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  1. I was thinkin' wow those cute girls playing in the creek with a bear!!!! but got the next picture and realized it was a dog lol.... Very cute Thanks for sharing
  2. What a good lookin' horse. Congrats on the trail ride... Love your helmet lol
  3. Im Sorry i should have probably stuck in the Debate Board... I didn't think it would go on and on... I was just wondering if they changed the color coding on me. Im from a old Ranching family.. Where Sorrels having flaxen mane tails and chestnuts are the same color of the body... LOL But you all probably right. gotta find out what the kind of horse is before you Talk about color... kendra
  4. I had a register quarter horse when i was a kid. He was Sorrel with flaxen mane and tail. He was kinda the orange. I pulled out of his pic never really noticed that before. The difference colors Not much difference between the two... We were having a agrument about it with my father n law lol So its a no win... win arugment ... Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  5. I thought A sorrel is a Light Reddish Color with Flaxen mane and tail. And chestnut is Red looking horse with Matching red Mane and tail. Am I wrong or did they change the color code?
  6. Its a Nutrin (spelling wrong ) sorry. they are a cross between a beaver and rat... They did holes into the grounds of rivers and ponds... And then ground can fall thru... They are nasty lil critters
  7. Im Sorry you aren't feeling good.... I think you need an second oppion from a doctor. I hope you start to feeling better...
  8. I used to hate showing, But my mom would make me go... because It was always Someone who new someone else who was besties with judge won. When they rode like crap... it would MAke me sooooooo mad. Ppl who are putting on the trail ride shouldn't ride. Thats NO fair. I have yet to been to one. They look like fun. SO HorseFeathers are you working with your horse to make sure he doesn't spook again?
  9. From the album MY BOYS

  10. From the album MY BOYS

  11. From the album MY BOYS

  12. From the album MY BOYS

  13. From the album MY BOYS

  14. From the album MY BOYS