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  1. I think we've been through this before. Some gun shows allow private owners to sell guns at their shows. If their state doesn't have a law prohibiting the sale of guns by private owners without a background check, you can buy a gun from the private owner without a background check. http://www.governing.com/gov-data/safety-justice/gun-show-firearms-bankground-checks-state-laws-map.html
  2. "I'm kind and respectful to others without expecting the proverbial or biblical positive reinforcement (like entry to heaven), because it's a common sense approach to life. Which isn't so common anymore. " I think you still misunderstand the meaning of the term. Religion doesn't have to enter into it. There are plenty of atheists who care about other people enough to treat them kindly without connecting it to eternal reward. But being kind to people because it's only pragmatic makes one a little less than human.
  3. I hope the next step is to call a good horse vet.
  4. "This is not a horse that "Make him think he dies and you save him and he will be fixed" stuff will ever work." I've never believed that is the way to handle horses. Horses have much more intelligence than they've ever been given credit for and each one is different. Horse behaviorists are beginning to prove this. The only people who peddle that stuff are the clinicians who want you to believe they have methods that will work on any horse.
  5. Nope, no scars there!
  6. ^^^ I rode with temps in the 30's this morning. I'm getting hardier!
  7. ^^^That implies that you only are kind to others and refrain from murder because it is expedient . I don't think you really mean that?
  8. I guess a new roof would cost astronomical bucks! I'm thinkng about the configuration of stalls inside. Do they go down the middle with aisles on the side?
  9. Haha, I'd forgotten about Rosanne Roseannadanna. Those were the best SNL years!
  10. QH, is that dark spot on Ollie's nose a scar? RRW, the barn ? in the background of your photo with the dogs, is something I've never seen before. Is that a common architecture in your area?
  11. ^^^Very sad.
  12. Surely, Nick, your parents taught you right from wrong. That's what is known as a moral compass. US law is based on English common law, even though clergy insist it was based on the ten commandments.
  13. I want Ollie!
  14. ^^^You're right. I missed the part about keeping the people with an adequate moral compass on the right path. So... Nevermind. (in my best Gilda Radner voice.)
  15. I'm sorry, Serah.