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  1. Alight I need an engineering brain...or just somebody smarter than me! ha I am looking at plans to build a dog agility ramp. The idea seems simple there is just one thing i need help with. when you put the two boards together their is a traingle type gap at the top. I haven't really found on that doesn't have a gap and I don't want a gap there! I will show you what I mean: Mine will not be this big...these are younger kids and I don't want any dogs fallining off! I am considering just making a ramp that looks like this: _______ / \ If that makes sence! I just orderd a tunnel!!! Very excited about that. And am making two jumps tomorrow from PVC pipe!!!
  2. Great! i feel like I'm being just kinda thrown in!!! It will be a learning experience for all!
  3. Thats great...I've been waiting to get our leaky (from beind the handle) faucet in kitchen and bathroom replaced by my husband since we moved in!! That was over a yr ago! AND we have both faucets aready bought! haha
  4. It's just to help them learn stuff about their own dog so when they get asked during show time they will hopefully remember!! It's not really "winning" it's just if you DO IT you get to choose a prize for your dog! SO everybody is a winner as long as they try!
  5. Thanks, I hope it'll work. I mean yeah ppl are still going to ask questions but when they are at home and can't remember certian rules or something (Deff. been there when I was in 4-h!!) it's nice to find the answers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a list of questions that questions that could be asked during showmanship class they are questions that are almost always asked such as : breed of dog? What AKC group the dog belongs to? What country did your dogs breed originate? ect... I am going to offer them the chance to have them fill it out and get a prize when they fill out the sheet and the prizes will be small dog greenies, tennis ball, chew toy ect (cheap stuff)! Is this a good idea?
  6. yea we aren't even close to mowing!! Grass is barely turning green yet...we need a few more 60-70 days!! Just not happening yet
  7. The red spot like that is a sign it could be lyme disease! mine did the bulleye thing very red, inflammed, and itchy luckily it wasn't lyme but def. better to get tested!
  8. If it's actually throbbing and that sore I would go to the dr. I had a deer tick behind my knee that was there for prob 2 days before I realized it. Once I removed it it was itchy, red, and swollen on and off for 2 months!! I went to the dr. luckily it wasn't lyme disease! But it did turn into an infection and the dr. gave me antibiotics for it!
  9. Yeah You must have had a lot more snow than us!
  10. I LOVE it! Need to use it more. He is getting a bath tomorrow and blown out so he should feel much lighter!!
  11. Do you stil have ice? IT was like 60 something today!! Tomorrow he is getting another long walk!! Back in shape!
  12. I would do that but it's only once a week for about 2 months and I know that every kid can't come to every meeting so I don't want some ppl to have an unfair advantage or say "I never got that info". Even if they just look at it before the show it will help some. A lot of it is just the basic rules that the kids/parents keep asking so instead of being unsure what to wear or what leash to use they can look at the packet. On the first page is the calendar of the meetings times and what we will be doing and any extra activites going on, such as due dates for enrollment! Now all the kdis will start at the same level instead of me repeating myself or ppl saying "I didn't know that!!". It's about 4 pages front and back and has a lot of pictures.
  13. Best-just being out in the middle of nowhere riding being care free on a horse that loves what they are doing Worst-My 6 yr old mare has a horrible attitude (has since she was a baby) She pretty much wants me dead ha...not fun! I work and work and results are slow :S
  14. I couldn't get the key in the garage to unlock it...and husband has the I failed at working in my garden. KEY 1 ME 0 It looked like I was breaking in trying to get that dumb thing to open... I did however pick up all the dog poop and brush my pup out with the furminator (BEST invention EVER) I brushed a pile of fur out the size of my dog!! No joke... Everytime I use that thing it makes me realize that I should use it least weekly!!
  15. Yeah it's just the plants name ! Of course the only one I can remember. I would plant cucumbers but my grandparents plant a TON of them! I would Love to fill my garden box with strawberries :)