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  1. NRA versus Gun Control

    Really! Not to mention, how long would it take to get everybody checked in? Some of the schools today have 1000+ students. As Wolfhaven said, school budgets are bare bones now. Who's going to pay for all those additions? Hey, I have an idea! How about the NRA? They have plenty of money.
  2. The Front Porch

    How much weight can she carry, LC?
  3. Signs of spring?

    The snow is really very pretty. I'm in the mood for Christmas now.

    No the very best were in my favorite restaurant in town. But the lady who ran it got cancer and closed. It's back open now with a new owner but no beef tips and noodles.
  5. Signs of spring?

    Well, now the weather terrorists are saying 4-6 inches of snow. I guess no grocery shopping tomorrow.
  6. NRA versus Gun Control

    I remember this same argument from three or four school shootings ago. Someone says crooks pay no attention to laws But some gun venues (gun shows and private sales) don't have to follow the background check law. So there's an access to guns that could be prevented. But NRA! They are now suing the state of FL because the governor dared to raise the age to buy AR15's to 21. How dare he try to limit access! The estimate for gun ownership is that the guns in the US are owned by one third of the population. So the two thirds need to change the laws. And that can't happen as long as the NRA is the cash cow for lawmakers. So boycott the NRA if you want to change anything. Don't vote for politicians who accept their money. Don't patronize businesses that are advertising partners. When they lose their sway, and their influence over lawmakers, some common sense laws can be passed.
  7. Signs of spring?

    Never went above 40 here. Currently, it's raining and mixed with sleet. Some spring weather!
  8. NRA versus Gun Control

    I'm not affected now, PD. But I do remember the intruder drills at school. We had to pull down all the shades, lock the doors and the kids piled in a corner out of sight. Ridiculous because an intruder could have broken the glass in either door and reached through to open them. We had to be quiet while an appointed adult walked the halls and tried every door. None of the kids took the drills seriously because Columbine had just happened and no one thought it would ever happen again. Fast forward to today when every parent and every kid knows it could happen, and many worry it could be today. It isn't fair. Most adults go to work every day without worrying about being shot. Lawmakers don't have to worry about being shot at work because they made darn sure guns were barred from their workplace. But kids do have to worry because any idiot can own a gun and lawmakers want to make sure they aren't hampered in any way from getting one.
  9. NRA versus Gun Control

    And another school shooting. This time in Maryland. This is madness!
  10. Lopsided Hoof

    Her heels don't look that short in these pictures. Some farriers seem preoccupied with long heels. Her heels don't look flat to the ground though. One looks kinda pointy and one looks like it might slope back toward the ground. But don't take my word for it. I'm really not good with pictures. Are those cracks in her toes? If they are, I'd bevel the toe more so they don't contact the ground and widen. Have you measured her grooves? They look a lot better now. The bars do go too far forward but look a whole lot improved. Please wait for Missy to tell you what to do. I don't want to misinform you.
  11. NRA versus Gun Control

    The argument that people wouldn't obey gun laws so we just shouldn't have any is ridiculous. Why have any laws at all? Some people are just going to disobey them. Silly!
  12. NRA versus Gun Control

    That well regulated militia argument has a couple of problems. First the "NRA militia" isn't very well regulated. And second, since the lawmakers of the 16th century were not able to imagine semi-automatic weapons, they also did not foresee tanks, mortars, bombers and drones either. I don't think those semi-automatics would be very effective against an over-reaching government.
  13. Texas People #6

    The trim tile over the shower wall reminds me of rattlesnakes.
  14. NRA versus Gun Control

    You seem to think a person has to have a driver's license to buy a car and the seller has to "vet" the buyer. Not true in the US. You do need to take a driving test to get a license. But you can buy as many cars as you want without a license.

    I didn't drink any Baileys either.
  16. How long

    ^^^I forgot about that! I'll get one for my cat. She loves boxes but they get in the way.
  17. How long

    Our grocery, Kroger, has bag boys. If they are busy elsewhere, the checker bags them. They will even push your cart to your car and help put them in, if you ask. Of course, if you use the self checkout, you do it yourself. All the other groceries have checkers too. Danyel, do your groceries have checkers or only self checkout?
  18. The Front Porch

    All the mushroom growers in this area used to contract for the manure from Churchill Downs. I don't know if they still do or not. I wash mushrooms to death because I learned that fact a long time ago, LOL.
  19. Lopsided Hoof

    It's hard to tell from your photo GD. But it does look like they are pretty much gone. They should be above the level of the sole in the heel triangle. Some horses need more heel than others. But you probably need to PM Missy Clare again.
  20. Hello - and a question

    Well, in that case, divide the farrier bill by the number of items you have to sell.

    ^^^Poor baby. He needs some of my grass.

    Only green around here is that darn grass that is growing while I watch! I'm having fried chicken tonight. This is Kentucky. ETA: Okay, maybe I'll have some Baileys tonight.
  23. NRA versus Gun Control

    Don't worry. The kids will get the job done. Meanwhile, look up the businesses which sponsor the NRA and don't patronize them.
  24. The Front Porch

    If those are the mouse blocks I'm thinking of, they're supposed to be in a container that has a hole just big enough for a mouse or a larger container for a rat. They shouldn't be in there without it. Your dogs or anyone else's dogs or a kid could be poisoned easily. I'd be really worried about their whereabouts. As far as the girls, if you don't have the patience for them, it would be best to cut them loose. They're acting out because of their home situation. They are trying to make you angry to punish their mom. Makes no sense, but that's how kids think. They'll probably grow up just like her if they don't get help.
  25. How long

    ^^^Good idea!