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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing some bright yellow color in the yard. Been a long brown winter and spring. Did see the first night crawlers on the road this morning. Spring must be here
  2. After a nasty week of weather it's finally clear out. Rain, snow, gale wind warnings and cold temps. Cold still, the sides of the roads were covered in a thin layer of ice. Clear, bright sliver of a moon, no wind, with a beautiful sunrise. Supposed to hit near 60 with sun this afternoon! Can't wait for it to warm up finally. Last night Mrs Wolf bought a pool table. It's being assembled yet. Kind of bizarre. Involved a back alley, locked rusty gate into a dungeon with a guy we had to rustle out of a bar... Deal made, he'll deliver and set up too. After the support she's given my hobbies there was no way I could hesitate or complain about buying a table. At least I'll have someplace to set things on... Tonight a friend is coming up to visit. We'll head out to dinner tonight. Tomorrow is the annual bike swap in Duluth and then we'll bike a trail I want to explore and then he's excited to hop in a kayak and paddle for the first time.
  3. You could stay on RRW's train! Looking forward to my first bikepacking trip in a couple weeks. 3 days of easy riding with a group of people I've never met. Should be interesting. Think I have everything. Need to do a test loading to see how things will fit. Already planning my second trip. An overnighter. Biking about 45 - 50 miles, camp in a state forest campground, get up the next morning and ride a couple miles to an outfitter who'll shuttle me to a canoe landing and I'll paddle back. About a 6 hour paddle. Then hop back on the bike and ride home. Or stay another night. Not sure yet. Been researching a good quality inflatable kayak I can carry on my bike with my other gear. Ride to a river, float/paddle for a day, camp and then ride back. Not sure, lots of options. Would love to bike to an outfitter, ride and camp via horseback a night or two and then bike back. Would also like to.....
  4. Been days of ugly weather. Gale force wind warnings on the lake today. Snow in Duluth even. I drove to work... Tomorrow they're saying sun and 50's. Go figure.
  5. Busy day. Work, hockey, work, home to cook in a few minutes. Probably end up in the garage slinging saw dust or something. Not for dinner, this is afterwards. Not sure why I felt the need to clarify that....
  6. Not an expert on building tack sheds but I would recommend putting on a roof and enclosing the walls or your tack will get wet. Just a thought.
  7. I think I was distracted cleaning my gun and cleaning off a couple cement blocks.... You know, gotta be ready for unexpected visitors...
  8. Weekend was fun. Saturday was an early wake up to go play hockey and then run some errands. Took a nice nap and then went for a bike ride. Talked Mrs. Wolfy into hiking the dog so off we went into the woods. Yes the ticks are out. Got back from the hike and headed down to the river for a nice relaxing kayak paddle. Good P4 day (puck, pedal, plod and paddle). Sunday was really windy with scattered rain clouds dumping rain off and on all day. Putzed around the house and garage most day. Snuck in a very short bike ride in a brief lull in the winds. Could be a busy night tonight. Meeting with the head of the city parks and rec after work and then a board meeting tonight. Thought the park's meeting was Wednesday. She'll have to put up with me in my biking stuff. Dang, forgot my bike lock. Have to figure something out.
  9. Another morning of clear skies and a beautiful sunrise. Of course that means the temp drops in the morning. Rode into a headwind which had my tired legs fussing. Got to rest for several minutes waiting for a long coal train to creep by heading to the dock. They have a pretty cool set up. Train pulls in and stops as each car gets inside. A machine grabs the coal car and spins it in place, doesn't have to be disconnected from the train. Rain is scheduled to move in later tonight. Should be able to make it home safely before it starts. No special plans for the weekend. Probably play hockey early tomorrow morning. Have to bike some both days for this 30 day pledge thingy. The weather will probably dictate the type and distance. Definitely thinking at least one nap is in order. Time in the garage I'm sure will have to be on the agenda.
  10. Clear skies today. Started out at 32 but supposed to climb back into the 50's. Hope so. Liking these early springs but would really enjoy some nice warm mornings. Tired today. Lots of biking and then played a late game of hockey last night. Up at 5 and biked to work this morning knowing this afternoon's ride is going to be a slow slog home. Work lunch today. Woohoo!!
  11. I've had a yellowjacket slam into a gap in my helmet. Holy moly that hurt. Had me dancing in the street Margins in the food business are very tight. Tough to make a go at it. Subway or you could pack your own... HQ you can come here and set your grape drink outside overnight, it will be frozen by morning. Water puddles were iced over on my way in this morning. Got the call up to the big leagues tonight. Going to be playing goalie at 9pm. Short night of sleep for sure. Why can't I resist and just say no? It'll be fun. Pretty fast skate normally so that'll help. The slow, lower skill level ones later at night I do turn down.
  12. Found it kind of humorous how Putin mocked the President yesterday. When asked about the chemical attacks he said it was fake. Kind of threw that one right back at the administration. Not unusual for an administration to struggle out of the gate and replace some key people along the way. Some just wanted to help get things going, some find its not the job they really want or they just aren't up to it and get let go.
  13. Another frigid morning. 25 degrees with clear skies. Was not thrilled to see that. Took my bikepacking bike this morning. Plan on cruising through the municipal forest on my way home. Yesterday I wasn't sure what to expect going by the dog's house. Found her laying in the yard loose again. This time she stayed laying down and just gave me the evil eye as I rode by. Basically no change there. Won't be going by there today since I'm taking a different route home. This morning she wasn't outside at all so it was clear. Had my water bottle ready. Found out a co-worker sells pepper spray kits and some tiny screeching alarm thing. My go that route. Be smaller and easier to keep at the ready than a big can of wasp spray. Winter this morning and spring this afternoon. Weather terrorists are calling for upper 50's and sun. I'll take it. Signs went up. The bridge by my house will be closed from 8-5 weekdays all summer again. Woohoo! Cuts down on the traffic.
  14. The hornet spray may be an option. The animal shelter's office suggested pepper spray. They are contacting animal control and talking to them. She may give me a call. Hopefully before she contacts the owners. Don't think rewarding a dog for chasing would be a good idea, probably just encourage the chasing. Painted that's like the first time you've seen sun in months.
  15. Despite the clear skies last night the temp stayed in the low 30's. No rain or snow. Cold and windy yesterday which had me whining about having to ride last night to keep the 30daysofbiking pledge going. Got it done, streak continues. This morning there was a stiff breeze out of the NE which of course is the direction I have to ride. Only be about 40 this afternoon and I'm hoping for a tailwind. So last Friday riding home I have to go by this house that has a brittany cross that has picked up the habit of chasing me. Started 1 1/2 ago and wasn't too concerned since she was mostly not aggressive, doing it for play. When the owners are out she doesn't chase and most often she just watches me go by if she's out alone. In total she's only chased me about a dozen times now but it's getting more aggressive. Last Friday she came out of the ditch at a sprint right at me snarling and barking. I stopped and got off my bike keeping it between us. Dog wasn't quite sure what to do but kept barking at me until I finally rode off. This time when she came out there was a pickup trucking coming down the road and thankfully they slowed way down. My fears are the dog will bite, hit my back wheel causing a crash, and being knocked into traffic. This morning the dog was out and watching me go by but I spot the owner sitting half way in the passenger seat of a small car. I swung around to talk to her and of course the dog comes out barking right at me. I stopped and she called Stella over. Once the Stella quit barking I told the lady I've been having a problem with the dog and that she's chased me a dozen times now. She gets the dog over yelling at so it cowers, she spanks it and tells her she's a bad dog, stands up puffs her cigarette and turns and walks away. Never said anything or even acknowledged me. Just turns and walked back to the car. I have to solve this issue, I'm not the only one that rides that road. There's kids and families that ride that road too. Not sure what my course of action will be. I know the animal control officer so I'll be calling her this morning when she gets in. My tentative plan is to spray with my water bottle, then it may be bear spray depending on the wind. Hate to buy the stuff just for this. Anyway, step three a chunk of broom handle maybe, I can mount it at the ready. Calling the cops each time of course. See what the AC officer suggests. Love me some cheesesteaks! Best part of living near Philly was the steak shops.