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  1. thats great Cowgirls! has your sister tried working with Maddie yet? or are you doing that till your sis knows what to do and handle things. :)
  2. i agree Greenhaven. if the things on here arent working, get help from someone who can be there with you. you never know, he/she might have been through the same thing with another horse and know exactly how to fix it.
  3. just to share, i do Parelli and a little Clinton Anderson. it really helps me understand my horse even better
  4. thanks. i've actually had people zoom by on our street, then screech to a halt, back up and stare at him. its kinda funny. another time, people stopped and took pictures
  5. she kinda looks like thunder... heres a bigger pic of him and he's slicked off in this pic, but in winter, he's hairer than maddie. his hair right now is at least 3 to 4 inches long! btw, have you tried separating maddie and allie?
  6. seperate the two horses so they cant see eachother. if maddie whinnies, just let her be and have your lil sis go sit outside the pen reading or something. have your sis talk to her too. she needs to have a trust with your sis and your sis needs to be the leader. when we got sold our other horses, Thunder went balistic for 5 days. all i did, was go out there and read or sang or just sat there with him. finally he calmed down and trusted me to be his leader. now when he sees other horses, he knows theyre there, but thinks nothing of them. he will whinnie to me everytime i go out there. try that and keep me posted.
  7. thats kinda of what my pony does. he's 13.2 hh and clever. he used to lay down when i would ride him, turn and bite me when i cinched up, bucked cuz he didnt want to canter, pawed the ground at shows (it literally looked like he was going to dig a whole to China ), doesnt want to be away from horses but kicks at them when theyre around, and a few other things he USED to do. he's much better now, but still too smart for his own good. !!!
  8. heeello. nice to meet you...i have a paint horse too. hes gonna be 16 this month. ive had him for 6 years. (the pic in my siggy that i made, is of me on him)
  9. i ask: has he ever been ridden by kids. if he has, ask specifically if the child was being led, ponied, or on his/her own. how old? (i sometimes look at their teeth and can tell if the owner is goofin' on the age. ive had someone tell me "this horse is 9 or 10 and registered." i looked at the horses teeth and she was more like 15. no registeretion and they said the horse was a kid horse. i got on and that horse was not supple!) utd on shots, teeth, trim, deworming? (ask specific for dates if possible) does it buck, kick, rear, take off, etc? hard mouth or soft mouth? i would ride it for sure. pick up its feet and look for healthy. how does it do on trails. does it spook? if it does, how big is the reaction. those are the popular questions that i use.
  10. i wear one, but i dont like to. my horse bucks, but i barely notice when he does.
  11. i use a curb bit with a rollar. sometimes ill use a plain curb bit or a plain snaffle tom-thumb
  12. i dont have bling, but i love yours! the belt part is awsome!
  13. i would use glucosamine. its a powder you can mix with grain. i used it on my 20+ yr old arab and he's bright and dandy.
  14. i totally agree with coloredcowhorse. youre the boss so act like it. love him till he disrespects you then act like youre going to kill him for 3 seconds, ignore, then back to love. my horse used to do that. i cleared that with the process that i just talked about. after a few times, he would come up to me till a certain point and look at me like "is it ok to come closer?" and i would invite him. but as soon as he would get to much, i'd back him up to remind him of his manners.
  15. i would try lots of ground work and maybe put her in a pen where she cant see any other horses. my horse had been with horses for 5 years. when we sold our other horses, he went balistic! he ran around the pen for 5 days straight. barely ate, and when he did, he would grab a bite and run out looking for other horses. all i did was go out there and sit and did my school. he finally realized that they werent coming back and that i was there for him. now, he relies on me and forgets other horses. he'll see other horses but keep right on going. im no expert, im just telling you my experience with the same kind of problem. hope this helps and keep me posted.