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Posted 04 November 2006 - 09:22 PM

Twiling in the wind, with the ground lightly touching your feet. Sailing acroos the floor, your hair carressing your face. Your mind tracing each step you have taken and rembering the pattern you are to follow. It is in your blood and your heritage. Your fate or your path that will be chosen. It is your passion, and your life to dance. Wheather it be ballet, hip hop, jaz tap, clogging, ballroom dancing, or anything that you very heart may desire. And your are not resticted to just one either. Yet, not everyone enjoys the thrill, chills and love of dance. Some enjoy struming and gliding there hands on and across an instument. Some may like to put that pencil and paper and there english and slang to work for those who have the very voice so many wished for and many never recived. This Academy holds it all. They have teachers for those who love the art of dance, teachers who desire for students to put those pencil's and paper to work, and the teachers who have the very voice some students just need to disover ot learn how to use. Fallen Sky Academy has it all and is wanting you, here.


All Hc ones!

Full name:
Nick name:
Age: (15-19)
gender: try to keep it even
apperence: Please if you post a pic, keep it a link and desribe the person a bit.
What do they train in?: (dance, music, songwriting, singing, peotry...)
Type: (Ex: Dance would be ballet, ballroom, tap. Singing would be Rap, Pop, country, clasical.. get the idea!)

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Posted 04 November 2006 - 10:21 PM

Full name: Claire Livmont
Nick name: Ms. C
Age: 45
gender: female
personality:she is stern and almost to mean. She loves the children but thinks they need diaspline and takes it upon herself to place the disapline.
apperence: her grey short wirey look hair and her frail pale complexion doenst make her look mena and strong. SHe looks like a sweet old lady that everyone wants to be realted to.
What do they train in?: she Teaches dance
Type: ballet
Other: She is the founder of Fallen Sky Academy.

Full name: Leahana Wildrow/ Mira Wildrow (bad)
Nick name: Leah/ Mira (bad)
Age: 17
gender: female
personality:She is nowmally concentrated and conent but she also has another personality, one that freaks most people out becuase this person is mean, angrey, and just someone most people dont like. And Normal leah always trys to push mira away.
apperence: She has long blond hair with natrually brown streaks, and innocent face with a natural tan. She loves what she does and it shows through her vibrant green eyes.
What do they train in?: Singing/ music
Type: Country/ guitar
Other: Leah

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Posted 04 November 2006 - 10:42 PM

Full name:Sydney Handshue
Nick name:
Age: 16
gender: Female
personality:Nice, yet very sracastic and kinda mean. can be kinda of a rebel, but not to a point of getting her in serious trouble.
apperence: 5'4. blonde Hair that comes past her shoulder, which is always in a pony-tail. Green Eyes.
What do they train in?:Singing/songwriting
Type:Rock/ and rock music

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Posted 05 November 2006 - 10:24 AM

Full name: Rylee Davis
Nick name: Ry
Age: (15-19) 15
gender: female
personality: Rylee is a very stubborn girl. She knows when to shut up, or when she feels like making her way possible, shell shot right for it. Maybe be shy at first, you never know.
apperence: Blonde hair, blue eyes, slim, about 100 lbs, tan.
What do they train in?: dance
Type: Ballet
Other: Mrs C grand daughter. Rylee sometimes gets along with her.