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  1. And a happy new year to all :)
  2. I know. The Sunday was just disgusting. A lot of people withdrew though a fair few still went round. Bonkers. It's so much of a hyped up finale with people coming even from Scotland and Isle of Wight etc, I think a lot of people chose to carry on after coming all that way. We'd travelled a good couple of hours to get there and with stabling and B&B costs etc it was a mini holiday expenses wise for us - but I'd rather cut my losses and come back with a horse with tendons still. On the Saturday, the weather was rubbish and wet, but it was nothing like the conditions on the Sunday. By the afternoon it was lovely and sunny sods law! The photos from the last two new classes looked lovely, but it was on new tracks and not the previous courses. I'm moving yards in the new year closer to home. Since I started by new job earlier this year, He's been on full livery currently mon-fri but over 20 miles away from me, so I'm moving him nearer home and back on Diy. Be odd doing him again every day but kind of looking forward to it, I miss him.
  3. Thanks. Was disappointing at the time, but you can't control the weather I guess! It was lovely on the Friday when we arrived lol. Typical. Lots of people still competed, but I'm still glad we didn't.
  4. He had a physio check up when we got back and got the all clear, so luckily his fall didn't cause any problems. Gave him a couple of days off just to be sure, as I was a bit achy myself, but then he was back to his usual antics with no problem :) Update complete! lol
  5. Pics: Random fence we jumped in the woods Was quite wide for an 80cm course lol! Random hay rack we jumped Go go go [on a long flat bit] Up the bank And off the bank! Brush Rolltop And our pro photos we bought over the skinny corner and the boat jumps Kisses with his new buddy Chilling Selfies [/img] Making use of the walker
  6. Back in October! Forgot to do an update on it [for anyone interested]. To cut a long story short - it didn't really go to plan We'd booked in to stay for 3 days, arrived on the Friday afternoon, had our first class Saturday afternoon and then our second class mid morning Sunday. Arrived there in good time, had a mooch round, walked the course, got the horses settled [not that he's ever unsettled!] etc. Walked the novice course we were entered in, which was quite substantial compared to our mini course last year. And l-o--n-g. Though is is always fairly fit and we had built our summer work up to this event as it's our yearly highlight. Anyway. Wake up Saturday morning - it's p*ssing it down And not stopping. Most the fences are surfaced on take off and landing, however it's hilly grass inbetween and there were 120+ horses entered in our class in the end and about 90 in the class previous. We warmed up [soaked already] and decided I would just take it easy as quite a lot of horses had made errors on the course from the ground. Our start time was directly half way through our class, so it was fairly churned up on the jumps. [They actually paused the event it to fix the ground after our start time]. There were good boggy churned up craters in the centre take off and landings for the majority of the jumps - I opted to jump off center at the edges where hardly anyone had jumped - he was a very good boy and jumped them all right at the edges with no run outs or second thoughts! We started our round, taking it very carefully and taking no tight turns etc on purpose as the ground conditions were getting worse [heck, we even trotted in some places]. He jumped everything lovely and clear...we were 2 fences from home......and that's when it all went wrong This was a black flag fence which is basically the option of a bigger, more technical fence over a quicker distance - or a smaller jump but over a longer route. He felt a bit tired and the black flag fence was one we had not ever encountered before schooling . Palisade to ditch - however jumped the other way. Ditch in front, steeplechase type brush fence behind - but the landing it virtually the height of the jump so you're landing uphill, not level. Basically a brush bank with a ditch in front of it 0 however you can't see from take off, that you'll be landing higher - it looks like a normal brush fence with a ditch. Take off side we had [left hand side] Landing side [higher up than the take off - right hand side] - I'd have preferred to jump it this way jumping down lol! Anyway, it was a decent height [regardless of the dodgy higher landing that we'd never tried before] and he felt tired, so to save him making any mistake, I chose the 'safe' route, the long route over a teeny tiny log: And that's where we both fell over :'( He completely slipped as we went from the surfaced landing side back onto the grass. [i[]In trot.[/i]. He fell right down, he was a very good boy and somehow completely avoided landing on me, even though he went right down and off his feet completely [my entire one side of my saddle and him were caked in wet mud]. He kind of threw his neck up as we went down and I got shoved off and my leg out the way before he landed luckily. I've never come off him before and always slightly was worried about what he'd do - I've always trained him to stand when left but slightly different practice when you're out in acres of fields competing mid-round with other horses on the course etc! Anyway, he was luckily very very good and just got straight up and just walked a few strides over back to where I was on the ground and then just stood there waiitng. I was fine, just had the wind knocked out of me for a moment or two. I got up, trotted him up and checked he was ok. He seemed fine with no heat or swelling etc. The stewards allowed me back on, however we were eliminated as it was a horse fall. Sods law. I took the safe easier fence, and came a crupper at it. The main thing was, he was fine and I was fine - just very wet and muddy! I felt really bad for my friend who had taken me with her horse, as she was only entered in the pairs class with the on the Sunday class and had come two days early just so I could do my class. I'd only met her once before too, so really did feel guilty as I didn't really want to compete in the class the next day as thought the ground would be even more awful with 60 odd more horses due to go round it still after my awful round. Plus, I thought Coblet would probably be achy and sore in the morning from his fall. I kept an open mind to try not to let hr down and said I'd make a decision in the morning. If the ground dried up miraculously and he was not sore, I'd consider a very steady round so she could compete. However, luckily or unluckily, the rain carried on until past midnight that Saturday. We walked the course the Sunday morning, and words just can't describe how disgusting the conditions were. The organisers had tried to fill it with extra woodchip to drain it and move some fences - but the ground for the surfaced fences were then either ridiculously deep or the fences that had been moved, were now just on grass [with no surface] which got just as churned up and slippy after a few horses had gone round. This is what we were faced with walking it: [img[/img] Just, gross and unforgiving. My round was wet and slippy and a bit churned up at the fences the day before, but nowhere near as bad as that! Luckily, my friend refused to jump round it so that was our weekend over. We both withdrew as we decided it was just unfair to ask the horses to jump out of that. They'd both be so honest and still do it, it would not be fair on them at all. So, we came back with safe and sound horses. No competition is worth injuries for. So yes, not our best event But, an experience none the less. I have more pictures I'll post in a sec.
  7. Thanks! Glad I'm not the only one with one. I yawn a lot myself. I only have to say the word and I've yawned lol. Like owner like horse ????
  8. I've googled various answers and none really relate. An odd question but here goes! Since as long as I can remember, Coblet has always been an excessive yawner. I've known him since he was born, took him home as a yearling and have been with him every day since. I've just put it down to bring his wierd habit and one and only own 'quirk'. I've analysed him when he does it-in the field/stable/tied up/anywhere- and he certainly doesn't look stressed doing it, ears forwards and relaxed (quite often a little 'too' happy and relaxed in the manhood department!). He has his teeth done every 6 months routinely with never any issues. I can do him bitted or bitless no different. He has a shaped myler type snaffle all the time now and just been in simple bits before that too, never anything fancy. He has physio check ups rountinely and sports massage monthly. No sore spots or any major issues there. Diet wise, he's on copra meal so low starch/sugar etc and has a general balancer. And ad-lib hay or out on grass during day as normal. Not girthy etc or shows any digestive discomfort. He's always forwards and happy to work. We had a slight spooky stage as a 4yo for a few weeks but just typical baby stuff. In full work now, quite well schooled and has a varied life! Definitely never bored. I'm always curious as to why he likes to yawn so much. I don't really understand it and just wondered if you had any thoughts? Could there be an issue causing it? Is it a stud thing? Or just a wierd habit he's caught onto now? I'm (I don't think I helped things either by creating the 'tongue game' out of it.....his favourite game is sticking his tongue out and tries to get you to grab it. He's a wierdo. People wonder why he stands there pulling funny faces sticking his tongue out at them ????) I'm not overly stressing as he doesn't seem distressed in any way, but I am always curious if there is something causing it. I'd hate to be missing something. I've never really known one to yawn so much lol.
  9. Must do because we didn't spook at anything lol!!!
  10. I have no idea lol but he doesn't seem to mind..... Lol. I normally plait when I'm at home.
  12. Well that was an amazing experience!!! In the novice class he came 5th. We got very constructive comments from the judge and for being green driving he was so well behaved! (I've had him in a cart probably 15-18 goes in total since breaking him last year) he's never seen another horse and cart and I've never done a driving class in my life!!!! In the ride and drive we came second, you do a ridden class first and then a driving class after ..... though it was a small class, which meant as reserve winner we were through to the evening performances!!!!! Spotlights, music, commentators, recording crew, crowds of audience...... It was a very electric atmosphere and unique experience. He coped OK, though he did feel very buzzed up and excited about it all. Definitely not experienced anything like that before! We didn't win the evening performance but I was amazed to just have the opportunity and experience to do it. Not something you get to try every day! The judges were extremely helpful as I literally no nothing about driving. They told me I need a different harness to suit his cart, altered the fit and explained it and one of them came to find us after the classes and gave me some amazing advice and a quick lesson before the evening performance because I was so nervous!!!! They adored him and said if I got a better harness and drove with just a bit more confidence 'to drive him as forwards and confident as I ride him' then he would be up top winning every time and thus time next year he would be standing champion! So yes. Amazing!
  13. Thanks ???? Unfortunately the majority of showing over here means animals carrying a few extra pounds than needed and very wrapped up and protected! He's the slimmest/fittest one on show lol. If that means certain judges don't like him then so be it. I won't keep him stabled 24/7 and rugged up ridiculously. He has a multi purpose job other than just showing and is no use to me fat! How could he jump and hunt or go xc lol..... I'd rather him be fit and happy any day! :)
  14. And entered our first competitive driving class! ???? But first..... It's the big Equifest show week that he qualified for last month. I wasn't allowed the day off work so couldn't take him myself, so a friend rode him for me. Bless her, she's never met him nor ridden him till her classes yesterday! He was a fantastic well behaved boy like usual luckily and they came home with third in the ridden horse class, so quite happy as he was against normal hunter types riding horses etc and not many cobs! In the traditional amateur class, he didn't come anywhere as the judge didn't like him, but there were 60 in that class and showing for you I guess. Anyway. Back to the driving..... There's driving classes on Saturday the fourth day if the show. So I've gone spontaneous and entered it! My friends agreed to take us in her box. Never done any driving classes in my life so really don't have a clue what to do! Bought a driving apron today to match my show jacket..... Painted his carriage...... So we shall see lol! Probably will look like inexperienced idiots, but oh well lol! ????. Entered novice driving horse and the ride and drive class. Don't expect to progress into the evening performance championship after them....... Lol I'll update at a later date on how we get on.
  15. Thanks! I wish pinktractor lol ???? I've tried everything to get the day off to no avail. Annoying as it's a huge show over 5 days with over 700 classes and evening performances till nearly midnight each night..... Seeing as I work at a equine insurance company, could have used it as a free advertising excuse for them! ????. But things happen for a reason I guess. We have our other national show in October he's qualified for anyway, so I get 3 days away with him competing him then :) I'm trying to arrange a few nights holida at the beach with him next month too.