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  1. Very Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  2. Hey I finally got my camera working. I dont know her real registery name. Shes 12 yrs. 14.2hh APHA.
  3. I honestly don't know. I've bugged the old owner for her papers and I still don't have them. She said she'll be sending them soon.
  4. Hugs and Prayers
  5. Hi everyone! I'm looking for an event to specialize my horse in...I'm into Western events so if I missed any in the poll let me know. Please check what you think my horse would be good at...Sorry bout the pictures I got some really good ones but my camrea broke so I can upload them, I'll try to fix it soon. This is not me riding. Shes 12 and 14.2hh. Shes done it all. She needs to work on her head set...ALOT! Ummm...I dont want to contest though.
  6. Hahahaha! Worded perfectly!!!
  7. Hello Horsecity! I'm looking for an all around horse boot that will last a long time and not restrict my horses movements. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone! I noticed my horse and pony both chewing wood, but they weren't cribbing (wind sucking) I've read where this can mean they aren't getting enough nutrients. I do board and they feed lower grade hay and I've read where it it common for horses on only hay. Do any of you know of any good supplements(preferable natural) that may help? Thanks
  9. Thanks for letting us know!!
  10. Stadium mustard. If its a bratwurst I like mustard!
  11. Mtn. Dew all the way!
  12. Hi could someone please tell me how to teach my horse to lay down? Thanks!
  13. Haha same i cantered bareback when I first bought Allie and I was sore the next day!
  14. Hi everyone!!! Have any of you ever done goat tying? Im intersted in doing that with my paint mare Thanks!