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Lesson Progress

Posted by WhiteHorseAcres, 28 September 2010 · 199 views

So some things have been bothering me a little about working with Sonny. I really feel like we've made lots of progress this summer. This past week when I've worked with him two things come to mind: I feel like I'm boring him to death and I don't think he totally respects or trusts me yet. Because of my riding limitations and Sonny's rare fits I've only ridden him bareback once this summer. When he really gets pushed to do something he doesn't feel like doing he'll have a fit about it. This might be just a throw of his head and some prancing or a total wild west show. The times he's really blown up have been during my lessons. My instructor says I don't push him and I let him get by with things. I do have to agree. So when she asks him to go that little bit more, he's like naw, I don't want to. Last week he was being stubborn about trotting and the more I got after him the grouchier he got until he almost blew up. I made sure he did one complete trotting circle then we changed to something different. But he still acted like he wanted to be anywhere but there. I know we need to work through this to show him that I am the leader and he needs to do as asked. I know with him it will probably be something that I have to continue with and not let him get away with anything. I'm trying to be mindful of what I ask of him and make sure there is follow-through.

I've got another lesson this thursday and I plan to my instructor about this.

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