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My New Motto

Posted by WhiteHorseAcres, 12 July 2010 · 181 views

I had a lesson this past Saturday. I worked with Sonny this time since I used Slim last time. He did really good, it's just me. We're still working on some ground work and using body language. I'm thankful I have patient and tolerating horses as I know sometimes my timing just stinks. I'm envious of those that those skills come naturally. I'm still working on it though. I thought we were almost finished when my trainer mentioned she really wanted me to start riding. Posted Image So we took him inside to saddle up. I'm sure she could see the panic on my face so she said all I want you to do is mount and dismount. She got on first and rode him around and he did great. It was sooo cool to see someone riding my own horse. Then it was my turn. All I could do was put my foot in the stirrup and lay over his back. I even had a hard time with that because my boot kept getting hung up in the stirrup and it was freaking me out. I didn't use my saddle since the fitter said it didn't fit either of our horses. So I was nervous already about it because I'm not used to it and it has a higher cantle. I also wanted to have hubby come in and hold/spot for me just in case. She was like no, you need to learn to and be able to do it by yourself. I totally agree but it scares the bejeesus out of me. I'm such a chicken. I was really feeling disappointed in myself after the lesson. I'm really going to make a conscious effort to cut back on food and start exercising. If I really want to ride again and progress I'm going to have to work on my size and physical limitations. I've got a lot of homework to work on before our next lesson. My new motto is... it's not the horse, it's me!

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