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  1. Good ON ya! It was really hard for me the first time too. And what matters is that "to me" part. Not what the (screaming) banshees wanted.
  2. Then there's the fact that so few have the cojones to vote out of party, giving the lame excuse "my vote won't count". While its true media is mostly at fault for this by not giving equal time to smaller parties, you CAN do the research yourself.....if you would.
  3. Do you know anyone who is perfect?
  4. How is that any different than ANY of the politicians? Other than he's perhaps a little more open about it?
  5. Inane argument. For voting, I simply weigh all the FACTS I can find, and try to keep the hyperbole out of it. Takes actual effort, but it can be done. No president has ever had to disclose his tax returns; why should Trump be expected to? I am sure many thousands of people have used the term "witch hunt". That point is moot.
  6. I prefer to not sit in judgement of anyone til there is absolute proof. Anything else is just witch-hunting. And look how well Salem is remembered.
  7. Do you have actual proof of that, or are you just spouting blatherskite? "He said, she said" is not any proof at all,
  8. And why is everyone still so scared of Russia anyway?.
  9. Yes, it seems they can track their own urine from a lot farther than the smell of food.
  10. And if you had continued to wait, it would STILL be raining!
  11. And the dictionary speaks. duh
  12. Good track, good weather. I've had a chance to eyeball Conquest Mo Money, who has been here in Iowa recently, and he may be a strong contender.
  13. Planting a rose bush next to clematis shades the roots well.
  14. It seems to be unwanted.