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  1. I simply HAD to post on Dad's thread. That's the seasons for you PD. Snow in winter........weeds in summer. Sometimes both feel like spinning your wheels. I mean it's not like you have really accomplish anything long lasting once your done - it's not like building a fence.
  2. You said he has acknowledged he needs help. That is a step in the right direction. Maybe this is just a setback..........? Keep yourself healthy and strong. You are of no use to anyone else unless you do...............
  3. Thursday **IS** my Friday now that my oldness is down to four days a week. Chilly, breezy and cloudy here today. But that's all right. It's a nice change from the heat and humidity (rains every evening) we've been having for some time.
  4. Sure don't need any more rain up where I am. The skitters and those **** small biting housefly looking things are about ready to carry me away !
  5. Hey of the new horse !! DraftieMama set the bar..............
  6. Heck no Railroad Lady. There' least two of us Maple Leafs floating around. Waving hey atcha ! * * * * Sounds like it was a terrible shock for family and friends QueenBAW. Condolences.
  7. It is NOT old...........and looking younger every year I might add. * * * Just wandering around and seeing familiar faces..........Skjotta still here too ! But Good Lord !! No posts on the debate board since August 3 ?? Somebody go run with scissors or something !
  8. I kept it in my folder - cuz I knew I'd be back Miss Crazy Horse :yay: Wheeee ! I've missed the dancing nanners.
  9. ..............and been talking the whole time we've been gone Ozzie LMBO !!
  10. May I..............?
  11. How old is Tommy (?) now?
  12. That is my second EWWW for the morning.
  13. Wow ! 21,469 posts ! You have obviously been here since Jesus was a baby. Or perhaps simply a happy yapper that exceeds my own posting skills by (clattering tapping clickety clack) ......................... 18%.
  14. I'm going to have to report you to PETA. That is cruel and unusual punishment.