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To Eventers And Dressge Riders, Please Help!

Posted by Arablover.cowan, 22 April 2012 · 5,540 views

[font="Arial"][/font] Ok so i own a American Mustang, Hes at 4th level dressage and were jumping 4ft in both XC and showjumping. I am hoping to do our first 3day event this year, i know that in certain breeds its manditory for them to have braided manes, Do mustangs have to have thier manes braided too? :questionicon: I cant find anything on google, and also if they dont need their manes braided do i need to show that hes a blm registered mustang, because hes not registered with the blm because hes a rescue, hes registered with the AHR though... please help! :(

Here is a picture of him

So Yeah.........

Posted by Arablover.cowan, 30 January 2012 · 125 views

So the trailer i mentioned in my last blog is stuck in Maine, all the other tack was brought home but there was somuch snow on the ground my dad couldnt pull it home!

How Was Your Christmas.

Posted by Arablover.cowan, 12 January 2012 · 186 views

[font="Comic Sans MS"][/font]I got the best gift any horse person could wish for....besides a horse :winking: I got a trailer! woot Woot :yahoo: Its cute! Its a 2 horse trailer with a tack room in the front, bumper pull, its even got a little awning :yay: And not only that but the tack room was filled with new horse stuff :thud: I got a bareback pad, spilnt boots, matching bridle, horse treats, riding clothes, a new helmet, muck/riding boots and a Tractor Supply gift card! :yay:

Toby Is Better!

Posted by Arablover.cowan, 26 July 2011 · 157 views

As shown before, you can all guess that Toby my Morgan is a pretty moody horse that likes to do what he wants, BUT after months of training gently and silently with no whip or harsh voice, Toby is finally a dream to ride! he's great bareback and has a nice rocking chair lope. Hes good in both western and English. Honestly though, im a true bareback rider. Once i got the hang of it 2 years ago i never stopped. Now im glued horses and my body becomes one with them when i ride them, all my friends brag that you would have to be one brave soul to try and beat me in a bareback compition! and no i dont own some 10000$ horse that does all the work themselfs and makes me look good, i own 2 800$ horses that i broke and trained myself and yes they have flaws but i love them and they love me. One who does have and expencive horse that does do all the work doesnt deserve to win, theyre not one with their horse, they dont feel the beat of the horses hooves accompaning your heart that together they sing the song of the soul, they are just a person.


Jealous Horse?

Posted by Arablover.cowan, 15 February 2011 · 239 views

Yesterday I was riding my horse through a jumping course. I was rounding my second jump when all of a sudden my other horse (who I was not riding) charged over infront of the jump and kicked at my mare who was in mid air while jumping. I was confused and upset because if I didnt steer away at the last minute my mare would have crashed into my gelding. Then on my second atempt I waited till my gelding was out of the way. He walked over and took a roll in the sand pile, while doing my double jump I crossed over the first one and was only meer seconds away from jumping the second at a canter when my gelding in the far corner of the paddock got up, and charged, ears back, at me and my mare. He ran inbetween my mare and the jump and blocked it causing my mare to skid to a stop. If I wasnt paying attention I would have toppled over her head but i held on. When my mares chest meerly toched his barrel he gave her a nip on the sholder an walked back to the hay pile and started chewing on his hay pile contently again. Can anyone explain such behavior. And is it possible for horses to get jealous?

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