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  1. Why is it this always involves a man with multiple wives? Why don't the women have multiple husbands? Think of all the household projects that would get done!
  2. That's wonderful news, Heidi. I'm glad you all have more time with your mom, and she with you. My mother went to the hospital in 2011 with what we thought was flu. The docs said heart attack and she would live six months tops. She lived two and a half more years!
  3. TL, I didn't watch the entire video, but watched it for a while in several places. What is her reason for cranking the horse's head around to the side while riding him forward? She was turning his head more than was needed to ride a circle. No wonder he's rebelling! I think you need to ride him yourself and teach him to go forward first. When you ride a circle, do it without turning his head more than he needs to. Then your circles can become smaller while his whole body is curved and not just his head and neck.
  4. Okay. Link?
  5. I also think you should just do it yourself. And I think the best training advice I ever heard came from the former master of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Alois Podhajsky. Repeat to yourself daily, "I have time." A lot of horses have been screwed up by being pushed too hard, too fast.
  6. Okay. Don't have that here.
  7. Hillside, what kind of store is Murdoch's?
  8. ^^^Well, I agree! Horses will keep you young and exercised, sometimes more exercised than you want.
  9. I've eaten peanut butter and syrup sandwiches before, when I was desperate for something sweet. Kinda messy though.
  10. I give up. What are Jimmy Carter pancakes?
  11. If he was doing well for you, but isn't now, I'd look for a different trainer. It doesn't take much to screw up a young horse.
  12. Welcome.
  13. The only one I ever saw was Sean Connery. i don't see how you could outdo him, though. Roger Moore was always Simon Templar to me.
  14. ^^^LOL, because we're too lazy to start a new one!
  15. The forecast is 90 something today and 99 tomorrow. Fortunately, it doesn't get as hot here as in the city, but still too hot. I watered the flowers yesterday--first time in years. My sister called yesterday to remind me to drink water and stay inside. So I went out and trimmed grass for an hour and a half and worked on the horse's feet. I think there's something wrong with me, LOL.
  16. I've been trimming in short bursts, about 30 minutes at a time. It takes about five hours to do it all, so it's rarely all trimmed at the same time. It just keeps coming back!
  17. Oh goodie, a girl!! Was there a gender reveal party? Danyel, I know I should finish the chair. My grand-nephews will be too big for it soon!
  18. Heidi, how are you doing?
  19. PD, I always do the horse stuff first. So, I'd get the hay and then see how much energy is left.
  20. I am currently upholstering a child's chair (very slowly.) All the supplies for that plus my sewing machine are currently on my kitchen table. Meanwhile, there are two bedrooms sitting unoccupied in my upstairs. I could have a sewing room up there but I bet all the stuff would end up on the kitchen table again. I guess I'm just a one-story person.
  21. Thanks, Danyel, but I don't have either of those things. I'm going to cook the chicken in olive oil and then put in the vegetables and look for spices to throw in. My cabinet is pretty bare of things to make a sauce.
  22. I have a package of stir fry vegetables that have been steamed. What can I stir fry them in to make them more interesting? I have some chicken thighs.
  23. Doesn't Shortman like to go with you to shop for school supplies? I always did. I still miss it.
  24. That looks very peaceful, QH. But I think it would put me right to sleep!
  25. ^^^Uh oh! That's not good.