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  1. Now look what you did Nick! Make America Smart Again
  2. The yellow ones are fritillaria. http://www.hollandbulbfarms.com/itemdesc.asp?item=Lutea-Yellow-Fritillaria&cat=FRITILLARIA&ic=87104 I've never seen those in real life. After enlarging your photos, I don't think the second picture is laurel. Laurel has smoother, shinier leaves. And the small blue ones in the third picture are grape hyacinth, I think. http://www.americanmeadows.com/flower-bulbs/grape-hyacinth-flower-bulbs Did you just move into this place? If you did, someone left you some nice plants.
  3. In the first picture, the chartreuse one is Creeping Jenny, I think. It will spread and it's called a weed, but I like it for a ground cover in the flower garden. Second picture looks like maybe English Laurel. Third picture, the leaves of the larger purple flower look like Columbine, so maybe a variety of that. Fifth picture is some kind of lily I haven't seen before with a variety of Sedum behind it. Sixth picture, looks like Purple Coneflower.
  4. ^^^ I don't think you can get banned from most of them.
  5. I remember when all my tack was organized. Then all my horsey friends got old and decided not to ride anymore. They gave all their stuff to me and it's in storage containers taking up all the space in my tack room. Why the heck do I need a yearling show halter or leather quarter boots? Sunny weekend? What sunny weekend? It's not raining but it might as well be. Overcast, cold, windy, and I was all set to ride. I might have to start upholstering that chair that's been sitting nude in my kitchen since January.
  6. ^^^Or a buckskin horse.
  7. You forgot to mention the French election. If Le Pen wins, and France drops out of the EU, all of Europe is in deep doodoo. Then you'll have more to worry about. All too depressing. The courts are holding Trump at bay for the present. If you don't want to read about gardening, step away from Chit Chat. Go to a politics forum to get your fix.
  8. A tiny house! You could live in there! That's really cute, Serah.
  9. Icky, cold, windy, rainy day. I put the horse out because he needed a bath but I'm vegetating inside.
  10. Lavender was 6-7 dollars last year but demand was high because it died off the winter before. I don't know about larkspur with cats and dogs. My cat that died last year loved the flower garden. He would go around sniffing all the flowers but I never saw him eat any.
  11. That larkspur is gorgeous. I'd love to have some but it's deadly to horses so I won't . I'm already fighting poison hemlock. I love lavender too, but it's been so wet the last few years, it has mostly died off. How much does it cost there, QH?
  12. Nice table! The last time I camped was in a tent in the 60's. We could have used that camper then!
  13. I tried a skateboard once. Just as I got both feet on, I went off backward. Shortest skateboard ride in history!
  14. Overcast and cool here but I don't care. It's my day in the city. Wolf, I envy the pool table. I'd love to have one but the only room big enough is my living room and I can't quite make that leap.
  15. Not so good for my horse--they're high in sugar, but he does love them. I don't like them because they pop up overnight after I spend hours mowing. But I try to remember, the pollinators like them. My favorite lawn nuisance are violets. RRW, if I used a weed killer, I'd have nothing green left!
  16. The sunset was just that color tonight! Very nice, RRW. Are those dandelions? I murdered hundreds of those today.
  17. I thought your next adventure was rebuilding the barn?
  18. I wish my yard didn't need mowing. I think today will be the fourth, maybe fifth time. Pasture is knee high too and the horse is trying to dive for tall weeds when I ride. But at least it's not cold. Good Derby weather!
  19. That's all. Just wondering. Oh yeah, I went to Olive Garden for lunch. A fellow walked in the door and if I hadn't seen the report that said the Facebook Killer was dead, I would have called the police. This guy was a dead ringer for him. I wonder if he laid low while the cops were looking for the killer.
  20. Good idea, Serah! I can see the horse hair in it. Now all I need is a tree, LOL.
  21. RRW, that's a good idea! I have seen rubber scratch panels for horses that can be mounted to a wall for sale in ads. My horse would probably scratch himself bald.
  22. Good call. Why buy someone else's problem?
  23. If you find one you like, a vet check might be worth it.
  24. Well I think I'd be willing to kill that monster!
  25. I got this for the kitty's mats. Is this okay? i couldn't find any that said for babies. https://www.johnsonsbaby.com/haircare/johnsons-no-more-tangles-detangling-spray#ingredients