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  1. How many minis are there, Queen?
  2. Pink, how's your mare doing now?
  3. German/French. That makes me a stubborn romantic.
  4. You have a right to know for medical reasons, if no other.
  5. Unless you're Irish!
  6. I've read a lot about barefoot trimming and have been trimming mine for about nine years. It was out of desperation when a farrier gave my horse a terrible trim and he foundered. I'm not sure he caused it but I'm sure it contributed. It sounds like your new farrier is a born salesperson and should stick with that profession. A good natural trim won't cause a horse to "self trim." However, that's not entirely a bad thing. Your horses are wearing their feet down to the trim they need. You really need to talk to other horse owners in your area to find a good farrier. And wait until you hear good things about one from several people.
  7. When you think of the "bathroom" before it came indoors, the indoor one probably looked palatial to her! And the actual bath was probably a washtub in the kitchen. My mother's childhood home had an outhouse. I can remember using it in the summer when you had to watch for wasps and other critters. I'm not nostalgic about that!
  8. Thank you for your service, PD. I'm sorry it had to be in that war.
  9. Good heavens, PW! Do you ever sleep? Everything is great and I hope you get to have fun now. Stay out of that smoke. You might need your lungs later.
  10. I don't have kids, so maybe I should not give my input on the subject. But I was an educator, so I will. The problem is, the profit motive has made college costs unaffordable to many. And in our country, that is inexcusable. The problem began not that many years ago when college became an industry. When I see pictures of dorm rooms today and the amenities available on college campuses, I don't see places of learning. I see a shameful play for money. The dumbed down college courses available are offered to keep the money flowing. Compare the cost of a four year degree today to the cost thirty years ago. Even adjusted for inflation, the discrepancy is shameful. The other part of the equation is the student loan industry. These loans should be affordable. And the amount of debt incurred by a college graduate drives the cost of professional services. Everybody knows that medical costs have soared partly because of the amount of debt necessary for the professional degrees. And that holds true for many professions. It has also led to a shortage of professionals in some industries, which further inflates cost of services. I feel sorry for today's students and parents who really want to pursue a degree. It's a real conundrum. I suppose the situation might resolve itself when enough students choose not to pursue a degree and the profiteers desert the colleges. But that would be a real blow to the future of the country.
  11. Hope you and your husband get better soon, QH.
  12. Moonstar, we had a horse named Sundown when I was a kid. She was a notorious bad loader and usually rode backwards with her head sticking out over the tailgate. Your Sundown looks much more sensible.
  13. Bluecreek, there are lots of sites on line that have advice about restoring and preserving old log buildings. I found one about old historic barns and spent too much time looking.
  14. My last house was 769 square feet, the original tiny house! I miss it when it comes time to clean.The extra room just gets filled up with junk. I wouldn't go back to the small barn I had before, though.
  15. Okay, I see now. The wing on the left side is house. My "wing" is a two story garage with a loft. I don't have a shop but I need one. My barn and garage are full of too much equipment. Moles have moved into my front yard this summer. I never had any when my big cat was alive. Your lawn looks very nice and I envy all those trees.
  16. Who was it that said they had three "riding mowers?"
  17. Haha! Heidi. You have the upgraded version of my house. I only have two dormers and rectangular windows. But my garage is bigger. And where are your moles?
  18. If it's going down, you must be doing what it needs. Just keep the bedding fresh so she can get off it if she wants to.
  19. Welcome back, Moon Star. Nice looking critters you have.
  20. Welcome, bluecreek. Is that barn log? How neat! I think you'd need to consult a barn builder about its viability. We can't really tell you from a photo. Congrats on getting your farm!
  21. If they know they can call on you, that's enough. It's kind of a custom in the South to make a casserole or some kind of food and take it to the family, but I'd wait awhile. They're still dealing with shock and arrangements . They probably have to deal with law enforcement too.
  22. Queen, that's horrible. I'm glad the kids have you. They need a normal, loving woman in their lives.
  23. Pink, I can't remember if this was previously diagnosed as cellulitis, but it certainly fits the definition. Here's an article that might help a little. http://www.thehorse.com/articles/33551/cellulitis-treatment-and-prevention-in-horses