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  1. Pretty horses, QH. I take it the mare is on the right? I feel duty bound to get a photo of the Bronco now. I hope this guy doesn't take offense. I'm going there tomorrow to see his hay and get a testing sample.
  2. If I can do it without being noticed. I don't want to tick him off--I need hay!
  3. Where is everyone? I just called someone about buying hay and he gave me directions to his place. He said, "It'll be on the right and you can't miss it. There's a yellow Ford Bronco on the porch." LOL, only in KY.
  4. QH, how is your daughter's mare?
  5. I hope all your nice plants survive, TL. Does any one know how to do an anti-rain dance?
  6. Almost got dumped when riding this morning. Jubal was already nervous with all the wedding prep going on next to the pasture. Something must have been in the trees next to the creek. He did a double whirl with no warning. Usually, he just spooks in place. I took him to a different place in the pasture and made him work for a few minutes before going in. I'll be glad when things are back to normal. It didn't rain nearly as much as forecast so probably I won't have to tow cars tonight. Good thing because I'll probably go to bed before that young crowd leaves.
  7. Pretty flower planting, Danyel. I have an old wheelbarrow but I use it sometimes so can't plant in it.
  8. Heidi, everyone is different but some things that worked for me. First, I never told of future plans. When someone arrived, that's when Mother found out they were coming. She only lived in the moment anyway. It sounds like it is the same with your mom. I tried to reason with her at first, then finally realized that was futile. I learned never to argue with her and to just out and out lie when I had to. The hardest thing was to realize the person you knew is in there somewhere but you won't really ever get her back. There are moments, though, that you can share. Also, if there is any way to help her out of bed and into a wheelchair, do it, maybe when the nurse is there. Just being out of bed does wonders for them. It makes them feel more empowered. And like QH said, take care of yourself. If you give out, she won't have you. Talk to your sister. You both need to vent.
  9. How's it going, Heidi?
  10. The tree line behind the tent is where the creek is. And it will flash flood if there is a lot of rain in a short time period. And the field next to it is where the cars will park. The rain from the tropical storm front is already starting. A friend reminded me I have a tractor and for a fee, could pull cars from the mud, LOL. I don't know if the tent is in the perfect spot either. What you can't see is the chicken pen on the other side of it! Or maybe they will be serving fried chicken.
  11. That's pretty scary! I think I'd get another (or more) opinions.
  12. Ah, PD, photos lie. The fence is really wavy. However, it's oak, and hasn't rotted or fallen down.
  13. QH, when life hands you too many grapes, make wine! The wedding isn't until Saturday. Meanwhile, I've fallen in love with the tent. I could live in that! I just hope it doesn't blow down in the storms forecast for tomorrow. With the wind coming from that direction, I may be living in it soon!
  14. Last August. The stray showed up the first of March in my barn.
  15. Speaking of names, which we were not, my uncle was a horse trader. He and his partner had some doozy names for their horses. They had two that looked alike once named Bo and Bobo. The tent went up about 100 feet from where Jubal was grazing. Didn't faze him. Nothing gets in the way of that boy and his grass!