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  1. I did. Gave him the video of my horse working. I also watched him work 2 horses at different levels of training. He was quite a bit of help.
  2. I need a table like that!
  3. I have video if anyone is interested. I actually made a youtube account because I wanted to get some pointers from another trainer. Not send him but get an experienced evaluation.
  4. He is 3. It might be too much. I'm giving him some time off for a bit. My saddle won't even be in until October so I can't ride anyways. I think I am officially over trainers though. I'm not knocking anyone but I have always worked my own horses until this point. I figured I am too old now to be doing that kind of stuff. Well I never had regression like this in any of my horses so back to the round pen for both of us. Just frustrating. My husband said the same thing. You never had issues like this before. Just do it your yourself. And wear the helmet lol.
  5. Just got back from the barn. Got a 30 minute video of my horse working with the trainer. He was very apprehensive today. Totally evading the bit, was hard to stop. Running away from leg pressure. He was a wreck. So she is just going to trail ride him for the remainder of his training. I told her I was going to find a trainer for a few months that will work on getting him more relaxed and comfortable with his work. He looks confused and worried.
  6. I just contacted another trainer and gave him the run down. He suggested vetting him, then he can take him.
  7. We talked about it already. She said he had been doing that with her but she described it as going sideways in a funny manner. I call it bolting. But my horses behavior was very strange. He was tense, scared and very jumpy. And when I had been riding him before training started he was much calmer, more relaxed and a touch pluggy. He bent his body to the right and galloped sideways to the left. So me one reining him to the right did nothing to get him under control. It felt like he was going to hit the ground on his left side if he kept going. The rigging on her saddle is different than I am used to. It's not the typical tie knot that I use. It kind of laces in a V pattern. And it's a smidgen further back imo than most barrel saddles. Pic for reference I'm thinking it's a pain issue but who knows. She will ride tomorrow and I will observe. I want her to ride him in the saddle it used today so we can at least recreate the same circumstances.
  8. Oh boy what a not very great day. Trainer was off for the weekend so I went out to ride my horse. I did not get 5 minutes into the ride before he bolted. And I mean bolted at a full gallop and ripped flesh off my finger trying to get him to turn on one rein. He almost went down. I hit the ground, luckily freshly worked ground. Went to go catch him and he was in a state of panic. Got him calmed down and went to get back on and he did before I was even all the way on him. Full gallop head cranked to one side. I hit the ground. Only a bruised leg from that one. I feel utterly defeated. I had been riding him before the trainer took over and he was fine. I would not have given him to the trainer if he was doing that:( My only clue is that he only bolts to the left...
  9. I got a call back from a direct care facility. Have to go up to the office to submit paperwork. Hopefully it works out. My availability is so limited that finding a job has been tough. Just wanted something part time from 6pm to 12 or 2am. They said if I am consistently available at that time they could easily find something for me. This would ensure I won't have to spend any money on childcare. I could not imagine spending $80 a day in childcare.
  10. I have always thought that. Once the 4th is over summer kind of feels like it speeds up. And then i have to start planning for winter already lol. I hate winter... I was planning a trip to michigan adventure today but then my back was really messed up when i got out of bed. No way was i goung to walk that park all day with sciatica. Plus a 2 hour drive there and back. My oldest son and I went out for lunch and got some school clothes for his little brother. We went to JC Penny. I always forget that store is still open.
  11. I like it!
  12. I should be able to. I have sold a lot on ebay and always had smooth transactions and happy buyers. But buying off ebay is a little sketchy. Definitely not going to do it anymore. I had two purchases fall through in 2 weeks. Not worth the hassle.
  13. I guess it's jimson weed.
  14. Does anyone know what that might be.
  15. I got beans like no other. But my summer squash are dying on the vine:( Im not sure what happened. The plants look healthy and big. My watermelon are starting to vine out as well as my honeydew. But they sort of stalled out a bit.