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  1. Rainy day here since sunday night through today have close to 4 inches of rain. Was dry well now we're in the monsoon season again.My horses don't care about the rain they're enjoying being out on pasture. Here's the pally's who are best buddies, and of course mr handsome posing for a pic.
  2. Wolf sounds like a fun weekend. Was a busy weekend for us daughter graduated from high school on friday evening my brother & sister came up from jacksonville FL, sister from Atlanta Georgia. So had a fun 4 days with them hadn't seen them for over 2 years. We had a big thunderstorm roll through around midnight lots of lighting and thunder poured rain and hailed. Got over an inch of rain last night. My mare ended up not being put down friday vet came and did a physical ,and found she had a loose infected tooth. Reason she wasn't eating good and in general was seeming to be going down hill. Had her teeth floated and tooth pulled out ,on Antibiotics and is feeling good and once again back to her old demanding self nicking for her breakfast & dinner. Thank goodness vet did a physical and didn't just put her down. A picture of the graduate
  3. Horsecrazy, your baby is adorable enjoy her while still in that baby stage. Love the hair. Your puppy will do fine with being neutered, had my now ten year old dog elliot neutered when he was 4 months old he did fine with it.
  4. Thank for the well wish's PD and everyone else,hard to do but i know it's the right decision. As i watch her struggle with day to day things i'm kinda at peace with my decision.I always said i wouldn't keep her alive for my selfish reasons. Would love to have her longer but that wouldn't be fair to her,she's 30 years old and has had a good long happy life. Beautiful day sun is shining so things can dry up lots of puddles and corrals are a sloppy mess. Got stalls to clean this morning and need to get outside to feed & turnout the horses. Daughter and i should be able to go trail riding today it's not pouring rain,got my housework done yesterday so i'm good to go. Hubby needs to get lawn mowers ready for the mowing season. Grass will need mowing here pretty soon as it's really starting to grow now.
  5. Long time since i posted on here hi everyone. Going good weather today is rainy windy & cold horses are in the barn today they were shaking. Made the toughest decision i've ever made. Will be saying goodbye to my old girl on friday may 12th she's declining so it's time before she suffers. Appt is at 2.30 pm not sure how her buddy will handle losing her, hopefully he's ok. Till then i'll spoil her and love on her. Will be a sad day for sure 27 years she's been with me. Sounds like everyone has been busy, SerahRose great picture.
  6. It's been windy for two days now it's just howling out there. I've had my horses in barn last two nights do to the bad winds. The two boys were shaking last two night when i brought them in,the old lady was fine but she's blanketed. Still have a wind advisory till noon today.
  7. Hugs & prayers for Mozelle & hugs for PD.
  8. Been up since 6am haven't done anything yet. I'm sick as a dog this morning. Bad cough sore throat plugged up and chills. Another foggy morning above freezing 34 degrees. Think after kid gets on bus for school ill go back to bed. Chores can wait till later.
  9. RR same here driveway has bare patches as does were it was shoveled. Ok who's the newbie who was an old member i'm curious??I read on here every day just don't always post. It's fun to read what everyone is doing for the day.
  10. Jubal what happened to your horse? Beautiful day here 45 degrees and sunny.All I got done was chores and filled water trough for horses. Got a really bad head cold. ...so feel icky.
  11. Pink what a cool picture of your horses dashing through the snow. Balmy -4 for a high today and truck started, even though it sat for 3 days 2 of which were 30 below nights. RW schools here don't close unless the weather is really bad like blizzard with very low visibility and really bad road conditions. 30 below and school was as usual bus pickup times... for daughter 7:25 am. Pink~~ like the pic of the highway that's a pretty normal site around here in winter months. The winter of 2014 we had 90 consecutive days of below zero for highs and for low temps. School only had if i remember right 3 two hour late starts never closed school because of the cold.
  12. Second morning of 30 below zero supposed to warm up above zero tomorrow a high of 4 degree's. Need to get to town to get some groceries & feed for horses go through a 50 bag every 5 days. Not sure the truck will start being it has no plug in, and it's been below zero for past few days now.
  13. He's doing fine and he's sound.
  14. Was a cold start to our day at 12 below zero a high of 4 below with windchills 20 to 30 below. Going to be 18 below tonight and windchill again of 25 to 35 below again to cold for me. Thank goodness chores are easy and only take 15 minutes to do them all i have to do is feed water rabbits in barn and feed horses their grain. Longest part is waiting for the old gal to finish he 5lbs of feed. But i go in house wait 25 minutes and she's usually done so i can open gate for my gelding to let him out of corral. 43 would be a heat wave now can't wait for spring to get here tired of the icy yard with just enough snow to make it really slippery to walk.
  15. Hope everyone had a good Xmas and a happy new year. Glad the holidays are over. Just isn't the same with both my mom and dad both passed away. Still did a big dinner for xmas...for new years we stayed home. Didn't even stay up till midnight. Took my Xmas tree down today everything is put away. Been a tough last few weeks, now my horse is sick with lyme disease.