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  1. Thanks. That would look great at the corner of my deck if I can find some. I've never seen it.
  2. I'm sorry, Heidi. I know you gave her a good life.
  3. PW, you have enough energy for three people! What's the variegated plant hiding your meter?
  4. ^^^Mmmm. I can taste the bacon tomato sandwiches now!
  5. I have to agree with NP, RRW. I have a friend that spreads it on her pastures daily, straight from the stalls. And I put it on my roses without composting. If you turn your pile regularly, it will compost in about two months.
  6. I still can't fathom buying manure! When you send the train for the DR trimmer, send a boxcar and I'll fill it up with manure.
  7. Her weight loss really shows in the third shot on down. She looks much better, even if she had to suffer through her diet. It'll make exercise easier on her too. And she's still gorgeous!
  8. Wow, what a story! He was really going to turn the phone in at the police station? How does anyone get that dumb?
  9. ^^^Great news! Are you still going out there?
  10. Maybe you could do what NP suggested and use a Victorian floral print in oilcloth or something else weatherproof.
  11. That's pretty, QH.
  12. Pretty car, Pink. I hope it doesn't get banged up. PD, you might already know buttercups are poisonous to horses. http://www.equinews.com/article/buttercup-toxicity-horses
  13. RRW, drive that train on down here and pick it up. Somebody should be using it. Pink, I'd like to see pics too. Good luck at the races. Heidi, I'm sorry your mom isn't doing well, but moms will do what they want, (as they should.)
  14. ^^^I can't imagine how awful it would be to have to avoid sunlight. PW, I see your kitties are supervising your outdoor work. As far as getting caught up with your work in order to have play time...good luck with that! I've never managed to do both.
  15. ^^^DR has a good brush mower. It's walk behind and pulls itself. It's sort of pricey, though. Mine got too heavy for me so it just sits in the shed.
  16. That's kinda weird, Heidi. The sheriff probably thought you took the advice "plant at the full moon" a little too seriously.
  17. We had an inch of rain Sunday night and I found out something very helpful. If the ground is soft, you can thin Iris plants by just pulling them out of the ground, bulb and all. I always dug them before and then you have to clean all the soil off the bulbs. This way, the soil stays put. It's making my flower garden cleanup a whole lot easier.
  18. Whoopee! I was worried about her. I wonder where she was. Sometimes, they get locked in somebody's garage or shed by accident.
  19. Yes, the old "witch hunt" defense. You know who else used that phrase? Nixon. If you don't judge people without proof, how do you decide who to vote for? There was plenty of evidence to support the fact that Trump was out to enrich himself and not further the interests of the American people. Not releasing his tax returns was a dead giveaway, for instance.
  20. No, of course not. I'm not in the FBI. But I do read credible news, which is all just "he said, she said." You have to believe something and I believe our intelligence agencies over Donald Trump.
  21. Trump is the one who's afraid of Russia. It's obvious in the way he fawns over Putin. Must have to do with all that money laundering. And yes, it's pretty scary that the Russians were able to fool so many Americans into voting for Trump.
  22. That makes me hungry and I've already had dinner.
  23. In case you haven't heard, the American people have launched an investigation into the Trump/Russia connection. There are more than one Congressional investigations going on and the Justice Department has appointed a special investigator. What are you ex-pats doing about it?
  24. Do you have a crawl space under your house? I found an escaped cat there once. She was terrified and I had to coax her to come out.
  25. Lazy, rainy day here. Laundry and grocery.