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New "digs" For The Head Wrangler

Posted by Head Wrangler, 06 February 2011 · 297 views

After takin' a tough fall from a tall (16.3h) TB gelding back in Oct. of 2010, and suffering a compound fracture to my right ankle, I have since moved on from the Stable I was workin' at, and am now employed at a private facility, tending to a guy's 5 personal horses. It's a good gig, for an ol' "stove-up" cowboy like me: brand-New heated barn with 8 large box stalls, hay loft overhead with sliding feed doors, so I don't even have to carry bales of hay anymore, a wash station, and large turn-out paddocks complete with run-in/loafing sheds!! Two of my "charges" are TB mares, right off the track in Florida, so I can't wait to start workin' with them come Spring, when it warms up a mite, and the ground is safe for riding. Our new Indoor Arena isn't quite finished yet, but is insulated, and will be heated, so next winter will be a different story!! No worrying about ice & snow, freezing temps, etc.

May take my leopard App out there for awhile, to work him more in a controlled environment (away from highways, cars, etc.), since he has a tendency to wanna "pop a wheelie" around traffic!! It'd be great to be able to ride Sammy all winter long, since the extra work, and consistent training, would benefit him greatly. We'll just have to see how it goes....

Hope all of you weathered this latest storm OK ~ we had 13" of 'global-warming residue' on Groundhog's Day, and then another fast 11" last night ~ so this morning found me up on the roof of my run-in shed, shoveling off God-only-knows how many hundreds of pounds worth of 'global-warming residue'!! Can't have any cave-ins now, with at least 2 more months of possible Winter weather to go.... Ya'll take care, & hang in there ~ Spring will come, eventually.... (at least, it Always has!!!)

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