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  1. Long weekendus interruptus. Stuck at work today but off tomorrow. Been a little busy but still relaxing. My daughter wanted me to help her build a 12x12 deck in her tiny yard. Gave her the board count and told her to have it ready. Showed up and using my nail gun we had it done in three hours, including time to harass the grandkids a little and eat lunch. Enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning and then worked in the garage and mowed the river bank down to the dock in the early afternoon. Spent the late afternoon and evening at a birthday party. Rode Cujo this morning so I took the dirt road through the municipal forest part way into work. Going home I'll take the same route but slip off and add about 5 miles of good single track mountain bike trail. Tomorrow I'll hang out at home, do some fishing, kayaking and grilling I guess. Nothing too exciting.
  2. Other than telling you to drive east to Pella for the meat market and pastry shop I would have no input. Guess I could have posted "no clue".... Besides all that, WTH have you been anyway? Sheesh girl... step up..
  3. have anything to back up your claim?
  4. The investigations are multiple and ongoing. The FBI and the house/senate committees conducting these investigations are not releasing much information at all to protect the integrity of the investigations. There won't be published findings or real information released for 6 months to a couple years from now. It takes time to plow through thousands of documents, interview witnesses from around the world and gain the cooperation of foreign governments. 43 states use voting machines with old software that is not regularly updated or secured with the latest protection. 9,000 voting jurisdictions (counties and states) use digital systems for voting. Many do not have any back up paper trail to verify results are accurate. It would be tough to hack them all, but every single one is easily hackable. It's been tested and proven many times. In 1983 President Reagan redeployed Marines into Beirut as peacekeepers in a civil war. Despite being advised against it by the Sec Defense and the Commandant of the Marine Corps, which led to the slaughter of 220 Marines and 21 other service members. This was after the Beirut Embassy was bombed. A new embassy was being built and it too was bombed. The Democratic led Congress conducted one investigation that last just a couple months in the embassy bombing. A few months later they conducted just one investigation in the Marine barracks bombing taking a couple months to complete. The democrats led two short but complete investigations against a republican President they didn't like. Compare that to Benghazi with the death of one Ambassador and 3 CIA employees. How many years long investigations did the republicans conduct, all with the same basic conclusion? Seven. The days of short and to the point investigations are long gone. Benghazi set a new standard the republicans can't escape from, they must conduct multiple investigations by multiple committees. It is the republicans leading these investigations. As a side note, both Presidents, Reagan and Obama, publicly declared they were ultimately responsible.
  5. What? That's not what false economy is.
  6. No it's not really a false economy. All those expenses you mentioned don't occur near the trail. Those occur at home. Bikers have a strong history of spending money on snacks, soda, bottled water at convenience stores and will stop for burgers and beer in local pubs after or during the ride. When was the last time a group of twelve horses were tied up outside a local small town pub? This is why atv's and snowmobiles win all debates over trail usage. They flood pubs on weekends spending lots of money. Is there a town where the local governments and citizens got together and built horse trails that transformed the local economy? There are several examples where towns or counties have created extensive bike trail systems that have totally revived the local economy. Crosby, Minnesota is one. A dead mining town has turned themselves into a major biking destination. https://www.outsideonline.com/2184491/how-mountain-biking-saving-small-town-usa The horse industry definitely has a large economic impact in Minnesota. The U of M determined that expenditures in Minnesota total 530 million dollars (vet, feed, vehicle/trailer maintenance, equipment etc.). The bike industry in Minnesota is reported by the state generates 778 million dollars and supports 5,500 jobs. With the large impact horses have on the economy and the Minnesota DNR reporting 1000 miles of trails in the state already, how do you get them to be honest about the quality and realistic uses for the trails they list? The Soo Line trail is listed as a horse trail, but it has few miles of the 120 miles that are actually suitable for riding. Makes me question just how many miles of the 1000 they list are actually usable?
  7. I spent a week on my bike doing a combination of paved bike trail, asphalt and gravel roads and the last 130 miles was a rail to trail from central Minnesota ending just over the border about 10 miles in Wisconsin. It's mainly used by ATV's and snowmobiles but what I found interesting is it's other uses are listed by both states as: Mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding and in Wisconsin they listed fishing. This trail runs through a few different counties and they seem to have the most control with snowmobile clubs for it's maintenance. The surface ranged from paved, small gravel (like a gravel road) to railroad ballast rock. Stop signs, bridges and wetlands were typical very bumpy with the wetlands getting covered with a layer of ballast rock. It was rough to get across on a bike with 3" tires (nearly a fat bike) and no way would I take my horse on large sections of this trail. Wisconsin's stretch was the worst for the ballast rock. A foot deep in places of loose rock. Wondering who decided to spend the money on that stretch. Should the DNR list trails like this as multi-use and for horseback riding? Why do horse clubs not contest this? When the DNR brags they have so many hundreds of miles of horse trails and use that as reasoning not to create more or improve other trails so they could be used, that hurts real riding opportunities. Seems the trail associations just give them a pass. Is this common everywhere?
  8. We were supposed to have storms overnight and a couple roll through early today. Just like last weekend which was supposed to be all storms and rain, this morning it was clear skies and dry. Now they're predicting rain this afternoon. Good thing I threw my rain gear in my bag. Meeting a few people for another paddle night. This time it's near my house on the river so we can stop at the corner bar for burgers and beer afterwards. Hoping to make this a regular thing for a few different reasons. My noon hockey gig has ended for the summer. was kind of hit or miss all winter until spring break. It's been amazing since. Lots of current and former college players, a Hobey Baker winner (Heisman trophy of college hockey), some current and former pros plus lots of youth. The higher speed and skill is just a lot of fun to watch and play. Back to just once a week now. Last weekend I had the urge to go biking so I figured out a 6 day tour solo ride. Riding 70 miles of paved trail, then I'll hit the roads for a couple days. Paved and gravel before riding the last 150 miles or so on a rail to trail route across Minnesota ending on the edge of town where I'll cruise the streets home. Looking like 320-350 miles. Be camping overnights but only cooking when I can't get to a cafe or something. Less food to carry this way. I'm excited to get back on the road again. Be riding alone so I'm hoping I can finally win an argument or two along the way. Next year my daughters want to meet and do a backpacking trip on a trail in Idaho. They told me I can't lead because they remember all too well our last trip... Talking a my biking partner into paddling the Mississippi from the headwaters to the Iowa border next June too. I need to retire so I can just go out and explore but my wife refuses to get a second full time job to support me. So selfish. Ooh someone brought in donuts! Gotta go
  9. Could always go old school and breakout the Sears catalog. Repurposing was fashionable decades ago. Who knew?
  10. oh heck no. The carriage house is bigger than my house. It's an old mansion from the timber baron era. It's owned by the U of Mn which operates it as a museum.
  11. Still recovering from last weekend. Took some vacation and used the long weekend to do some good fishing up near the Canadian border. Hectic week. Finally got back on my bike after weeks of not being able to ride because of weather or other commitments. Nice ride in the sunshine and warm temps. Made it home in time to change clothes, load my kayak and hit the road. Met a couple other people and paddled a few miles on Lake Superior. Lake was awesome. Watched a couple 1,000 freighters cruise by and explored two small rivers. Started out and spotted a guy paddling an inflatable kayak with a bike strapped to the front. We eventually caught up to him. Kind of weird but I knew the guy. Met him a couple weeks ago at a street party. He's a sponsored rider that travels back roads all over the country and pays his way singing at small venues. Interesting guy for sure. He had been exploring back roads and small lakes since the street party. Spent most of yesterday paddling down the lake. What a life! Biked to work this morning in shorts for the first time. Tonight I'll make it home in time to change and head back into town for our REEL Paddling Film Festival which is our big fund raiser for paddle alliance. First year I'm on the board and it's been pretty much a cluster. Good weather tonight will probably hurt our attendance. Tomorrow the rain and storms move back in. Ugh... tired of rain.
  12. Took the day off. Ran some errands and pretty much got nothing constructive done.
  13. Ramblin on the move.... Military life always involved constant change. Kinda miss that. Then again maybe not.
  14. That's the trail. Nicely paved and meanders through a few small towns. A nice paddling river is right there too. Be an awesome weekend for them if the weather is decent. Hoping to do this sometime later this summer.