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  1. Sorry Heidi:(
  2. Well that makes sense as to why the seeds just vanished. So maybe I should not water them as often.
  3. For whatever reason I cannot get watermelon to sprout. So I got three plants yesterday along with some herbs and put them in the ground with some bagged garden soil. I should have picked up some dark leafy veggies for the new buns we picked up. Off to go water
  4. My son has been wanting a puppy. My husband didn't want to walk a dog in the winter so we settled on a bunny. But hubby thought the bun would get lonely so now we are the happy owners of two young bunnies. Black and Sabbath. I have no idea what their sexes are so Tuesday we go to the vet to have one or both fixed. Only one cat "Emma" has been upset about it. Bella doesn't care and Layla has already got to share the room with them while they hopped around the bedroom. I think Layla just wants to know if they will play since the other older cats don't play much anymore. I have been showing my son how to help clean the cage and fill the water bottle. I manage the food just to be sure they don't get too much. I'm surprised how friendly they are. Even the skittish one is friendly.
  5. Truck is home and is cost less than quoted. That's always nice:)
  6. Gloomy here. I might get to mow my lawn if it doesn't rain. We are stuck at the house today waiting to hear back from the dealership. Turns out my starter decided it was done working. I was worried it was the computer so I am happy it's something simple.
  7. Oh yay my truck broke down this evening with no warning anything was wrong:( probably something with the computer. Simply would not even try to turn on. And I had my kids with me. After being on hold with allstate roadside assistance for almost 30 minutes and then getting disconnected I just said the heck with it and called a tow truck. Crossing my fingers it's not too expensive.
  8. That was the first thing we did lol. She has not tried to go back outside. I think she has had enough.
  9. Emma came home last night! We were sitting outside chatting with a friend and we heard her meow. She came running from across the road meowing her head off. She was very hungry and happy.
  10. Nope, no crawl. I did check under the deck. I can shut my other two cats up stairs and try leaving the door open at night. I also put food and her litter outside.
  11. I spent most of the night looking for my cat Emma. She darted out the door Saturday night. Very out of character for her, but even when she does go outside she has always stayed on the front porch or back porch. She doesn't care to be outside. She is terrified of the road, loud noise, dogs, other cats and strange people. But here it is, Monday and I still cant find her. Posted photos of her on Facebook and with HATS and animal control. She is the only cat we did not have have a chip put in since we did not get her from a shelter. Once my son goes to school I will visit the neighbors and ask if they have seen her anywhere.
  12. We call him Jag:)
  13. It's on his flanks. It's minimal. I don't think he is a true black either but not a big deal to me.
  14. The first thing he did once I got his stall ready was roll around in the fresh shavings. My trainer says that what I am doing by taking him places just to hang out is good for him. This very stressful stuff mentally for a young horse. I will continue to do this during the summer.
  15. I had read about this when it just started up. Even talked to the the man that started it because I was really liking some of the foals and the paint stallions they were using. I was chatting with a lady about them yesterday at the show and got a wild hair and checked the website. And I seen this post so figured, why start another one lol. 4th picture down looks like a very fine horse. http://www.nash2006.com/main.htm