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Would You Take This Deal?

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 08:19 AM

I do not know the OP's personal situation, but I must say, some of the responses on here actually scare me!!

A man that really loves you will go out and buy a ring?!?! What....really??!! So, people who are in relationships, they do not love the person that they are in a relationship with? What about those who do not believe in marriage...do they not love the person they are with because they have not "gone out and bought a ring?"

And please OP, do not listen to the advice of those suggesting marriage/engagement BEFORE moving in together. Actually living with someone can be hard if the two of you are not compatible...and some couples find this out only after they move in with each other. Do not worry about what others think- get married/engaged when YOU two are ready- not because some people believe "it is the right thing to do."

I do agree with Redneckcowgirl. Men/women leave each other all the time. And I am not saying this to you because you aren't married...I think everyone, men and women, should make sure they are able to care for themselves. This means having money in reserves, in an account that has your name on it only. I have heard of many women being left... and the husband/bf withdrawing all the money...also vice versa of course. My friend, he is in the army. He was married and him and his wife decided to legally separate. Well, she got mad when she found out he was seeing other people...went and withdrew all of the money from the account. He had to do without, bills went unpaid, until he got paid again.

Be independent and make sure you have money to support yourself if the need is ever needed. Better to expect the best- yet be prepared for the worst.

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 09:00 AM

I think it is him, he is still afraid,unsure of making the next step, he really doesn't want to uproot his son, his home.......

It may take him more time to get things in perspective.

I do wish the best for you.......

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 03:37 PM

Gosh Red she dumped Larry a year ago..Why are you guys beating her up...I think its GREAT she is talking to the guy about the kid.. Step kids are part of a relationship.. They can make or break the relationship..If he is not letting her in on decision making now as a step mom with a real mom that is out of the picture, how do you think the kid will later respect Spiffy? I rather have her duke it out about the kid now...forget the ring.. If he doesn't want to include her now its best she finds that out now then be miserable with this fella as well... I just want Heather to be happy for once and she is just asking a simple question...He obviously has trust issues since his last relationship was probably full of distrust..

Heather ..he needs to open up to you...open your heart and tell him how you feel.. better to find out now... I married my first husband after dating for 4 years..divorced in 6 months..married my second husband after a year and a half dating .. divorced 8 years later..dated my current husband for 5 months and am still married for 22 years...so dating time isn't an exact science to a relationship, but talking and communication is..my husband and I are our best freinds...thats the way it should be..




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Posted 25 February 2012 - 06:20 PM

Well, if Spiffy decides to go with the property and gets stuck with it, I will be there in flash to split the rent! Seriously, I'm paying $425/month plus about $200 in utlities for a crappy, dinky apartment in the "East Hood" of Columbia. I would be all for splitting a place like that, and it is with in my driving distance.

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 11:03 AM

Thank you everyone. All your responses are important to me and I'm taking everything everyone has said into consideration.

Red: Alaska is right, Larry and I broke up almost a year ago due to stress levels rising too high for both of us to keep the relationship from being completely distroyed. So we are just friends now and write eachother.

Paint: We really need to hang out, since you're in Columbia. Give me a heads up when you have some free time in your schedule and we'll work a meeting out. :smilie:

To those who don't think Aaron is ready to commit, he's the one who made mention of getting married sometime in June this year so I see no reason why he would be scared of committing himself to marry me. He just hasn't had time to get the ring and I respect that. He works
, kinda odd hours, and has the boy so doesn't always have the free time to run and get the ring. Plus I think he's still waiting for that perfect time to ask me, properly.

Thank you again everyone.
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