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Fort Smith Is Getting Closer -- Are We Any Better?

Posted by qheventer, in barrels, futurites, Uncategorized 05 April 2012 · 5,768 views

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Back in December, with a broke wrist, I decided to buy a horse I'd had an eye on for a while that was a barrel futurity prospect. Loved him for his mind, his size, and his speed. Been saying for years I wanted to get a good barrel horse and they'd just lost his half brother to colic and I thought what the heck, go for it!

I didn't want to push him too hard so I decided I'd take him to 2 futurities and just run him local some the rest of the time. So what did I do? Sign him up for THE two biggest futurites that I could have possibly signed him up for -- Ft. Smith & OKC! What was I ever thinking??!! :rotf:

I'm 43 and have been in horses all my life. I break colts & give riding lessons after work. For a few years I trained Arabs full time in my early 20's. I've done some sorting, showed hunter, western, trail, and ranch. Ran barrels but only 4D times. I've never had a horse of this caliber but I KIND of knew what I was in for and what I'd have to do to catch up. :crazy:

It's a LOT of difference between running a 15.3 horse and a 14.3 hander! He turns a lot harder and covers a lot of ground!! He's a push type horse and I still have a long ways to go!

Last week I had THE absolute best turns EVER on him. It couldn't have been any better. Practiced this week and although HE turned great, I was pathetic! :bang_head:

My biggest battle is that I'm over-thinking and as a result I'm over compensating. I need to just sit in the middle and let him work.

The second is that he's a push type horse I need to be more aggressive in my riding but I'm still somewhat intimidated by his size and how he turns. We've been breezing and he's getting faster and I'm getting more used to it, but gosh I'm having to stretch myself! It's definitely been cowgirl up time for me!

The goal is to try to run somewhere every weekend until Ft. Smith at the end of May. We've got a saddle club run this weekend and my goal is to just push hard and just sit in the middle. We'll see how that goes!!

It's crunch time!

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