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  1. she was right in her actions srry
  2. i didnt call anyone a name i just said i was right in her actions
  3. i think cdc was right in her actions so all of u get over it
  4. I know Mustang I am sick of ALL this RAIN 2!!

  5. hope i can move to ranch soon

  6. i agree with u fully never let ur 2nd amendment right be taken away
  7. i have a black horse wats ur thought on that
  8. wat does it matter wat color it is and i dont think she was being disrespectfull at all and shes right i dont think we could of voted in a worse president
  9. i agree with cowgirl i mean he did triple our national debt for wat good reason none at all and all the people who think they have one well they dont
  10. tired of rain wish it would snow or warm up or somthin