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  1. I've never seen a Bronco on a porch before.
  2. I hear that!
  3. Did you get us a picture? Or will you?
  4. Weekend Warriors? Still sleeping in?
  5. Scramble them with basil and mushrooms, then top with chopped fresh tomato and a good dollop of sour cream.
  6. Good point.
  7. A friend has a team of Belgians named Pete and Repeat.
  8. Community ducks? Who gets to eat the eggs?
  9. Since her problem seems to be higher up the leg, can't see where they would really help that much. And I can't think you want to HEAT all that swelling
  10. Looking better!
  11. Hanging around the house waiting for UPS meds delivery. Yeah, fun.
  12. Has the vet ever done an ultrasound of the painful area?
  13. Kind of makes me think of vasculitis....
  14. Had time on my hands so went back here and did some reading. Isn't nick of Asian descent?
  15. Anyone can lift a pic from anywhere on the net, you know. I could find one of Elvis, I'm sure, to use. At least he had hair.
  16. Wait for the ending
  17. Why doesn't HE do it? Maybe it would cure his "great ideas".
  18. 19 isn't old. 30 is old. 19 is still middle-aged.
  19. Seems to be the ones it fits that get upset by it.
  20. An older, out of condition horse can spring a joint or pull a muscle just getting up. And yeah, I'm kinda nasty too when I hurt and people keep poking at me.
  21. But the profile never lies.
  22. Just what ya need, another stick swishing around in the septic tank.
  23. At least it wasn't on your house.
  24. Hmmm....self descriptive?
  25. What an interesting name! And since you JUST became a member, how could you have been avoiding anything?