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Te Feed Trail Day 0-1

Posted by TerrainAngel, 03 July 2011 · 187 views

Well I have been trying to get my two horses to bulk up during this summer and so far I have gotten a little gut on one and the other still looks like a thin horse. Boogs when ridden often gets thinner, he hasn't so far bulked up in the muscle area at all.

They are on grass and hay (free choice) as well as a daily ration of grain. So while looking for a different grain I happened to find TE Feed and so I thought well I'll investigate it.

They have a website with information and video of people that have used it for a year or so and the improvements thay have seen in their horses.

I called a local TE Feed dealer and asked if they knew anyone that had good results. He uses it on his 8 horses and said that he has a gray horse with the worst feet. He said that while feeding his horse this grain his hooves became strong to the point that when he clipped his front shoe and bent it into an S shape that the shoe never came out of the hoof.

Well I decided to try this said feed. So here are the pictures of my two horses at day 0.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Will keep on blogging about their progress.

I recommend trying Finish Line Horse Products "U7" Gastric Aid, it's very palatable,available in both liquid and powder. I would highly reccomend this product!
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