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Fears - They Seem Silly Until Your Faced With Them Part 2

Posted by WhiteHorseAcres, 07 July 2009 · 184 views

Well I finally have a good update! I rode not only once but twice this past weekend!

Thurs 7-2 I lunged Slim for about 10-15 minutes, WTC both directions. Had hubby come over and bring the step in so I could get on. I still feel more comfortable bareback for some odd reason. I love my step! I can be even with his back and just throw my leg over. Getting down is another issue. If I only had a thimble full of grace! My right leg is still so weak so I make sure my left takes all the weight when I dismount. I'm too chicken to try to get back off on the step. Common sense tells me it would be easier to dismount on the step, but fear tells me I'll crash & burn if I try that. So I rode around at a walk in the round pen. I'm not even sure how long 5-10 minutes I'm guessing. I ride until I can feel my legs getting wimpy then I know I should get off so I still have strength to get down! Slim did really good. I need to work on his bending and flexing. He's still somewhat stiff and nonresponsive in that department sometimes.

Frid 7-3 My second ride. I didn't want to bore Slim to death lunging in the pen so I brought him in there and had hubby monitor me while I got on. Did my usual walk around. He was a little stiff in his back legs this time. It was only when we were turning. The round pen is not huge by any means and I wonder if its just hard for him to turn in a smaller area with a rider. I know this shouldn't affect a normal horse, but he might be getting some arthritis in his back legs. He is worked very light and any sign of pain I would immediately stop riding and have the vet come out to check him. I just hope he continues to stay sound. I feel like I've gained so much more confidence this summer with him. I really want to continue working with him. I know he probably won't be able to do anything strenuous with his age and not being worked much lately. Maybe this light work will help keep him going through his golden/retirement years. After we got done I walked around and had him lead next to me without holding on. I want to get him to walk, stop, and back without me touching him.

I'm going to *try to lunge him in the big arena tonight. That way he's not forced into a smaller circle putting any extra stress on joints and such. The horses just tend to go nutso in their since we never take them. I'm hoping with the work I've done he will stay calm and relaxed and remember something from the round pen! After he gets going good in there I hope to ride him in the big arena.

I still have that fear, but maybe as time goes on it will get less and less!

I'm new at this, so I don't know what happened. I, too, am overcoming a fear of riding that I never had before. I have ridden since the age of 3 (46 years), but after being bucked off a colt I have owned since h was foaled, I am terrified of being thrown again. I broke 1 rib and was off work for 3 weeks. I HAVE to work! I have ridden about 5 times since this happened last year and am scared of being thrown off ANY horse, not just this colt. I decided to show my mare in halter, and did ride her around at one show. Help!
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Gypsy1- I certainly can understand your fear of riding after getting severly injured. This summer has been a learning experience for me. I wish I could say you can do these things and the fear will be gone. What has worked for me is doing the little stuff that I'm not quite so afraid of first. I've done a lot of work with my older gelding in a round pen. I picked him because of his age and the fact that I felt more comfortable with him than my other younger gelding. I'm also blessed to have an old guy that is lazy and not a hot head. If you aren't comfortable with your horse on the ground could you use a lesson horse or possibly a friend's? I'm by no means over my fear. In fact I've only ridden a few times this past month just briefly. I do feel like the confidence I've gained by working on the ground will hopefully carry over to the saddle, when I get there!

Check out the confidence thread on the boards. Its been a great help to me! Good luck on your journey and stay safe!
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