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  1. Don't suppose we could talk you into posting the vid for us........?
  2. So now its a bo..ob debate?
  3. Get your neighbors to toss all their coffeegrounds under that redbud. That will help a bunch. Or use a lot of pinebark mulch around it.
  4. You missed my point. The whole breed seems to have retained a bit more characteristics from the wolf ancestry all breeds descended from originally.
  5. They do seem a bit closer to "wolf" than most breeds.
  6. Mine come in for the winter, but I have a pole I hang them on, and moved it across the (tiny) yard.
  7. Well......I moved my hummingbird feeder................
  8. Yep, once a year. TB's run about a mile on a regular basis. Is it cruel to use one as a trail horse? Sheesh!
  9. Hotwire around the top of the fence helps. Those dogs climb like cats!
  10. Beautiful, but ----------- the WEEDING!
  11. Homemade ANYTHING is always better!
  12. And people say our Prez is rude and uncouth. Seems to be the new American standard
  13. Had to make a run downtown to pay property taxes and car license. I hate downtown. Too many one-ways. Drive a mile to go a block.
  14. Want one of my whole grain fig and feta pastries? Pretty tasty.
  15. ****sigh**** And so goes the so-called "debate board".
  16. Stir loose-cooked hamburger and onions into a can of refried beans and put it on buns with cheddar cheese. Spice it up with some of that green sauce.
  17. Peanut butter toast and a cuppa joe. Just not hungry.
  18. Just use Scope mouthwash.
  19. It isn't 'debating' here anyway. We have one who insists the rules of debate be adhered to, but refuses to follow them, considering self to be "above all that" and pitching a childish fit when called on it. Then the crap slinging starts (guilty also) and the whole mess takes a left turn. Most of the subjects are questionable at best, as are a lot of the sources quoted, when there actually are any. What it boils down to is, if I wanted to swim in shite, a visit to the local treatment plant would be more pleasant, and likely less crowded.
  20. The little blue flowers are grecian windflowers. The tall yellow ones are imperial-something, can't think of the rest of the name. They also come in red.
  21. Thank you equicrzy. Nobody likes to hug a bulldozer.
  22. Might be more effective if she were a lot less hateful and insulting about it. Frankly, I prefer discussing politics and religion with intelligent and reasonable folk.
  23. All things considered, she's likely been banned from most of them.
  24. What have you got against dandelions? They make a great wine. In a salad, they are a great spring tonic. Good for your horse too.
  25. Odd; supposed to get a big storm last night. Never happened. No rain, nothing.