the worse foot x-rayed. I can't tell if both are affected or only the one. I'm worried about a cracked or chipped coffin bone. The main guy is gone until the end of the month, but surely someone there can x-ray and see a bone crack. They can draw blood for the ACTH test then. I won't let them do the challenge test. I've tested his hay and it's low in sugar+starch and protein but pretty high in iron. I there anything I can do to counteract the iron?
  7. Their parents are probably grateful to have a free babysitter. And then the kid comes home with $50? What a bonus! I lived next to a riding school growing up. The parents dropped the kids off in the morning and left them for the day. All day babysitter for the price of a lesson! Of course, that's how they got boarders. Sooner or later, the kid talked the parent into buying a horse.
  8. They come in all colors. http://search.aol.com/aol/image?q=photos+of+medicine+hat+horses&s_chn=prt_bon&v_t=comsearch Your horse may still be tobiano. http://www.horse411.com/identifying-tobiano-and-overo-pintos/
  9. Thanks for the laugh! It bears repeating.
  10. If the snow's deep enough, you could do most anything with the wild one. Snow really slows them down. Of course, it slows you down too.
  11. You can get most of that from those "public info" sites if you google a name. You would have to opt out of lots of sites. Mine started to pop up when I sold a house and more when I was listed in the obituary for my mother. There is no such thing as privacy any more.
  12. Well, get a sled and some baling twine...
  13. Yes, public records, I guess. They don't have any biographical info posted for me, only name and address which they could get from real estate records. I have joined Ancestry.com for periods of time for family research. However, they haven't published any of that info.
  14. We used to tie the sled to the pony with baling twine and let her pull us around. Sometimes I marvel at the fact we survived to adulthood.
  15. I don't know how they get that info unless a family member posted it in a family tree.