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  1. Would someone be able to look up a horse for me on APHA and get their performance records? The registered name is "Sheza Classic Jester." Thank you in advance!
  2. Would someone be able to look up a horse for me on APHA and get their performance records? The registered name is "Sheza Classic Jester." Thank you in advance!
  3. I'm currently working on starting up classes again. Unfortunately before I can sign up for classes I have to take a College Placement Test in math. I was looking at practice CPT tests and realizing it has been wwaayy too long since I took math, I don't remember ANYTHING.
  4. It's nice to know I'm not alone! I used to jump on bareback and canter laps around the arena and go over jumps. I also used to go out on the trails and gallop laps. Now, I'm nervous to even canter a couple laps around the arena. I hate it. On another note, I bought my first trailer today! I'm sooo excited.
  5. I am currently working on buying my own horse trailer. This will be my first time owning my own trailer, so I was wondering what things I should look out for when I'm looking! I'm mostly likely going to buy used since it is easier to find what I want in my price range. Are there certain things I should look at and watch out for? Anything to keep in mind? Thank you in advance! :)
  6. It's an SX.
  7. My husband is a Nissan guy all the way. He drifts as well. He current drift car is a 240, and his previous one was a 240 as well.
  8. I am looking to get my own trailer sometime soon. I have always preferred slant load trailers, because that is all my previous trainers had so it has been what I'm used to using. But, while trailer searching, I have found a lot more straight load trailers, and for better prices than the slant loads. Is there a pro to straight loads compared to slant loads? Which kind does everyone else prefer?
  9. My husband just got promoted to general manager at his work and has been doing amazing. I'm SUPER proud of him for it, but so far on my end, it kind of sucks. He works allll the time now, so between my job and his I barely get to see him. And, he found out last week that he has to go away for a week for training. Sucks. :end rant:
  10. I am someone that HATES having attention to put on me. Honestly, that is what i was most nervous about for the wedding, lol. It really wasn't that bad though! It helps that my husband was there, so all of the attention wasn't only one me, it was on both of us. I am like you as well, I'm not a huge PDA person, but I got through it. :)
  11. Ugghh, trailer hunting is hard! I found one I loved for an excellent price, but then found out it was a scam. Now I'm leery of others, ugh.
  12. Stella and I had our first lesson in a LONG time today. Excited to start back into training again!
  13. What is everyone's favorite jeans brand? I am in need of some new jeans. I used to LOVE the AE jeans, but I'm not a fan of how much they stretch now. Any recommendations?
  14. Stella and I are going back into training next week, I'm excited! It's been at least a year since we've had an actual lesson. Hoping I can start gaining my confidence back.
  15. WOW. Why did this thread suddenly get revived? This is from my old account, lol.