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  1. Took the day off. Ran some errands and pretty much got nothing constructive done.
  2. Ramblin on the move.... Military life always involved constant change. Kinda miss that. Then again maybe not.
  3. That's the trail. Nicely paved and meanders through a few small towns. A nice paddling river is right there too. Be an awesome weekend for them if the weather is decent. Hoping to do this sometime later this summer.
  4. I haven't even looked at my pots and raised planters. The weather has just sucked and the ground isn't warming up enough. Jubal - I sat through a talk with the Wisc. state bug guy was giving on garden bugs. The japanese beetle isn't here yet but it's coming and he strongly suggested never using the traps. The traps are designed to attract the beetles and you'll end up with more than if you don't use them. Not looking forward to them arriving here. Along with them there's a slow northward march of the earwigs. Don't need either one here.
  5. She riding the Lenroot Trail? I'm planning that one for later this summer. Bike one day and kayak the next. Congrats on a good weekend for you Jazzy. That's a bummer RRW.
  6. After a decent weekend thunderstorms moved through last night. Got some good boomers and rain. Warmer temps have the trees busting out finally. Grass is almost ready to be mowed. Suppose I should get the mower ready. Weekend was fun. Saturday was hockey then goofed around until I had to be at a brewery's "festiversary" party to work a table for the paddling alliance. Big bash. Thousands of people enjoying good beer, good food and quite a mix of music. They had musicians going all day on three different stages. Quite the fun block party. Sunday my daughter and some of the grandkids came by and they brought my Mom over for the day. Sunny but windy so we had to hide in a sunny spot out of the wind. I had birdhouses precut and drilled for the kids to put together. Grilled too much food and had a nice dinner. Now it's back to the salt mines... Tonight is a meeting to preview movies for our paddling alliance's film fest. No other commitments that I know of and the weather may be crappy all week. Ugh. Need to spend time on my bike and in my kayak.
  7. Yeah for no pink! Mosely thanks you
  8. Best Mother's Day commercial ever.
  9. Having one of those weeks as well. Busy at work and afterwards. Paddling board meeting one night and tonight is a bike event in Duluth. Good chance to talk some biking with some new faces. At least the weather has been great all week and should be this way for several more days. Last weekend I completed my 3 day bikepacking trip. Awesome time with some really great people. 8 of us; three from Kansas, two from Chicago and two others from here. I had only met one briefly before the weekend. Weather was great outside of a little rain Friday night. Rode a little blacktop, dirt and gravel roads for most of it with some added atv trails and some single track mountain bike trail. Some very challenging areas with rock and mud holes but they just made it more fun. Hills, lots of hills and more hills. Used every gear multiple times but never had to push so that's a plus. The couple from Chicago rode a tandem bike. That was amazing to watch. They worked so well together and the toughest sections were easy for them. Incredible. They race a lot of long distance gravel races on this bike too. Learned a lot and can't wait to get out and do more. Looks like spring is finally here. Trees are starting to leaf out and I may be mowing the yard for the first time this.
  10. Ramblin, is this video from your clinic? Is that you at the 30 second mark?
  11. I'm going for a long 3 day bike ride. To early to do much gardening here. Anyone care to join me? Unplug from the world and just enjoy nature with some people I've never met before. Weather forecast looks good. Come on, ride along. We'll have fun.
  12. Weekend was a whirlwind. Well, mostly yesterday was since the wind was relentless. Saturday was an early morning. Skipped hockey and met the SIL for a fishing breakfast/presentation. Home afterwards to haul a load of carp to the town cleanup dumpsters and then puttered around the garage with my bikes and loading up for my ride next weekend. Came in just before dark and started moving cabinets and heavy furniture to make room for a billiard table the Mrs bought that was being delivered Sunday. Somewhere during all that my back decided it was time to quit working. Sunday was cold and windy all day. Decided to do a gravel bike ride with a group up the north shore of Lake Superior. Rode gravel roads through the woods which gave us some relief from the wind at times. First time riding with these folks. Beforehand I stood around and mostly listened as they talked about the 100 mile bike races they've signed up for or the races they've recently rode all over the country. I knew then I might be in trouble trying to keep up. They all were riding fast gravel road bikes and I brought along a 3" tire mountain bike. The shop owner was very concerned about dropping me along the route figuring I couldn't keep up. Was all hill for the first stretch but I managed to keep up and stay middle of the pack. The way back was tougher heading into the wind but held my own. Next time I'll ride my gravel bike. The post ride burger and beer was the best part though. Talked with the guy from the bike shop up there who i'm riding with next weekend. Got to check out his bike set up. Got some good ideas for the future but I'm pretty happy with how mine is set up.
  13. Harvesting bulk snow cones. Just have to be wary of the snow snakes...
  14. I've got a bumper crop of snow growing in my gardens. Anybody want some?
  15. Went to yoga and beer last night. Good night to be inside. Came out and the rain had started. Hasn't stopped. Woke up to snow and ice. Schools closed and people creeping around on the roads. Mostly rain now with heavy winds. Supposed to last into tomorrow. Have a bunch of time I've missed for work this week I have to make up so it'll be a few late nights. Couldn't turn down playing hockey at noon so that's part of the time I have to make up. Was worth it. Fast skate with a younger group since schools were closed today. More of an excuse to use up the allotted snow days than actually bad roads.