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  1. The Front Porch

    Four inches of snow and 13 degrees! Who wants it?!!!
  2. ELD mandate

    Try reading the thread.
  3. Texas People #6

    My thumb operation was 13 years ago. It was a breeze for the first one, so I had the other done two weeks later. My other fingers get stiff after tough stuff like trimming the horse's feet. And I try to avoid vibrating tools. That really is the worst thing for them. But my thumbs are fine. I hear the hand surgery has improved a lot and they can do the carpal tunnel one with keyhole surgery. But I'd rather not go there.
  4. Promise of Heatwave

  5. Promise of Heatwave

    What animals were involved and how many?
  6. Promise of Heatwave

    Thanks, LC. Interesting, and tragic photos of war.
  7. Promise of Heatwave

    That's a big responsibility for a ten-year-old, Heidi. Did you already know how to care for them? We were given a pony when I was small that was so fat, we couldn't fit a saddle on her. The saddle maker made what was probably the first ever bareback pad. It was big and square the size of a western saddle blanket, made of cotton duck (I think) and padded with some kind of fibers. It had a regular girth and stirrups. I used that pad up until teen years, though usually without the stirrups.
  8. Texas People #6

    On the locking fingers-- the tendons are swollen and won't slide through the ligaments holding them to the bone. I'm not a doctor but that's how it was explained to me by a hand doctor. You need to baby them (quit painting) until they are back to normal. My thumbs got so bad, I couldn't move them and had to have a "thumb release" in which the ligaments were cut to allow the tendons to slide again. It's also possible to break the tendon which wouldn't allow you to bend the finger.
  9. A few snow shoe pics

    Beautiful! I'm going straight to the kitchen and make cocoa!
  10. Promise of Heatwave

    I hope your Rockies know something we don't know! Our forecast has changed and now it's supposed to sleet and snow tomorrow, with a steep drop in temps tonight. I blanketed Jubal at 6:00 when it was 55 degrees! Poor horse.
  11. Buying a horse trailer

    PD covered all the bases for what to check. Used trailers are going cheap here. Look on Craigslist and dealers that have used ones. They're like cars, in that they depreciate fast. If you can get one that is steel with an outer aluminum shell, they last longer and no painting.
  12. Promise of Heatwave

    We get to keep our heat wave until tomorrow night!
  13. The Front Porch

    Thanks, Danyel. I'm afraid to spend that much without knowing if he'll eat it. I've also been reading Dr. Kellon's opinion about it and trial results. It could backfire, from what I've read.
  14. The Front Porch

    ^^^No, it's because he's drinking too much water.
  15. Texas People #6

    Yay for new grandbabies!
  16. The Front Porch

    So the temperature is 55 and I took Jubal's blanket off. I went back just now to change his wraps and clean his boots. While the boots were off, I walked him up and down the aisleway. No noticeable limp on the mats. This is the strangest thing. He's still drinking too much though. He drained a five gallon bucket between 9:00 and 2:00. And his manure is liquid. Eww! We have one more warm day before back in the deep freeze. At least he'll get a respite. Danyel, I read that jiaogulan might help but I didn't find it anywhere as a supplement. Do you know of anyone who sells it for horses?
  17. The Front Porch

    Jubal gets only hay which I have tested before I buy it. He eats from a slow feed net and I weigh his hay portion. He gets a magnesium supplement to help with the metabolic issue. He had this same thing last year which the vet thought was bruising but it was pretty apparent after awhile, it wasn't. It was off and on and went on for weeks. He drank double the amount of water he usually drank and I suspected Cushings. But we had a very mild winter last year, and the lameness was never this bad. It cleared up completely after about six weeks. So did the water issue. He shed out normally last spring, so I didn't get him tested. But I will in the spring. I don't know if Pergolide will help with this or not.
  18. ELD mandate

    Wouldn't it be possible to have two drivers on the same truck?
  19. The Front Porch

    I don't know if that would work, RRW. I don't know if it is dependent on the ambient temp or just his feet. I know I would need a new electric service for the barn. It's way too weak now. It's a good idea, though.