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  1. i belong to a small dept also.. we have a small creek running thru our town...that does flood a few times a year so we have a yellow duck race people buy a numbered duck they all get throw in at once and the race is on we catch them at the end of town...we raised about $500 in 10 minutes,,another thing we are thinking about is pampered chef they give a % to our dept if we throw a invite and we have a chicken BBQ in the summer and were thinking about a BB throw comp...$1.00/shot we have heard of several dept, being very successfull with that one also...Just some ideas were going to try but were a small town with big support...our best is our chicken BBq we do 250 halves and never have one left over good luck i know it s hard to do!!!!
  2. :huggy: :angel3:
  3. i have a 1999 4star 2 horse slant with dressing room... love love love it...pull it behind my motor home ....wish i could post pics...it hauls like a dream....
  4. I call my smart car the pony express cuz it has running horses going down the side of it and my nissan juke is called the space ship becuz of its looks i guess some of my friends call it the Stud muffin,,, and i really dont know about that one...
  5. Horsen-around....they are out of the south and do all 4pts...wonderfulpeople and new,clean,equipment
  6. WOW what a beautiful trailer,,, congrats,,,,one of riding buds has the exact same trailer and she LOVES LOVES LOVES it.....
  7. Welcome.............back...............
  8. nice job!!!!!they look wonderful..
  9. Story and paintings... priceless...you are so very talented in so many ways.
  10. well not that it would ever happen BUT if it did....the first that would be done was a finical advisor would be found,,, then with the $$$$ he would say i could use would be.....pay off my debts, take care of the family farm debts (they are expanding the dairy). My neices and newphews would have 4 years of college taken care of...a large donation to the fire department and EMS... as for me...my log cabin and horse barn..AND all the local animal shelters would have what ever they needed... thats all.... oh.. i have never bought a ticket,, but i did today...
  11. thoughts and prayers to all.
  12. It's really windy and cold here so.....Veg. beef soup and ham and cheese sandwich...ummmmmmmmmmm good!!!!!
  13. you are SO lucky that that is all you had injured...all the calls i have gone on resulted in much serious injuries.... sooooooooooooo lucky.... but hope you have a speedy recovery..
  14. cake grilled or baked??