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Bare Back Or Not Bare Back

Posted by Desirae, 16 July 2012 · 586 views

Okay this one is up for grabs.
How many of you horse lovers love riding your horses without the saddles?
For me I find it to be very comfortable riding bare back because then I can get a better sense of how the horse is moving. It is also another way of improving ones balance and posture.
It is also a great way to cool down the horses after rigerous lessons. going bare back on a trial ride might sound odd at first but it is important to know that if a horse has a saddle on during an exteamly hot day they will become listless and very tired. but with less gear on the horses back the horse will be even more greatful and will enjoy more trail rides that may come along because they won't be too tired or sore.

This is all from experience from my riding instructors as well as the equine center staff at the university of Minnesota.

I rode bareback for 17 years before getting my first saddle. Now, I have never felt right when using a saddle. I feel my best when riding bareback. Saddles are great to get on, but for me, bareback is the best connection between myself and my horse.
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