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Where Has The Summer Gone?

Posted by WhiteHorseAcres, 11 September 2009 · 221 views

Looking at my calendar I can't believe we are half-way through September already. I had so many goals for this summer. I wanted to be riding a couple times a week and of course have lost some weight. Neither one of those happened! I do feel like I got over some hurdles. I rode briefly a handful of times and worked with Slim more this summer than any other. I was really hoping to maybe do a show next summer, but I don't think I'll be near ready. I'm hoping for a mild winter so I can keep up a little bit with working Slim and maybe starting a little with Sonny. I'm getting a little bit more comfortable with him. I just have to remember I'm the boss and not let him intimidate me. I will continue with my horsey goals next summer and continue to work on the weight loss stuff. That's a never ending battle!

I still worry about Slim and his health. He's been doing well overall except for the last week or so. He's been pretty stiff and gimpy since the farrier came. It was a normal trim; nothing out of the ordinary. I gave him a little bute for a couple days and he just now seems to be working out of it. I don't know if the stiffness was caused from the trim and having to readjust to it (horses are trimmed every 6-8 wks religiously) or standing with his feet up. I'll be talkin with the farrier next time to see what he thinks about it and maybe different things we could try. I'll also give him a little bute before he gets started that day.

As I look back on this summer I'm a little glad its coming to an end. This will have been our first year taking over hay production. Its been a pretty rocky first start. We'll get our third and final cutting done this weekend. Now on to repair and maintenance this winter!

I'm excited to see what next summer brings.

Howdy! I enjoy'd reading your entry, about how the Summer gets away from us before we accomplish all those things we had hoped to do! I can definitely relate...
How old is your horse, Slim? Unless the farrier takes an abnormally long time trimming his feet, he shouldn't be stiff after a normal trim; and, if he was trim'd too "close", he'd be 'ouch-y' when walking, but not stiff in his muscles, (legs, back, etc.) I'd be curious as to what your farrier has to say, the next time he comes to do Slim's feet....
Anyway, good luck with keepin' up your riding thru the winter, and with your 3rd-cut haying!! WC3
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Wrangler - Hopefully we'll have a nice fall and I'll get motivated to keep working.

Slim is 24. His feet are somewhat dishy as he has very little heel. I think it came from his previous owner not feeding him for who knows how long. He didn't take off a huge amount of toe so I didn't think it was a bad trim. I thought it would be strange for him to be stiff from the trim because of having his legs up too. He doesn't seem to be stiff in the back or anywhere else. He's just very careful about foot placement and stepping on ground that has anything larger than sand seems like it hurts. We have sandy walk ways to the pastures that has mixed size rock underneath. The bigger pieces are no larger than a quarter but some of them have worked there way up to the top. He really takes a studder step if he gets one of those. He'll be back out in Oct to trim again. I'll ask about a different trim style. Maybe boots or hoof supplement. I have a good communication line with him and I think he'll be willing to work with me.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend we'll have everything baled we have cut. Unfortunately a part broke on the sickle of the hay bind so we couldn't get it all mowed. The joys of making hay!!

Thanks for the note!
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