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Wow are we getting the rain! Wish my gauge was up so I know how much. 

Dinner was great. I ordered a shrimp dish and had forgotten it was slathered in Cilantro :sick: but the lobster bisque was amazing!

Forget if I mentioned the amazing Aqua chippy painted metal chairs I regretted not snatching up a few weeks ago. When my daughter went back to look for them, they'd been sold to an older couple the very next morning. Yes well...they are in my possession now, it was all a lie, kids got them for me for Mother's Day. I'm wondering which I should be more concerned naivety or the fact our daughter is such a convincing liar.

SIL is going to figure out how we can replace the seats. I'm going to do some research on Pinterest, see what others have done with vintage chairs missing seats.

House is clean, can't play outside due to the rain, guess I will take the day off or maybe do some mosaics. Ya'll take care.



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21 hours ago, Heidi n Q said:

LOL  I love that story!  It made me smile so big.

Lol, I am admittedly the most gullible person that ever walked the earth, allowing my children to easily pull fast ones on me. 

The day I get my permanent crown has finally come! Hurry up 11:30, ohmygosh I hope it fits better than this temporary one does, it has come off 3 times. I will say this...I'm not leaving the office until my bite is right and I can chew on both sides!

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