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Let's Do This!

Posted by Avishay04, 15 March 2012 · 125 views

I've been posting on the HorseCity forums for a few days now, and I've been having fun browsing other people's blogs, and thought I'd give it a go myself.

Usually the first blog post would be some sort of an introduction, but I'd rather let things develop a bit more organically. Overall, this is just a place to leave my mental manure, so to speak. :)

So, let's do this!

Yesterday I started (and finished) a major project, of which I'm quite proud.

My tack room has been pushed beyond capacity for years - I'd long since resorted to stacking saddles. Every nook and cranny of my not-insubstantial amount of cabinet space was crammed with all sorts of wraps, ointments, clippers, hoof boots, old halters, spare blanket hardware, and all the other STUFF that inevitably accumulates in droves when you've owned horses for any length of time. It was getting frustrating, and frankly - it was messy and ugly.

Moreover, for almost a year, I'd been storing rubbermaid tubs of blankets and boxes of extra tack, along with other odds and ends in an unused stall. That stall had ended up looking rather like one of the nicer lockers on an episode of Storage Wars - a bunch of random junk with a few hidden gems scattered in. Frankly, I'd gotten tired of looking at it.

Something needed to change.

So last week I hatched a plan to clear out the storage stall and turn it into a real tack room. So yesterday, after my own lesson, I went to Big Lots and bought a 24 pocket shoe hanger, some stacking wire shelves, and a bottle of Snapple for $24. Then it was off to the hardware store to buy a few large hook and eye screws. Back at the barn I set to clearing out the storage stall in order to start from scratch. I hung a muck bucket to use as a hamper for horse laundry (got to keep that stuff up off the ground or the ground squirrels will chew holes in any material they can get hold of), and put up hooks for student helmets, bridles, and to hang up the shoe holder. I put my 'loaner' boots in the bottom of the shoe holder, and filled up the rest with polos, gloves, splint boots, and so on. I put my good wooden tack box with a seat type lid under the helmets to give my lesson kids a place to change their boots. I dug through my scrap wood from other projects and found a couple of 4x4's about 18" long, and screwed the eye screws into them and screwed the hooks into the wall to hang the 4x4s - making two sturdy saddle racks, and moved my large 3-tier saddle rack into the corner.

I put all of my English saddles and pads in the new tack room, and rearranged all of my western tack in the original tack room. I filled a trash can with empty helmet and boot boxes I had saved (WHY?), and the JUNK I'd inexplicably held on to. I separated out all the stuff that was still usable but that I didn't see myself using anytime soon, and divided it into plies of "donate to pony clubbers" and "ebay", as well as putting aside a few items I thought friends or students would want.

It took me almost six hours, even with two hours of help from my working student, but now it looks fabulous! It was relatively easy to do, and the total cost of my project was $28, though I'll probably make about $200 from what I've been listing on ebay. :)

You never really notice how much STUFF you have until you get cleaning, and it's amazing how much value there is in stuff you're not using. I know that my profits are going to go towards my entry fee fund for later the show season, and I'd encourage anyone reading this to consider doing something similar. But most of all I LOVE the bigger, more functional spaces I created for myself and my students to use!

If anyone is interested enough, I'll try to get a few photos.

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