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On 6/10/2017 at 11:43 AM, noponies said:

Pick the dominant color and get a solid rug.

That's exactly what I did noponies. Found a light beige shag at Lowes on sale, it looks nice, deadens the sound in the room and the dogs and cat love it, so much so Penny left me 3 piles of puke on it this morning. I'm beginning to suspect her gall bladder might be affected too. 

Heat has us laying low, so I've been purging closets. We took a big load of the nicer things to the womens/men's shelter in Huntsville. Tackling my pantry next, then our bedroom closet, it's 10'x10', it's going to be mind boggling what comes out of there!!

Seems all I do is water plants and the garden. Squash and pickles look good, tomatoes don't, I don't know why they never ever do well there, maybe not enough sun.

Kids are coming here for Fathers Day, Paul wants fajitas. He requested Not Yo Mamas banana pudding for dessert and my sweet SIL gets a big pan of brownies for cutting shelves to fit inside the old gun cabinet I'm repurposing for storage. I'll have to hit the grocery store today.

Hope all you Dads have a wonderful day tomorrow. Take care, be safe.

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