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  1. And with all the game-playing and infighting since day one, how does he accomplish anything?
  2. Agreed. But he didn't CAUSE this mess as so many would have it.
  3. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone blended to a nice brown? That way there would be no individualism for anyone to fuss over. Oh wait......those people ALWAYS find something to fuss over. Its what they DO.
  4. It isn't just the Prez who doesn't do that, its a very large share of the country. And that is WHY we have these problems, and I don't really believe the poor guy can change peoples' way of thinking, no matter WHAT he does. That starts at home, when children are very young, and teaching by example. Personally I don't hate anything but raving stupidity, and there's enough of THAT around to keep me busy.
  5. I truly believe it will continue to grow, as it has been doing long before the current Prez had anything to do with it. He isn't HELPING, but he didn't START the mess.
  6. And how many schools would be sued because someone's little darling wouldn't listen and burned his eyes staring at the sun?
  7. Yet in your post a few hours go, you were reaming the companies for it.
  8. The load of hate you are spewing here makes you just as bad as the neo-nuts. I don't like them either, but I'm certainly not going to ACT like them!
  9. And that latter bit is no fault of the employers'. Its just as un-affordable for them as the rest of us. If you want to lay blame, go after Big Pharma and their inflated pricing for all things medical.
  10. Because the media intimates he supports him, you are all for it. I believe you had a hate going for him before this ever happened, and will automatically buy anything that feeds that. Hate kills, and solves nothing.
  11. So you are all over Trump for it, and he wasn't even born yet. How is YOUR hate any better than theirs? Its STILL hate. Some people are born idiots. Doesn't mean you should join them.
  12. How much was a worker paid per hour in the 60"s? How much would that same worker be paid now? Don't you suppose that made a difference?
  13. How many raises did it take before the big corps couldn't afford such health care any more?
  14. More hate speech, TL?
  15. I know that I often worked 2 jobs to stay ahead, and didn't finally have much to show for it til I was almost 50. A little 4 room bungalow. paid for. Don't remember there being much in the way of safety nets. No food stamps or any of the other things available now. Health care was whatever you could pay for, no insurance for it. No life insurance either. The state can cremate me when I die. Being dead means I get to stop worrying about it.
  16. Well you still have to really WORK at it for a good while. Doesn't happen quickly.
  17. And if anyone, including the media, would actually read what he REALLY said, instead of just picking out the pieces (out of context as usual), you would have a very different story. Try doing your own thinking and fact finding instead of letting "media with an agenda" do it for you.
  18. I agree cellphones are necessary these days, but not $200+ smartphones. I have a nice pay-as-you-go flip phone that cost quite a bit less than $50. I can call real well with it.
  19. You both will be lovely.
  20. There WILL be pics, right?
  21. I have been poor all my life. I've become quite good at it. It really is amazing how many of those "needs" are actually wants, when the chips are down.
  22. Perhaps you should explain to him that WORK puts food in his mouth, clothes on his body, and a roof over his head?
  23. I don't believe I have ever HAD $7000 a month. More like $1700 a month. I have a car payment and a mortgage too. Most people spend way more on clothing than they need, too. You can have nice clothes and not buy name brand. And there's nice stuff at thrift shops. Really, how many outfits of clothing do you actually need? How many shoes? Internet access was always considered a luxury til just a very few years ago, and more people than not still believe it to be so. Food? Try home cooking instead of take-out fast food or prepackaged crap. Costs half as much, but you gotta put a little effort into it.