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  1. It's sunny here. I guess we are getting storms later in the day. Have not had a real strong storm yet this spring. Warmest April ever. Garden is full of sprouts right now and guard kitty is doing her job keeping out the bunnies:) I spent 45 minutes weeding today.
  2. Hair everywhere. I remember our wolf/Siberian being very independent but still affectionate. He bonded with me very well and went everywhere I did. He was well socialized and playful with all dogs. Unless another dog got aggressive with him he was chill. But he had a tendency to run off. I think socializing them and starting very young keeps most dogs well mannered.
  3. Thanks:) but I can't take the credit. Those were all here when we bought it. I put some lily bulbs down.
  4. Here are some pictures of the flower garden.
  5. I'm right in central lower Michigan. Go Chips! I can check craigs list for your area ;)
  6. Thanks so much Heidi. Sadly I think the hauling would eat up like half my budget lol. CA is a looong way from MI. But thank you very much.
  7. I sent you a PM. I never considered myself overly picky, but I am starting to wonder if I am getting that way
  8. I counted 36 sugar snaps on their way up. I guess I had better go get my trellis put up.
  9. Happy Monday to all:) we decided yesterday that we would not go look at horses that the sellers refuse to provide conformation shots or shots of their feet. Seems like people have an unlimited supply of reasons as to why they can take photos of their horses. I'm going to put a few more seeds down in the garden today. It's been staying pretty nice outside. Can't hurt to try a little early:)
  10. Thanks everyone. We bought this house last August so really had no clue what was planted here as most of the plants had died off.
  11. I'm off to go look at another horse!
  12. That is cute!
  13. I had to look away from the train wreck for a bit. You know, my sanity and all. My kid just realized what video games are so I have not been watching as much news. For real, he just figured out we had an Xbox and Wii U. Horrible mother of the year award right here lol.
  14. Checked the garden today.12 sugar snap peas plants are coming up so far. I would say that's a good start. One row seems to be doing better than the others though. I'm going to have to leave my gaurd cat outside to keep the bunnies and such out of them. Also, I have some plants that I need to identify so I will post some photos and let you guys try and take a stab at if if you like.
  15. We are just going to the park and having a small party. He got a skate board that he has been begging for. Got him all the protective gear too. He is going to be so flipping happy. And I will be a nervous wreck lol.