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Tube Walk For Developing Riding Fit Legs

Posted by Matt Luxton, in Rider Fitness 20 March 2012 · 566 views

Tube Walk Rider Fitness Exercise Equestrian Athlete
The Tube Walk helps the equestrian athlete to develop leg and hip strength, thereby developing riding fit legs. You will need a simple exercise tube/band as shown in the photo. You can easily get this at your local fitness store.

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  • Take the band and place it under the soles of the feet, ideally under the arches, as shown in the photo.
  • Start with the feet hip width apart. Lift leg as if lifting over a match box, pushing the leg away from the body to the side.
  • Lift the trail leg in exactly the same manner, so you are back at the start position.
  • Keep the knees slightly flexed throughout.
  • Complete 10 steps to the left by repeating steps 2 and 3 and then perform 10 steps to the right.
There you have it! A simple exercise that could be done in the comforts of your home!

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