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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Posted by TerrainAngel, 24 January 2011 · 352 views

How long has it been since you took a trip down memory lane to enjoy the horses of your past?

I recently was looking over old photos of horses I used to own and remembering the time I had with them. Some of those times were those you would expect from a green horse and a just as green rider! I did get sent to the hospital a couple of times and one time when I really should've went. I had a concussion so bad the room spun if I just tilted my head. That night was terrible but that is a story for later.

How about I introduce you to the horses I used to have and it may be best to start from the beginning.

This is Know Shalom you can find his ped on the database we all know and love. He is an Arabian gelding and was my very first horse ever! The story is I was 16 and had wanted a horse my whole life. Instead of have an imaginary friend I had imaginary horses. Sounds crazy doesn't it. I used to imagine them running alongside the car when we took a trip, or while I was on the bus to school. So in any case I was told on the way to (and this will date me) watching the movie The Fellowship of the Ring when it first came out into theaters. So it went like this: You know my friend that I work with at the veteranís home. You know she has horses and well she has a horse for sale. Would you like to go and take a look?: Well of course I freaked out and during the whole movie when we got there I dreamed about this black Arabian gelding that my mother had talked my father into letting me buy.
When we went to go look at him, he was gorgeous, there was nothing like him, he trotted around and showed off in the snow. He would arch his neck and prance around with his tail high in the air! I was so excited I was shaking. I admit he was the first horse I looked at and he was 4 years old and not even broke to ride yet but I loved him on sight and had to have him.

He and I got along great at first, he put a lot of trust in me even though he wasn't the kind to back down and be a follower. The best way to describe him as he is very proud. He loved to show off for an audience and he had presence. I had him until he was seven and then I gave him to my cousin's in-laws. He stays with them now and I'm sure until he passes away.

He and I have quite the story between us like the trainers we went through together and my hospital visit and the trail rides in spite of it all.

Is there one horse you just never will forget? Maybe itís not your first horse who will always have a place in your heart but one that you had the best connection with. That one horse thatís connection with you couldn't duplicate?
This horse:

Is my connection. Bar M Polly Anna is a reg. paint tovero mare.
I remember the first time I saw her, my mother and I were driving somewhere and we passed the Nolan Arena which if you aren't from around our area is one of the biggest horse auctions around. The Nolan arena purchases horses that go through the auction for a low price and then sell them at the next for a higher price. Well he was going to have an auction and his pastures were full of horses he and his team were going to sell. In that pasture was a beautiful black and white flashy paint. At the time I didn't know she was well a mare. My mom and I were talking and decided that at the time my mom got along better with Shalom and so I was able to get another horse. I decided that I wanted a mare, and I called a friend who had a relative who was a member of the Nolan Team. He told her they only had one mare a 2yr old and I could come in and see her the day before the sale. So my mother and I go to the Arena and they had horses in small pens together and the horses were getting done up. Each individual was put into the stocks and a Ferrier would try to clip their hooves and others would shave the bridle paths and whiskers and ears. Most horses weren't broke enough for the handling and in the end were tied up, twitched and drugged. (Now I'm not saying that I agree to any of the treatment!) I was surprised to watch it going on but I didn't want to let on. I was new to the horse industry and I wasn't sure what should be done. So my first meeting with Anna was when I asked about the mare they told a guy to go and get her. What happened next was in my mind not in her favor. They removed a new gelded splash white horse, which was totally irate at being separated from her. He was also sporting an ugly shoulder injury that no one wanted to treat. He was a sorrel with a bald face and white belly and legs. In order to catch her, the man had to pin her in-between the gate and the bars of the pen, when she threw her head up he jammed a halter on her. Her halter demeanor was quiet and almost down trodden. I looked her over and although I liked what I saw I wasn't sure I wanted to take on a case I knew I should not be qualified to handle in my newbie state. However my mother loved her and said she wanted to buy her so she did. We haggled over price and they wanted to sell her to us for 2000.00 and in the end sold her to us for less.
In any case since this is already so long, her and I connected, it was something I haven't even been able to get with another horse. She trusted me so much and she was more of a woman's horse, she really didn't like men. She also just didn't like some people in general. She used to pin her ears back, squint and grind her teeth at those she didn't like. I could do a lot with her after she was broke out enough. I did have an accident on her as well. I was wearing a helmet and I had a hard time keeping my upper half from taking off since I have the large chest problem and have to try and keep balance more so than others. Once I could stand up straight and tilt my head without the room spinning I was ready to ride her again. She saw two trainers and through it all I was a constant. I remember that I could just tell her what I wanted and she would do it, she associated the words with the action so well. I had her well after I gave Shalom away. I remember when my dad told me I had to sell her, it broke my heart. I could lunge her out in the pasture without any gear at all, with a herd of horses and the horses would take off and not come back and she would do what I asked and if I stopped she would come to me. She would stay with me while the other horses would run away scared they may have to work. She was very forgiving with me. She and I just had the greatest bond. I miss her to this day. I remember when a dentist came to pick her up and Anna didn't like him. I cried when she left and my dad couldn't understand why. He never liked horses and told me how great it was now that the horse was gone, no more money and no more injuries. I didnít find out that Anna didn't work with the Dentist but she did with his daughters and to my knowledge they still have her.

I have others but I'm sure if any of you go through this long post you wouldn't be ready to read more!

Hopefully if you read my stories you where able to take a little trip yourself. May you always remember the horses that touched your life!

Hey great pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us and your story. It was really interesting and I love the horses. I do this now and again with my old pics and all the wonderful memories come flooding back :). Nowadays I just get around on my segway. Grab a segway for sale, trust me they are awesome.

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