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Squirrles : Annoying Little Rodent Or Cute Little Creature With A Fuzzy Tail

Posted by Desirae, 24 August 2012 · 6,220 views
Okay this is for everyone to rant about.
Today the excel energy center's comcast unit was called out to my house they sent out a computer specialist to figure out what was wrong with our internet connection. first the specialist turned off our wireless interface and then turned it back on, then he looked at the cables that hooked our computers to the internet through the router system, Nothing was fried, the last thing he looked at was the telephone pole + the telephone wires and that was when he saw the problem.
the problem with our internet connection was caused by squirrles running along the telephone wires as well as having their sharp claws digg into the telephone wire.

Grey squirrles are a menace to telephone wires of any type :thud: :duh:

I would like to hear your opinions if you have any

State Fair Starts Tomorrow

Posted by Desirae, in spend day at state fair 22 August 2012 · 664 views

Hey everyone, the Minnesota State Fair is starting tomorrow :yahoo: Just thougt I would let you all know about it.

I will be going to the fair on saturday the 25th.
Here is a summary of what I will see at the state fair.
Animal birth center, Horticulture Building,Equine Building, Dairy cow building, beef cattle building, Sheep building, pig building, Poultry building, Sweet martha's cookies, aligator on a stick,the midway ( mostly to win prizes at the game booths), then go for some Ice cream B)

My Ideal Horse

Posted by Desirae, in The Morgan horse Saga 15 August 2012 · 461 views

Okay this is something that I have been thinking about for a long time.
You see it's like this, I want a horse that is perfect for me.
But not just any breed of horse will do.
Here is some information that might help you understand what I am getting at.

[b]Breed[/b]: Morgan
[b]Size[/b]: 14.0 - 15.0 Hh
[b]Gender[/b]: Mare
[b]Age[/b]: 14 - 20 yrs
[b]Color[/b]: Chestnut
[b]Discipline[/b]: Trail ride, Jumping, Lesson, western, english, bare-back, Kid friendly.

I just hope that I can find a horse with this type of description because I can handle a horse that is willing and sure footed and a bit head strong B)

I would like to know what your response is,

From Desirae

Ever Had Dreams That You Wake Up From And You Say " Dang I Really Wish That Could Happen". And Yet It Won't Ever Happen?

Posted by Desirae, in dreams that seem real 11 August 2012 · 294 views

Okay this has happend to me quite a few times. I have had Horse related dreams that seemed so real.
One of the dreams was that my past riding instructor decided to give me one of her lesson horses as a gift for being one of her most successful students in the lesson. :lol: after that dream I woke up to realize that it was just my imagination working overtime :smilie: while I was partially awake I some how managed to push my dead weight of a dog off my bed and into a laundry basket full of dirty t-shirts, long pants, and mismatched socks. :o.
But the weirdest thing is that my dog barks in her sleep :rotf:.

Please comment and tell me about a dream that you had that almost seemed real :angel3:

What Is Everyone's Prefered Breed Of Horse And Why?

Posted by Desirae, in Questions worth answering 04 August 2012 · 553 views

This is a question that should be answered honestly.

My Prefered breed would have to be the Morgan,
The reason I choose the Morgan is because I rode a morgan last summer at Rolling Ridge Morgan Farm,
My instructor sensed that there was a special connection between me and one of the horses.
The special bond was between me and Summit Sparkling Rose ( Rosie.) It was horse crazy at first sight.

If you have any special memories about you and a horse, Please Share :smileywavey:

The On Going Project

Posted by Desirae, in Horse Fence 02 August 2012 · 260 views

Today My father and I were working in the pasture taking out all the wire fencing and other random items that were used to make the pasture. Such as a garden trellis, Huge chunks of plywood boards, odds and ends of a lot of things. In retrospect it is very amusing to see a fence that is more like a treasure trove than a horse fence. :rotf:

A Lot Of Work , Unlimited Hope

Posted by Desirae, in Horse Fence 30 July 2012 · 315 views

:twitch: My Farm is only 10 acers and there is a lot of work that has taken place over the past few months. the only thing that is on my mind is that we get the pasture fixed up because the fencing is in decent shape but it won't be strong enough to withstand the forceful pressure of a horse leaning into it. also there is a slight problem with cutting the grass in the pasture.........my parents don't have a powerful tractor, they just have a small Jhon Deer riding mower. the ground in the pasture is not level enough for a riding mower........ trust me I know how uneven the pasture is........ I even got stuck a few timesand dad had to help me get unstuck...... but it was worth it. :yahoo:

Going Crazy Because The House I Am Currently Living In Has Not Been Sold Yet

Posted by Desirae, 23 July 2012 · 282 views

:bang_head: I am going insane because the house I live in right now has not been sold. If anyone is looking for a nice big house with a medium sized yard in Roseville with district #623. has a great walking distance to the rosedale mall, harmar mall, Target,Ramsey county Library, it is also close to the fair-grounds.
In the back of the house there is a tire-swing and a sandbox and a storageshed for tools.
if any one is interested in looking at this house Please go to a real-estate web site and type in the box: Roseville, MN, 623, 2187 Marion Rd.

let me know if you are interested

Anyone Know Where I Can Find A Cheap 2 Horse Trailer?

Posted by Desirae, 22 July 2012 · 913 views

Right now I am having some problems finding a horse trailer that is cheap enough to own.
I don't really need anything that is so fancy, I just want something that is good enough to transport my horses to and from the vet.
I could really use some advice

Bare Back Or Not Bare Back

Posted by Desirae, 16 July 2012 · 584 views

Okay this one is up for grabs.
How many of you horse lovers love riding your horses without the saddles?
For me I find it to be very comfortable riding bare back because then I can get a better sense of how the horse is moving. It is also another way of improving ones balance and posture.
It is also a great way to cool down the horses after rigerous lessons. going bare back on a trial ride might sound odd at first but it is important to know that if a horse has a saddle on during an exteamly hot day they will become listless and very tired. but with less gear on the horses back the horse will be even more greatful and will enjoy more trail rides that may come along because they won't be too tired or sore.

This is all from experience from my riding instructors as well as the equine center staff at the university of Minnesota.