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  1. Get your neighbors to toss all their coffeegrounds under that redbud. That will help a bunch. Or use a lot of pinebark mulch around it.
  2. You missed my point. The whole breed seems to have retained a bit more characteristics from the wolf ancestry all breeds descended from originally.
  3. They do seem a bit closer to "wolf" than most breeds.
  4. Mine come in for the winter, but I have a pole I hang them on, and moved it across the (tiny) yard.
  5. Well......I moved my hummingbird feeder................
  6. Yep, once a year. TB's run about a mile on a regular basis. Is it cruel to use one as a trail horse? Sheesh!
  7. Hotwire around the top of the fence helps. Those dogs climb like cats!
  8. Beautiful, but ----------- the WEEDING!
  9. Homemade ANYTHING is always better!
  10. And people say our Prez is rude and uncouth. Seems to be the new American standard
  11. Had to make a run downtown to pay property taxes and car license. I hate downtown. Too many one-ways. Drive a mile to go a block.
  12. Want one of my whole grain fig and feta pastries? Pretty tasty.
  13. ****sigh**** And so goes the so-called "debate board".
  14. Stir loose-cooked hamburger and onions into a can of refried beans and put it on buns with cheddar cheese. Spice it up with some of that green sauce.
  15. Peanut butter toast and a cuppa joe. Just not hungry.