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  1. Thank you for the replies! I guess I had an incorrect thought that the seat size was similar to clothing, the more you go up the bigger the flaps would get as well. Guess I better get off eBay and head into a tack shop to sit in some saddles :)
  2. I was wondering... how much of a difference does a 1/2 inch in the seat make when it comes to fit for the rider? My dressage saddle feels just a little small for me (my knees partially protrude over the knee rolls, tall people problems haha) so I was looking to go up a size. I just measured mine and found out it is a 17". Will a 17.5 make much of a difference? Or should I go for an 18"? I'm sticking with the same brand (Wintec Isabella) and I see 17.5 most commonly on eBay, but if that won't make enough of a difference I'll just keep waiting! Thanks!
  3. Could you do a search for "Barbara Lee"? That's my OTTB! I'd love to know about her race past.
  4. The farm I am moving her to feeds Strategy, it's a pellet that is 14% protein/6% fat/12% fiber. I like that it is a pellet... but they also offer a 10/10/10 sweet feed, or I can bring my own grain. I think I'm going to give the strategy a try though as all their horses look wonderful and have so much more forage than my current barn has to offer. Question though, even though it says "senior" feed, it can really work for any age, say a young horse could benefit from the higher protein and fat, correct? Or is it actually formulated specifically for older horses?
  5. Thanks again for the replies :) I did a ton of research and picked out a few different brands I felt would suite her needs. However, the barn owner just hired back the manager who is the reason every single horse in the barn got super skinny in the first place due to lack of feeding (or stall cleaning, or turnout....). Sad because I love the farm, love the owner, but definitely do not trust this manager. I have decided to move her (as did many other boarders, don't undestand the business logic here, but whatever!). Found a wonderful place that has acres and acres of grass (current farm has none) as well as quality hay and grain. I'm hoping the extra forage will be just what she needs :)
  6. Thank you. I went to two feed stores today but neither had feed higher than 7% fat. Am I wrong in looking for 10%+ fat?
  7. Hello :) looking for advice and just a little vent I guess. I've been having issues with the feeding of my horse. The barn we are at had some bad management and all horses started to get a little skinny... I really do love the barn and people, so when the barn owner took managing back over I stayed there to give a second chance. We just now got a new barn manager. My horse is looking better but she just isn't where I'd like her to be at. One issue I addressed and new barn manager absolutely agreed was forage, she's getting a nicer hay and now being rotated into luscious grass pasture for a few hours a day. Before she was only getting 4 flakes a day and standing in trampled dirt pasture.... still not as much forage as I'd like but for the area I live in that's pretty normal of boarding barns. I've had her on all sorts of fatty supplements since the weight loss... BOSS, flax, cool calories.... I want her off them, but right now she's on that fine line between skinny and healthy and I don't want to take that away just yet. To reciprocate for the loss of weight of all horses, barn owner bought expensive feed, $26 a bag, very high in protein and fat. It was just put out that it's no longer affordable, horses have gained weight and they are switching to a cheaper grain that is 10 protein/6 fat, while the easy keeper QH's are back to being pudgy and fat and that could be fine for them.... I don't like that for her. New barn manager is fighting to get a nicer grain for boarders, barn owner writes the checks and is untimatley in control. Until that war is over I'm going to provide my own grain to avoid this new one. I've been doing research and historical searches here on HC, but I'm completely lost in the sauce... I've always had great barn management and never had to take feeding into my own hands before. So many brands that all have multiple types beneath them. Id just like some opinions on different brands, maybe you have a similar horse. My horse is a 5 year old OTTB, I wouldn't call her a hard keeper, but she's not easy either. She gets lots of excersize, moderately intense training rides 4x a week. Any help or recommendations for a medium priced grain ($26 a bag sounds high to me.... but of course I care about quality over price) would be awesome! Trying to learn as much as I can.
  8. Thank you for the replies, especially your detailed one gatinalong-- I agree with you that they are probably feeding sweet feed to save money. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not very knowledgeable about horse feeds, but this along with a few other sketchy things I've been noticing have been making me not trust my barn so much, I feel that it is business first and horses second. Hopefully the vet will have good suggestions and the farm will let me purchase my own grain. They were also feeding her a 3 quart scoop of alfalfa for a while Jubal, so it's relieving to hear you say that. Hoping that it's not a kidney issue!
  9. Thanks for the response. My main concern is the peeing, but I included the weight gain issue just incase maybe the two together are a known symptom of something. What kind of treatment is there for a kidney issue?
  10. Hello :) I want to start by saying that I do have an appointment with a vet this next week, but I want some opinions or stories to know what I may be up against. My barns manager came to me today and said that she was worried about the amount my horse has been peeing, that her stall is always soaked. I had always just thought she was a messy keeper. She drinks a ton of water, and consequently makes a mess of her stall. She also feels that my mare is not gaining weight well enough for the amount of food she eats... she isn't super skinny, but you can slightly see her ribs and we want a little more weight on her. Granted she is also a young and active Thoroughbred. They feed her six quarts of 12% sweet feed a day, beet pulp 2x daily and I have been suplimenting with Cool Calories, flax seed, black oil sunflower seed as well as a small amount of electrolyte and MSM because she is ridden moderately strenuously multiple days a week. I have a salt lick that she uses. As I said, vet will be out this week to draw some blood and examine her, but any stories or advice will help!
  11. A few months ago, I came to HC questioning if I should acquire a little OTTB that was all lined up to fall into my hands... she needed a home ASAP and I wanted a horse, but not something so young and... err, trained to run! I hadn't ridden in too many years and was never a very brave rider to begin with, and knew absolutely nothing about training as my riding experience was limited to owning older or 'made' horses in high school. Everyone on here was very helpful and gave a ton of advice and I ended up getting her and couldn't be happier! I have been working with a trainer who has been an amazing help. I got very lucky, she is also not what I pictured an OTTB to be in my mind at all.People don't believe me that she is only 4 and has a (short) race record. I have yet to have her spook under saddle and I completely trust her to be good with my no horse experience military friends to get on and walk around on. My trainers 7 year old daughter even walk/trotted her around the ring one day and she was a little confused but non the less a perfect angel. I couldn't ask for a more awesome horse and I have HC to thank for the multiple members that told me to go for it. Heres some pics :) Beautiful day in VA :) Ready to ride! :) Just a for-fun jump, neither of us have any jumping training! That's next :) She's looking pretty in one of our not so much, but this is about her )
  12. Thank you very much for the fast replies! That is why I love horsecity fourms. It's good to know that other OTTB's you've worked with have also had trouble with the left lead. From off the track she had about 4 months to decompress and then was very lightly restarted making sure she was good at the walk before going to the trot and now it's time for the canter. She is my first Thoroughbred and has been a fun challenge, but defies everything I thought about them. I was expecting to have a hot and forward horse, especially being right off the track... but she ended up being the most forgiving and laid back 4 year old I've ever been on, I've showed her papers/tattoo to multiple people who just don't believe her age. Probably why she was retired from the track so early because shes never in a hurry to get anywhere. I am going to try and locate a chiropractor/masseuse as you recommended, that sounds like a good idea I hadn't considered. I'm sure although short, her race career/training must have been physically demanding. I'll check into the stretching book asap as well. Thank you :)
  13. From what I always heard, OTTB's are usually great to the left and not so great to the right because of how they race. I recently acquired a 4 year old OTTB and have been trying to convert her into an English horse. We have came leaps and bounds with her trot... to the right. To the left is always a fight to have her move like she was to the right. She wants to counter bend and hold her head up high and hollow her back... and when I finally get her moving calm collected and collected and ask for the canter it's a 50/50 shot if we get the correct lead. I've never had a horse with lead issues so what I have been doing: when she picks up the wrong lead, instantly bring her back down and ask again until she gets it correct. When she does, lots of praise and let her canter a bit before bringing her back down. Would you consider this a good training method or are there other suggestions? Also my main question is, do you think her dislike for the left could be track related? She had no injuries as far as I'm aware, the girl I got her from was friends with the breeder/race owner so I believe that to be true. But do horses become left sour or just overall sore in that direction?
  14. Something that upset me, this may be old news, but... last month the supreme court deemed the Stolen Valor act unconstitutional because it "infringes on free speech". This makes me sad as I have some friends who are very passionate about outting people who falsely claim Military service and/or claim unauthorized medals and it's just a step backwards.
  15. As active duty military myself, I'll ask if a business/place has a military discount... if they do, that's awesome! However it's never something I expect and would NEVER use it as a guilt trip or even be offended if they don't have one. I'm actually happier to shop somewhere that donates a portion of proceeds to something like the Wounded Warrior Project than somewhere that offers me a discount. I used to date a guy who was in the National Guard and everywhere possible he would pull out his military ID and complain/argue if a discount or preferential treatment wasn't given to him... and dare they told him their military discount was (commonly seen) "active duty and retired military only", they'd get an earful! So there are some out there like that... but MOST of us are grateful for what we do get.