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What's Up With My Slim Down

Posted by Avishay04, 11 May 2012 · 347 views

So it's been two weeks now since I started making a real and concerted effort to loose weight. Things are going well overall. I haven't been able to get on the scale (I have to buy a new one - the batteries corroded on my old one and now it doesn't work), but I'm having to use a belt on my jeans and I look a little better in my breeches. I still make some little mistakes in my eating, but I no longer throw my hands up and say, "Well, I've already messed up for today, guess I'll just eat whatever I want today and start fresh tomorrow," which, in the past, was very self-defeating. Now I find that I feel so much better - I have much more energy, and more sustained energy throughout the day, and that in and of itself is very motivating! So even when I eat something I shouldn't, or a bigger portion than I should, I don't throw away my day, and I just do better with my next food choice.

It's almost become a game to see how close to "Par" I can stay with my daily calorie count. If I "birdie" I can give myself a little pat on the back. If I bogey, that's ok, too. Overall it'll even out so long as I don't end up in the sand-trap of junk food. :D The more I play, the better I'll get, and every day is a new challenge. And now, rather than dreading that challenge, I'm starting to look forward to it!

I don't want to end up the couch potato my cat is, I want to be the one humming "Eye of the Tiger" as I sweat it out!
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