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Getting A Little Disappointed

Posted by WhiteHorseAcres, 22 June 2010 · 170 views

We've been having terrible weather these last few weeks. If its not 90 degree weather its tons of rain and thunderstorms. The front of our property doesn't drain well which is a long story in itself but its been underwater for almost two weeks now. Its completely killed out the pasture grass and is working on some of the alfalfa in areas of the hay field. Every day we have to ford water just to get back to the barn because the water lays over the driveway sometimes up to two feet of water.

Most evenings both the round pen and arena have been too wet to work in so I really haven't done much with Sonny. I'm getting a little discouraged about things. I think just more with myself and not being able to do much. My last lesson was about a month ago and I've had to keep rescheduling because of this weather. We're planning to get together next week so hopefully the weather will cooperate. Since I stopped my actual riding lessons I'm starting to get nervous about riding again. I'm glad to be learning and applying this to my own horses as that is my goal. I just need time in the saddle. I'm also afraid I'm going to start using the weather as an excuse. As in its probably too wet or its just too hot.

I guess I'm just getting bummed in general about the farm and hoping I'm not getting back into a bad rut.

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