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My Equine Life

Wow...almost A Year.

Posted by Sakura18, 15 February 2010 · 52 views

Since I've 'blogged' lol

Anyway,things didn't work out with Gypsy. I lost my job mid August so I could not afford her. I miss her. Since I lost her in August I have not had ANY horse contact until January.

I've gotten a new boyfriend,we have been together for 9 months today. I really love him. While he is not a 'horsey' person, he does support me about riding. He honestly tries to understand,but alas...i use to many 'horse terms' that he doesn't understand.

But...I am getting a new horse! His name is Shining Chance, he is a 10 year old Morgan gelding. His birthday is 8 days after mine,kind of cool I think. He is VERY special to both me and my mom. He has the OLD bloodlines that my family started, I am very lucky to have been GIVEN Chance. Yes, free. My aunt cannot ride for awhile and she wants him to be 'used' so he is coming to Illinois from Indiana! he comes 'home' mid-March.

He is nothing like what I expected,I've met him once YEARS ago when I was 13. He honestly looke like a little QH when I last saw him,but he was still beautiful. I just got pictures in the mail from my aunt and he is OMG gorgeous! My draw dropped when I saw him,he is my favorite color too. His conformation is excellent and he just looks beautiful. I can't wait until he comes here!

Oh!I'm also working my *** off for board,i don't know how I'm going to keep paying for the gas to drive back and forth to the barn,which is about 20 miles away. I have a 1/2 ton truck,so it takes quite a bit of gas each day. I feed everynight and do stalls whenever needed. I enjoy the work though,it keeps me in shape and I get to be around horses again!

Where To Begin...

Posted by Sakura18, 13 March 2009 · 46 views

I just got to thinking something,so I read my previous blogs.

My dream horse-
Broke for trails,and driving
LOVES people
A little bit of fire

Then I make a post about looking at the Haflinger.

NOW my current horse-
Greenbroke(going to really work with her soon!)
She LOVES people...and food...did I mention food?...
She does have some fire,and i LOVE it!

Can you tell I'm in love with my little girl?I affectionatly call her 'My Little Gyps Girl'.I've only had her for about 3 months.We have had 1 ride on her so far,which went GREAT!No bucking,no rearing,no nothing.Just walking around the roundpen for less then 5 min(this was before we doubted her age).We aren't too sure on her age,which is why I'm laying off of the training until we find out 100% how old she is.We were told anywhere from 2-7.So...we aren't sure.She is so gentle,I can have my little sister out and just pet her in the pasture. I haven't been able to do any serious traing yet,but from what little I've done with her I think we will have that connection once we get to know each other better. She will follow me around the pasture,but when one of the other horses chases her off to get attention she almost looks hurt that I'm not paying attention to her.Its adorable!Of course I've got new pics,but...my computer won't upload them. duh.gif Just a little update on how she is doing.


Posted by Sakura18, 30 November 2008 · 54 views

Well,i went and looked at a little Haflinger filly...wow...that's all I have to say.She doesn't lead too well yet,and she isn't trained at much as I would like for a 3yr.Oh!And she's shorter then what they said.She is only about 13.2-13.3hh instead of 14.1hh...which suits me fine.I'm only 5'3 so that is about the ideal size for me.When i first went out there she was up by the gate.We swung it out towards us and she didn't even make an ATTEMPT to come outside...which isn't alot,but it caught my attention about her.She had a halter on but no leadrope and she was pretty dirty,but even with the dirt and long hair i could tell that she was a typical Haflinger...a little chunker.I had her husband bring me a leadrope,but I didn't even attatch it to her halter.I first scratched her 'itchy spots' to get her familiar with me,then I just started flinging the leadrope all over her.Over her back,between her legs,OVER HER HEAD...and she just stood there looking almost bored with it.Then I started jumping up and down,she moved off to the right when i started doing it,but she didn't try to run away(again,no leadrope in the pasture).So that was good!I scratched her a few more miniutes before picking up her feet,her feet are in great shape.I picked up the front feet with no problems,but the back feet need a little work,she kicked out a few times but stopped after about 4 good kicks.Honestly,i think that I can work with her if I get her.I LOVE Haflingers and I have 2 great trainers who can help me if I get stuck on something.So this is what I have to say...welcome home Gypsy!!!

Severe Weather/tornadoes

Posted by Sakura18, 07 September 2008 · 728 views

You guys might think i'm CRAZY for this...but here goes.I honestly miss the sever weather that we get during the spring time.There was NEVER a week without turning on the radio to hear about the severe weather rolling through.I just miss the excitement of going outside and just watching it come in,then retreating when it started to get too close for comfort.And the tornadoes,so much excitement!The last adventure I had with one I was at Gamestop working,and it was my boss,my boyfriend Ryan,and my boss' girlfrient Arielle there.Oh!And Glen was there also.So it was just like a miniature party!ALL of us were outside watching the clouds turn green,and the lightning.But then things went weird,the wind just STOPPED.I mean there was nothing,everything was still.Then Glen comes running back yelling at us to get into the bathroom,that he could see 2 funnel clouds outside.Yeah,the door leaked,but all of us were alright.No serious damage was reported anywhere.And walmart,our next door neighbor, was out of power!We still had power!...and I later learned that my dad,sister,and brother were trapped in there when it hit.I'm just happy that nobody was hurt.Then at closing time,it was round 2.Everyone was still there,but we didn't have to go into the bathroom this time,it was just a good thunderstorm.

I honestly miss all of that,would I like to deal with that on a daily basis?NO!...but...i don't know...I just miss it.It's too calm during the fall and winter.

You guys understand where I'm coming from with all this?

Oh,the Joys Of Being Horseless...

Posted by Sakura18, 30 August 2008 · 48 views

Well I didn't get that horse...er...pony.So,I think that I am going to wait awhile before I get a new horse again.I am just starting a new full time job,and from what I hear from others VERY stressful for the first few weeks,and I don't think that I need the stress of getting a new horse settled into the farm and the routine.So I think that I am going to wait awhile until things calm down at my new job before I even THINK of getting a new horse.While I'm at it...here is my dream horse...er...or what I think that my dream horse will be.

Registered:YES!...with good papers.
Trained in:Single hitch driving and trail riding,a cute hunter type movement wouldn't hurt either
Disposition:Comes up to the fence to greet you,has LITTLE bit of fire,no bucking,no rearing,loves to go for a short bareback ride on occasion,

I haven't been riding in about a month,and i REALLY miss it.I find that I just don't want to ride the mules anymore,i love them,but they are a little too...er...i don't know...followers!They don't like to go out by themselves,which is fine.Their main riders are children and they are PERFECT for them.There is always Cheez available,but I think that she might be getting arthiritus,so i'm not going to ride her as often anymore until I discuss it with her owner,and good friend.She has been busy with the mules and her family to pay too much attention to Cheez,so I'm hoping just to go out there a few times and week and just relax with Cheez.Who knows,having that to look forward too after work could help me relax after a long day.

Not Riding...but...

Posted by Sakura18, 21 August 2008 · 19 views

Hey guys!Well,i am currently horseless.BUT tomorrow I plan on putting on my barn boots and either doing one of 2 things.1)help build more trails at the ranch or 2) go riding on Deb's horses...er...mules.I love riding Sierra,she is one of the best mules that I have EVER ridden.She is so sure footed and will go over or through anything...but she's not too fond of mud.She picks her feet up when she even HINTS at soft ground.I also like riding Red,but he's more of a follower,and personally,i'm not too fond of that.But the people who usually ride these mules are COMPLETE beginners,so i guess it's not bad for them!

I'm seriously thinking about getting a new horse.This one looks ALOT like Garth.The only diffrence is that this horse has a half blaze and 1 more hind sock than Garth does,they both have stars.They even have the same phobias of trailers!...and from what i'm told ride just about the same.Wish me luck guys!

Chancing It

Posted by Sakura18, 14 January 2006 · 23 views

So I lost my job in August,and I have up Gypsy in July.It hurts everyday knowing that I had to give her up, but i had to be honest with myself. Going to school full time I did NOT need a horse with no training. I had fun with her,and i even got a few good short rides on her in the round-pen and arena. Since giving her up I have not been around a single equine and I miss that terribly. I also gave up most of my tack because i had no use for it. I also lost communication with my trainers, I just gave up on horses for awhile.

Not anymore, over Christmas break my aunt Jackie told me to call my Aunt Anita. So on Christmas I did, she wasn't doing well at all and I hadn't talked to her in years. So i thought i'd call and catch up. And catch up we did. She is going to give me her 10yr Morgan gelding. She can't ride at the moment. She still has a 28yr pony for the girls and her 20yr saddlebred mare to take care of. But she did not want to see Chance in the pasture doing nothing, so she asked me if I wanted to take him. I told her that I would try my hardest to get him.

So i called up my old trainer Lori to see if we could work something out, i was just going to appoligize if nothing else for just leaving with no warning. She is giving me a second chance, and I am grateful for that. I am going to work my butt off daily cleaning stalls and feeding. I'm also going to see if she will let me help give the lessons,just doing basic things like moving cones and such. But I am really interested in learning more about training and such.

Oh, and how am i supposed to transport this equine you ask? She is letting me use all of her tack and her little 2 horse trailer.More updates as more information is coming.

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