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About Me

Howdy. My name is Alexandra/Lexi and I am a 25-year-old woman located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My husband and I have been married over 4 years (we were married March 14, 2009). I graduated with my bachelor of science degree in agricultural communications in July 2009! I am a proud mom to one son - Connor - born August 23, 2009! He is the light of my life and I love every minute with him. I work full-time as an early headstart teacher (ages 0-3). I received my Child Development Associate (CDA) credential in July 2012 and am currently working toward my Certificate of Mastery. I hope to find the perfect job in my degree field in the near future. My dream job would be an equine journalist! 

I just had surrogate twin girls for an amazing couple on February 21, 2013. That family will forever be in my heart. My surrogate experience is definitely one of the best things I have ever done! 

Other than my love for my family and job, I also have special animals in my life..

Animal Introductions

Meet our four cats:

Ash is Pat's "baby." She is a gray/white spayed female. She was a rescue who showed up at one of our previous homes. She was pregnant and had one kitten who looked just like her, but he sadly was killed by our then foster cat at one month old.

Phoebe came into our lives May 5, 2012! She is a black and white longhair kitten. We adopted her from the Sapulpa Animal Shelter during an adoption event at the local Southern Agriculture store. I was really wanting a kitten and the second I laid my eyes on 5-week-old Phoebe, I knew she was the one. This was confirmed the second I held her. She was purring and just loving the attention! I was surprised when the shelter told me I could adopt her at only 5-weeks-old but I adopted her knowing I would need to take extra special care of her at her young age. Phoebe and her littermates were found under a porch that was about to be sprayed for pests as newborn orphan kittens and they had to be bottle fed for a couple of weeks before the shelter found one of their recent mother cats who accepted them and let them nurse from her. When I adopted her, she had the parasite called Coccidia and had to get treated for it, but now she is healthy and happy as can be and growing like a weed!

Schrodinger is our cat who we rescued at just 3-4 weeks old around Labor Day weekend 2012. We had rescued two kittens from his mom's previous litter in May 2012 and re-homed them and his mom had kittens again in August and was hiding with them in a hole in the corner of our apartment building. We knew we had to catch Shrodinger as young as we could because if we waited too long, he would be too feral to catch just like his mom. We bottle fed him for a few days before he started lapping up formula on a plate and shortly after started eating canned food and then eventually dry food. He caught on to using the litter box right away and we treated him with flea/heartworm/parasite preventative. We took him to the vet at the end of September for his first shot and an exam and his fecal test showed he had some worms so we treated him for that. In early October, a week or two after we moved to our house, we re-homed him to a friend of a classmate I went to college with. She absolutely loved him, but in early December, my former classmate told me that her friend could not afford to have him anymore and asked if I could find him another home. At the time, I was dealing with a serious health problem with my cat Oliver and was also pregnant with my surrogate twins and had four cats already so I had to tell her I could not help. Well, a little over a month later the former classmate messaged me again that her friend still needed to find him a home so my husband and I agreed to take him back and keep him ourselves because we were down to two cats after my parents took Spock and Oliver had to be euthanized. I got Shrodinger neutered and up-to-date on shots as soon as we got him back and he is healthy and full of life! We love him even if he is a wild man ha ha. He and Phoebe have a great relationship with each other and he keeps Phoebe active. He has bonded really well with me, too, and just fits into our household perfectly.


Taj is our youngest feline. He is an orange tabby (I am partial to orange cats) and was born in April 2013 and I rescued him from the same shelter we got Phoebe from in June 2013. I really missed having a cat who would curl up with me on the couch (that is what my cat Ollie did) and I convinced my husband to get another cat. I went to the shelter thinking I was getting a different kitten who I had seen pictures of, but I decided to meet all of the cats and instantly knew Taj was "the one". He kept jumping up on the cage like he wanted me to take him out and when I held him, he purred and was so sweet, rubbing against me. He fits right into our household. He reminds me of Ollie in some ways.. He is super active/playful and plays rough with me sometimes, but we have a strong bond. He comes when he is called (usually) and loves to curl up with me on the couch or in bed. Thankfully, he was overall healthy when I rescued him. He just had some roundworms but those were easily treated at the vet. I got him neutered, tested, and vaccinated and he is just perfect! I cannot imagine life without that crazy kitten. 

Meet our bunny:

"Sampson" aka Sammy  is a Holland Lop buck born 1/13/2013. His registered name is J's Sam. I used to have two lop bunnies and a New Zealand rabbit when I was in college and was heartbroken when I had to rehome them (I went to work at a summer camp for a whole summer and had no one to take care of them for me while I was away). And after that, I was living in apartments most of the time or rental places anyway so they were not good places for a pet rabbit. I finally got Sampson on 3/9/2013 after I was done with my twin pregnancy. My three-year-old son, Connor, helped me pick Sampson out from a group of three lops. He is a major sweetheart and does well with our cats (but I supervise their interactions of course). My kids at work loved when I brought him as a special visitor before Easter this year! I plan to make that a tradition...

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