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  1. How long

    since you have seen one of these?
  2. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    I'm guessing you need to do some growing to understand what offends some people, dearie.
  3. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    I am not, nor ever have been a dude OR gender neutral, so yes, its an insult. And no, in your arrogance and double-standard flag waving, you do NOT "get it", as you say.
  4. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    Oh do relax. Please note I haven't posted here for a while either and it is a collective "you". But you may feel insulted and singled out if it makes you happy. You might also note, while you are playing holier-than-thou, that I did not call you "chickie", or any other equally insulting thing, so don't you think the "dude" thing was a bit ruder than necessary?
  5. Has anyone not been sexually harassed?

    As you keep insisting a man's pain doesn't count. Less often does NOT equal less painful. Why do you feel women are MORE equal than men? Both are human beings.

    NA! Eating Greek today. But I do have a green alien on my shirt.
  7. The Front Porch

    I've seen rats big enough to carry them off.
  8. NRA versus Gun Control

    Do you actually believe the crap you spew, or are you just digging for attention? Either way, its pitiful.
  9. The Front Porch

    Maybe they are having a mouse problem at home.
  10. NRA versus Gun Control

    Shotgun holding 3 shells, usually birdshot, shooting little clay thingies being thrown up by a machine. People are shooting. People are not being shot. Get it? Its a target sport.
  11. The Front Porch

    Depends, Have you called her on it, and did she apologize? Do whatever you think you need to, to make her understand respect is required
  12. NRA versus Gun Control

    And to think I was shooting skeet with a 3 shot pump.
  13. NRA versus Gun Control

    Maybe you coyld explain that allure to the rest of us.?
  14. How long

    Not to mention in all the oceans, waterways, beaches and roadways. At least the paper broke down after a while.
  15. How long

    Yeah, plastic bags were to save the trees, now we need paper bags so we can save the planet.
  16. Kind of amazing that nick thinks you need to be better informed, isn't it, considering.
  17. seem pretty well informed here....
  18. NRA versus Gun Control

    I know....
  19. NRA versus Gun Control

    Frankly, in most LEGAL actions, if you can't do it in 5, it ain't going to get done.
  20. Good Morning

    You know where to put that manure pile to compost.....
  21. Good Morning

    Now send them a bill for the clean-up.