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    Oh, that is cool, RRW! Not sure if others do that. It's a Catholic Church tradition. Maybe Orthodox?
  3. The Front Porch

    LC you have a wonderful Easter tradition. Didn't realize the church only baptized on Easter or is it only your church. Once we get the sky parlor railcar delivered we will have Shortman baptized on the car. We will have Bob baptize him as he is who married us in our chapel car.
  4. The Front Porch

    We're socked in with a storm right now. It's supposed to move out tonight and leave cooler weather. I do like the cooler temps. I am not ina hurry for the heat and humidity. Since you asked, Easter is a really big deal for us. Holy Week is spent at church, daily. Not all Catholic and Orthodox people go every day, but many of us do. Thursday night is a long mass. Tonight is even longer. Easter day is short and beautiful, but they have a vigil mass that starts in the evening on Saturday and goes on for hours. It is a beautiful mass. If you ever want to sit in on one, it is really neat. They start with the church completely dark and the readings (by candlelight) begin with Genesis and move along through the prophets, and then the Gospels. When they get to the resurrection, they light up the church. You cannot see how beautiful it is until then. It really is an experience. Even non-Catholics talk about attending a Midnight Mass at Christmas, but the Easter Vigil is really the full experience. The Church only baptizes and/or confirms people coming into the church during the Easter Vigil (except babies). They went back to this because it was in the original Church traditions. I think it's the longest mass of the year. For me, going on Good Friday makes the Easter mass that much more special. It's the sorrow of Friday turning into joy on Sunday, that makes it such an experience. We've been to the vigil mass three times: Once when I came into the church, once when I sponsored someone, and the other was when my husband and MIL joined. Most years, we just do the Easter Day mass. When John goes through Confirmation in a few years, we'll be back at the vigil mass.
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    NP yes I know they are two different bugs. Telling that to a kid that sees them as the same doesn't help, no matter how much it is explained.
  6. The Front Porch

    Ladybugs and Asian Beetles are two entirely different bugs
  7. The Front Porch

    Cool. Just might look into that. Could always release them at the farm. The lady bugs are def out of the question. We have years where we get infested with Asian lady bugs & Shortman is freaked out by them. He has gotten a little better about them.
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    Then this would be a good project for him. You just order the cocoon and wait for the butterflies to emerge.
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    What a fun project. Shortman likes the notion/idea of those kind of projects & that's where it ends. So it ends up being me who does the project. So what are your plans for Easter? I'll make a yummy breakfast & do a ham steak. As much as we love a bone in ham we'd never eat it all. Hubby plans to work the afternoon. So weather will be a factor as to an activity.
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    We used to hatch Painted Lady butterflies at school. We released them at a school ceremony to celebrate spring. There were always a few escapees in the school building.
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    Thanks, Jubal. That must have been adorable. I love seeing little rabbits. For Easter, we got LJ caterpillars and ladybug larva through Insect Lore. The timing is perfect for Easter. The caterpillars are all in cocoons and the ladybug larvae has already turned into ladybugs. LJ can feed them for a few days and release them on Easter. We have to plant some marigold plants in the orchard and release the butterflies there, when they are emerge (Painted Lady butterflies). I think it's a perfect Easter gift for kids because they get to see the transformation and enjoy "pets", but only briefly. Plus, the butterflies and ladybugs make the garden happy.
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    Sorry about the loss of your calf, LC. I've been loading manure for local gardeners for a few weeks. Last week I uncovered a nest of baby rabbits. I covered them back up and hoped for the best. Today, I saw the hay over the nest was moved, so I pulled it back and four little hoppers ran out. I tried to tell them Easter isn't till Sunday but I don't think they listened. I hope nothing gets them. They'll be just the right size to raid the neighbor's garden this summer!
  14. The Front Porch

    Thanks, Heidi.
  15. The Front Porch

    I'm sorry for the loss of your calf. That is sad.
  16. The Front Porch

    Horrible day yesterday. We lost a calf. She was only 2 1/2 months old. Our vet was out Tuesday, to help deworm the sheep, and everyone was fine. Calf was in good weight, nice coat, no signs of illness or injury, and yet, she was dead in the pasture Wednesday. We ruled out poisoning, snake bite, obvious broken bones, or disease/parasites. Our vet thinks it might have been some type of accident. Our bull and steer wrestle a lot with their horns and really get into it sometimes. I have seen the other cows scramble out of their way. It's a big enough pasture, but I could see her getting run over or run into and injured. Her neck was the only thing that didn't seem right. Might have been broken. It was too late to do a necropsy because we had a hot day yesterday. I had to cover her with a tarp and then take her to the landfill this morning. Mama cow is doing better now, but grandma cow is still calling. She loves all the calves. I love my mama cows. I could do without bulls and steers right now. The irony is that the steer would have gone to slaughter two weeks ago, if it hadn't been for the backup due to the recent fairs. He can't go until early May. The bull leaves Tuesday. I am getting him collected and then off he goes, too. I have a good AI tech and frozen bull essence is much easier to manage. With us cutting back, it will be better to breed only when we think we have a market. It also frees us to slaughter heifers, if they don't sell, without worrying about them being bred. My poor little cows don't have a market like they used to. We are keeping one favorite cow, one cow for our church, and our old grandma cow. The other cow has a home and the boys are for slaughter.
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    All the local schools do. The place tells a story about how they have been in business since 1938, etc... and they play on sympathy and nostalgia. Several other parents are learning about the controversy from us, so we might be able to change it for our school. The truth is that they have been sold several times and are currently owned by a corporation which has a bad reputation at all three aquariums they own.
  18. The Front Porch

    Kinda disgusts me that a school would take kids to a place like that.
  19. The Front Porch

    You shouldn't have to give an excuse. Just let the school know he won't be in & to send any make up work home. This is what we do but the school knows we will pull him. QB that foal looks like its going to be rather big. Really cute a always.
  20. The Front Porch

    Yes, that's right. Not sure if his absence will be excused. Don't really care, though.
  21. The Front Porch

    Well, 2 things happened today. One, my original cowgirl is back. Shes been grounded for 3 weeks, lol. Yall I can't wait for her and her sister to hit the teenage years. Im gonna sit back and laugh and have a drink for thier mom. So Zarinna says her sister doesnt want to do horses at all anymore and she doesnt want to show by herself...perfect, we've got Lyric! This is gonna work, but we arent going to the show Saturday. Number TWO...Gypsy finally had her foal! Not sure if its a colt or filly. Gypsy will come up to me, quickly figure out I dont have a tasty treat for her and very quickly usher her foal away. Zarinna is supposed to go out tomorrow with a handful of grain for her. Other than that, these last 3 days off Ive had have been nice. Ive slept in, then lounged in my hammock and enjoyed the weather. Spent the afternoons at the farm with the horses and even caught a catfish this afternoon. Its back to reality tomorrow.
  22. The Front Porch

    Shes the blind appy, the name came with her. I usually call her "girlfriend".
  23. The Front Porch

    The other dolphin's name is Hope! We have two "Dolphin Tale" movies about Winter at the library and kids request to see them pretty often.
  24. The Front Porch

    Haha! Whitewash! Great name!
  25. Texas People #6

    I'll cross my fingers that it heals in time for your trip! I googled Dermavet and think I need some for my pet-care cabinet.
  26. The Front Porch

    QB sounds like you have a fun new adventure in sharing the love & knowledge of horses. Enjoy your time with your new cowgirl. Lucked out & managed to get my two monsters brushed before it rained. Wind was blowing so didn't have as much of a hairy sticky time with brushing.
  27. The Front Porch

    My new cowgirl Lyric got to come to the farm yesterday. This girl has no fear. And she asks really good questions and wants to learn. She wanted to know how to clean their hooves yesterday, so we went over all of that. She helped me feed everyone and even led Sonic abd Mr. Butters to thier feeding spots. She brushed Sonic while I tacked Whitewash up. I gave her a leg up and she swung her other leg over and sat in the saddle like she had done it all before. I led her around the pond where we both got to see tiny baby geese that have recently hatched. She enjoyed the ride and turned Whitewash back out when we were done. She'll be back Monday.
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